Sunday, March 8, 2020

March 8, 2020: Purim and Alienation (Alien Nation) as a Form of Mind Control

Purim, Mind Games, Mind Control, and Reversal of Fate…Image
Monday night is Purim, the Jewish holiday where we celebrate being saved from a madman who was totally driven by ego. 
The madman's name was Haman. 
Haman was an adviser to the king of Persia (Iran), whose name was Ahasuerus. We will call him King A. 
The time frame of this story is as follows:

423 BCE - first Holy Temple destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon
Jews are exiled to Babylon (Iraq) and Persia (Iran)

372 BCE Persians and Medes conquer Iran

369 BCE King A takes over all of it. 
366 BCE is the big party - ends with Queen executed; Jewish queen Esther (hidden identity) takes her place; Haman becomes prime minister

357 BCE Haman's "Final Solution" decree becomes law, but he is hanged almost immed.

356 Jews fight back and win 
353 The son of King A and Esther (King Darius) lets the Jews go back to Israel to rebuild the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) 
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This URL provides the source of the timeline.… 
The story of Purim begins with a party. 
The king makes an incorrect calculation that the God of the Jews will not save them (us), and he is excited.… 
The first strange thing is that the Jews actually attend this party.
Which is actually a celebration of their (our) defeat and demise.…Image
You see an element of unreality here.
Up is down, and down is up.
I am falling, but I pretend that I am winning. 
Or rather, I can't even remember who I am. 
Mordechai, the head of the Jewish community at the time, told the Jews not to go to the king's party, but they went anyway. 
"Trigger warning: The material in this article could be very triggering for survivors of ritual abuse or mind control as it contains graphic descriptions of programming; it is best to check with your therapist before reading material such as this." 
At its core, Alice in Wonderland programming is a means of disconnecting a child from normal human bonds and replacing those bonds with sick ones.…Image
"After performing a sacrifice & making agreement 2 always forget, & only remember what they saw on the screen (videos of...normal memories), the child then enters a garden w/ animated/demonic flowers that at first talk kindly 2 the child, but later...attack them." 
"Wasps come and sting the child, and the large caterpillar (the at first kindly guardian of the garden, played by another primary bond) tells the child what to do, and how to escape." 
"The caterpillar then blows smoke over the child, which induces amnesia, and tells her to 'always remember to forget' or the primary bond will be killed." 
"The child (playing the Alice role) agrees, and takes a bite of the mushroom offered, which represents this agreement to only remember what she is told to remember."…Image
"The child then enters a huge maze created from hedges. Soon, the child is pursued by the 'Jabberwocky' (a demonic presence and strong presentation persecutor/punisher), and must rely upon their theta skills to run and escape, and even leave the body and fly away." 
"The white rabbit and the Cheshire Cat lead the child to safety, but at times will try to 'trick' the child until the child learns to rely on themselves instead of these capricious demonic 'helpers.'" 
"The jabberwocky pursues the Alice characters, and punishes them if they are 'disobedient' (going off the path to investigate interesting things put to the side as tests), or if Alice ever tries to leave Wonderland."…Image
The Jews had been in exile in Iran for such a long time, that they hadn't even been born in their native land of Israel.

The Jews were invited to the party of the king, and they knew that the king could kill them for not attending.

The king invited his wife to the party and told her to strip naked in front of everyone.

The king's wife, the queen, whose name was Vashti, refused to strip. 
Haman said to the king, who was drunk, and not in his right mind: "Look how your wife disobeys you! You should execute for such impertinence."
And so it was done.

Up is down, and down is up.…Image
The Purim story is told every year in synagogue, but it never mentions God's name once.

This is a story where the truth is hidden.…Image
The heroine of Purim is Queen Esther, King A's second wife, who was Jewish, but the king did not know that and she kept it a secret.

Another secret.

It is customary to wear masks when we go to a Purim celebration.…Image
You could say that the masks have to do with the way that the truth was concealed on Purim, and you'd be right.

You could say that God concealed His hand. True.

You could focus on the level to which the Jews were deluded about their true situation - they were programmed! 
Because after the trauma of seeing the Holy Temple destroyed, and of being moved to another geographical place, where the king was showing off his possession of the Temple finery (this was the reason for the party), a certain kind of Stockholm Syndrome easily sets in. 
But the real reason we wear masks on Purim is to celebrate the truth being revealed.

"The curtain rises again, and we see all the actors unmasked."……Image
The movie "Eyes Wide Shut" was a tale of masks hiding the elite members of society. They were sick, murderous, orgiastic dogs who in day life lived a "front" of respectability.……Image
In the movie, Bill (played by Tom Cruise) finds out that his wife, ALICE (played by Nicole Kidman, whose father was accused of pedophilia), was tempted to be unfaithful, and this leads him right into the middle of a deadly secret society...and their party.
Bill's encounter with the secret society leaves him exposed to mortal danger...and the people who threaten to kill him are not only masked, but numerous. 
In the movie, Bill finds out the truth, in a way, but he never topples the power structure.

In the Purim story, the entire Iran finds out the truth, and it results in the king indirectly helping the Jews to be free and in reality once again. 
Let us hope that this year, as we celebrate the Jewish holiday of truth being revealed, we will also celebrate in America that the evil ones - who have relied on programming our brains with lies for so long - will be revealed, tried, sentenced, and removed from civilized society. 

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.