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March 9, 2020: Coronavirus Clues

March 9, 2020: Coronavirus Clues
Look what @SantaSurfing found -

Q mentions the CIA's Corona satellites - took them offline.

Q Threat to Clowns
10 Feb 2018 - 5:30:58 AM
Seals are wonderful creatures.
Heard they work fast at capturing their prey.
Silence is golden.
Games R FUN!

The Q drops paint a picture of a spying apparatus gone completely out of control. 

The CIA was supposed to work abroad to gain information that would be useful to provide sound advice. 

But the reality is that the CIA was established as a crime syndicate. 

"In 1947, Congress passed the National Security Act, which led to the formation of the National Security Council and, under its direction, the CIA. Its original mandate was to collect and analyze strategic information for use in war....In 1948, the Security Council approved a secret directive NSC 10.2, authorizing the CIA to carry out an array of covert operations. This essentially allowed the CIA to become a paramilitary organization....Since NSC 10.2 authorized violation of international law, it also established an official policy of lying to cover up the law breaking." 

They got away with it by keeping us afraid. 

While we were petrified, they set up mind control, spy satellites, Google, and Facebook (so we would spy on ourselves). There are numerous sources for this assertion, but "Q" has been most open about it.

One of their favorite games, and that of the Deep State generally, is to drop a crisis and then watch while we all chase our tails trying to figure it out; you know that if one (e.g. coronavirus) doesn't work, they have a million others.
The only way to really stop them is to drop an information nuke on their heads, but the problem is that they will retaliate with their own information nuke. And everyone will want to kill everyone. 

In any case, I am reading through the Q drops and there is mention of multiple corona satellites. 

30 Aug 2018 - 6:45:30 PM

30 Aug 2018 - 6:47:21 PM

30 Aug 2018 - 6:48:47 PM


Snow White...Big Bird...Interesting names for CIA supercomputers etc. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, the war we are witnessing right now is between the NSA and the CIA. 

If Coronavirus doesn't work, they'll do something else, because what do they have to lose? 

The CIA, well-networked, is exacting its revenge. 

The President appeared on television today -- so tired he was squinting.

I pray for the President, that God should grant him wisdom and discernment, and resourcefulness to stop the skanks we are dealing with now. 

Interestingly, here is an official CIA page on the Corona satellite program.

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Update: March 10, 2020

Former President of Iran Mahmous Ahmadinejad states (@Ahmadinejad1956 on Twitter):

"It is clear to the world that the mutated coronavirus was produced in lab, manufactured by the warfare stock houses of biological war belonging to world powers,& that it constitutes a threat on humanity more destructive than the other weapons that target humanity.@antonioguterres"

Antonio Guterres is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations.

In response to Ahmadinejad, @Suomi201888 wrote:

"The virus is made in China CCP, Wuhan p4 laboratory, we Chinese know that, CCP want to make a virus world war against the whole world. Iran don't understand if you deal with evil, you will get punishment back, that is why so many infected people in your country."

If the virus is a bioweapon, made in a Chinese lab (with materials/research from US/Canada) to attack men, median age 40...and Iran was severely impacted...and Iran is the world's #1 terrorist state and specifically aims at Israel...then it could belong to Israel/US/Canada/China. 

President Trump allocated $8.3 billion to fight the virus, which is the inverse of our annual $3.8 billion aid to Israel, perhaps a message in case the vaccine isn't rolled out fast enough and sickness isn't contained. 

8.3 -> 3.8

Remember back in 2005 that Ahmadinejad said to "wipe Israel off the map" which is a declaration of war - or threatened genocide?

"Israel should be wiped off map, says Iran's president"

It is illegal for the US to use biological weapons. 

Thus if we used them, President Trump can never admit it. 

An anon calls coronavirus a "WH op and not a real threat" but real people have died.

We keep going back to the same issue of ethics in war. Not yet resolved. 

In any case, sending diseased people over the border into the United States is also biowarfare. 

Unfortunately in the satanist world, war is a "race to the bottom," and they want it to get as evil and ugly as possible, because the more anger and hatred the better for them. 

So is it right to deploy a limited bioweapon as a kind of vaccine (homeopathic medicine) against a truly uncontrollable one? And as a preventive against those who would unleash it?

Probably, but who stops the next person who claims to be morally right but yet is corrupt? 

"There is no time for such questions," we always hear. 

Because really there is time, but the questions are most inconvenient, and there are sometimes things which must be done that can never be said aloud. 

P.S. Must be added:

"So coronavirus, or COVID-19, takes over the headlines right after Kobe passes away. If you translate COVID into Hebrew it becomes KOBE. Kobe was also buried in Corona del Mar cemetery."

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.