Thursday, March 5, 2020

March 4, 2020: The Plan Has Multiple Sources

Here is how I understand the connection between the planned jihadist takeover of the United States and the Chinese infiltration. 
The Chinese (dictator leader, not ordinary people, obviously) are cannibals. They take American innovation, copy it, and sell it cheaper. They spy and buy - everyone and everything they can. Their goal is economic dominance. 
The planned Muslim takeover was a convenient means to an end. By allowing ISIS and MS-13 to flood the borders, America would cease to exist; we would be an enslaved populace. 
As it always has, the cabal would work behind the scenes to steer and control the radical Islamists, who would really only be puppets. 

Most likely they would develop and control "opposition" as well. 
The belief of the cabal was that the dissolution of the US was a foregone conclusion. Therefore they steamrolled politicians, the media, and Hollywood - because it is survive or die. 
As for the borders, those would be dissolved in favor of UN "peacekeepers" coming to "protect" the "vulnerable" "migrant" populations. 
The military disarmed, the satellites disabled, the police "suicided" and scorned. 
No more men, no more more adults, no more more more life beyond what the "masters" say. 
 No more privacy, no more "off the grid," no more diversity of opinion, no more creativity, no more fighting back. 
No chance to coalesce, because they know everything. Not enough people to fight back, because we are infertile, diseased, depopulated. 
No man against the state, because the state takes the children into group homes from the beginning. 

No sense of self, because your body belongs to the state. 
 No reality - you are born in a tube, artificially augmented, artificially raised on artificial computers and food, and artificially killed when your life becomes too much trouble. 
That was pretty much the plan. This is a good visualization. (I, Pet Goat, II)

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the authors own. Public domain.