Thursday, March 5, 2020

March 3, 2020: The Terrible Transformation Of Michelle Malkin

In a clip that has gotten some attention, the racist @michellemalkin sucks up to her new constituency with several comments that are no less than shocking.
(The clip has now been removed)
Here is the text of her speech.
Michelle Malkin claims "questioning the numbers of the Holocaust" isn't antisemitic and neither is questioning the ״dual loyalties״ of "foreign agents."
To be clear, @michellemalkin is racist because she is prominently linked to a racist opinion site, VDARE. (Racism involves fantasies of superiority based on skin color; bigotry is bias based on something else, such as religion.)
Conservatives have disavowed her for supporting bigoted Holocaust revisionist ethnic superiority preachers such as Nicholas Fuentes and his "groypers."
"Conservative Group Fires Michelle Malkin For Being Too Racist"
Yes, you can subscribe to racist views and be a person of color.
Yes, you can be anti-Semitic and married to a Jewish person. 
I actually used to like @michellemalkin a lot. I saw her speak at the rally last year where she supported legal immigration.
Seb Gorka and Tom Fitton were there as well and I don't think they are racist or anti-Semitic at all.
(Michelle Malkin Speech 9/13/13
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But something happened to Malkin. I don't know what. I don't know who. And I don't know how. She has crossed over into another realm. 
This is the nature of evil - this is the point.
Evil "rises up" or "drops down" to meet a person wherever they are.
It is an opposing force to goodness.
So wherever human potential appears - evil will attack it. 
mentions said the following in her clip.
You can see it elsewhere on YouTube.
"It's Anti-Semitic to...
"mention George Soros' billions."
"criticize the anti-Defamation League."
"question whatever the precise number is of people who perished in World War II." 
"It is anti-Semitic for me being married to a 100% Ashkenazi Jew to question dual loyalties of people who are working here as agents of a foreign country." 
Let's get the games out of the way first. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with stating a fact, or questioning the narrative.

You should question everything and everyone, and Jewish people are not off limits. 
What is evil is the tactics that Michelle uses to attack Jews under the cover of simple nationalism. 
The first thing Michelle does is whip off her glasses and hold on to them, as if to say she is making an academic point. 
The second thing she does is talk in a singsong, repeating the same words, over and over, as if to respond to an imaginary accuser.
"It is anti-Semitic to...
It is anti-Semitic to...
It is anti-Semitic to..."
This is a rhetorical tactic. 
The third thing she does is to combine valid points with comments that are insanely offensive.

For example, most of us know that George Soros is an amoral, evil, mentally ill force who has used his money to create chaos and destruction worldwide. 
Michelle combines this comment with a comment about "WW II," intentionally omitting the word "Holocaust" when most people would simply say "Holocaust."
So she says: "It's antisemitic to attack (someone bad), and it's antisemitic to attack (something that actually happened.)." 
The net effect of this, again, rhetorical tactic is to absorb the comment minimizing the Holocaust into the comment about Soros. 
Michelle has been disowned by the conservative movement. 
She is, in a very desperate way, playing to her base. 
Instead of speaking the truth, she is distorting the truth.
This is evil at work. 
Again, this is not to say that we should avoid facts.
It is not to say that there aren't issues and problems with the Holocaust narrative.
Mine has to do with the coverup of the Bush family as agents of Nazi Germany, and the founding of the CIA as a continuation of the Reich. 
Michelle talks about foreign agents with dual loyalties, which I am certain there are - from Israel specifically - but she does not name names, give any specificity to it, or establish parallels with other foreign agents, who also cry racism when you call them out. 
Michelle also plays into the idea that the Law of Return is the same as every Jewish member of Congress having a second passport. This is false. 
mentions , just FYI, there is no such thing as a "100% Ashkenazi Jew."
This, too, is an anti-Semitic comment, because you are either Jewish or not Jewish, and myths abound about the Ashkenazi Jews versus the Sephardic Jews (khazaria....oy vey) 
I do agree that the Anti-Defamation League is a sad, politicized version of what it could be. But it's okay Michelle, I don't need you on my side criticizing them. 
Overall, this entire discussion highlights the problem with searching for truth.
We are going to hit very sensitive points, points that leave us open to being called names by people invested in keeping the status quo well intact. 
Ultimately, one of the biggest weapons that evil uses against us is simply that we have no name to describe what we are facing.
But for someone as intelligent as Michelle to be corrupted by the dark side is frightening. It shows me that any one of us can fall. 
God forbid. 

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.