Sunday, March 8, 2020

March 6, 2020: Mengele Research Thread

Following up on the CIA-Nazi links: Mengele worked for the United States after the war.…
"Kameradenwerk" - "Nazi old boy network"
The Office of Special Investigations let Nazi Arthur Rudolph got away because he designed Apollo-11; but went after others (like Artukovic).
OSS actually helped Mengele escape.
Gehlen worked for both Hitler and the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles. 🤔
Dulles smuggled Nazis out through the secret Operation SUNRISE. Unreal.
Otto Skorzeny - later to give a shoebox of Nazi photos to a Jew - see
1985: "For some fifteen years a secret, conspiratorial alliance between various American corporations and their Nazi collaborators betrayed and subverted U.S. national interests in the campaign to win World War II." 
"This link between a 'fraternity' of top business executives and the country's deadliest wartime enemy, the Third Reich, this collaboration between capitalism and fascism, has been suppressed by the politically powerful, for their own political purposes." 
"Yet the magnitude of the crime and the damage it did, harm that included injuring and killing allied and American fighting men and women, were not approximated in any other case of disloyalty for which the government has exacted retribution." 
"Quite the reverse. The political system preferred staging trials...rather than settling scores with the treasonous powerful who served the cause of money and corporate self-interest." 
"Even more strangely, this country cannot face up to the corporate betrayal today, continuing to deny the realities of its Nazi connection while indulging in orgies of hysteria over any-thing remotely related to communism." 
See screenshot.
Ending this here for now. Too much. 

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