Sunday, March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020: We Need To Save Israel

I had this thought "we need to save Israel" — meaning we need to redeem her from certain satanic forces. 
As a granddaughter of a Mengele survivor the thought of Israel partnering with Nazis makes me sick. 
"The Strange Case of a Nazi Who Became an Israeli Hitman"

"Otto Skorzeny, one of the Mossad's most valuable assets, was a former lieutenant colonel in Nazi Germany's Waffen-SS and one of Adolf Hitler's favorites."
Skorzeny later gave a Jewish man a book full of photos proving that Mengele was alive and working for the CIA.… 
So I found a blog called "Israeli Realities" by a woman named "Iris." Apparently she stopped posting in 2009. But what she did share is important. 
It lends credence to the idea that there is some sort of weird arrangement or "family secret" that has gone on between the CIA and the Mossad and the Nazis. 
If I had to guess at the nature of this arrangement it would be something like - the cabal created the Holocaust partly to create Israel so they would own it and hold many Jews hostage there. 
This is the cabal that brought us a "partnership" yielding government by blackmail (politicians), fake news (media), and distraction/perversion (Hollywood). 
That trio is like a triple headed monster and has been fighting President Trump with everything it has. 
The force holding it together is a Fourth Reich "Operation Paperclip" set of loony sadistic experiments. 
It's not about any religion it's rather about anti-religion. 
In any case. Israelis themselves have expressed profound angst over and alienation from certain things done on their soil. 
"Iris" got in trouble.

She wrote (11/18/2009): "My blog is generally labled/tagged 'Israel haters', or 'self hating Jew', or any of those categories, recently reserved to critical writers or activists."… 
"While in the past this position was hard but possible, it becomes impossible now.

"Too much heat, no reward." 
" I am taking this opportunity to implement a wavering decision to quit blogging in Hebrew, and instead, use my energy to address foreign readership." 
I want to go to some of Iris' earlier posts and just quote them. 

"MK Ultra, the Israeli project"

"First semi official admission - Israel conducted business with ex Nazis"… 
"Today, in Ha'aretz weekend magazine, a fascinating story is laid out for the first time in so many words. Apparently, Zionist intelligence organizations have had dealings with Nazi officials which lasted well after the war and into the 80's." 
"In the past, the issue has been mostly denied, albeit occasionally, ex spies or politicians admitted to some collaboration during the 50's and in connection with the Nazi scientists recruited by Egypt." 
"Rafi Eitan, now minister in the Israeli cabinet, confided several times about his professional connections with high up Nazis." 
Back to the Haaretz article described by Iris.… 
"In today's article the structure and extent of the special exception to the rule [regarding dealings with ex-Nazis], was further revealed.

"This elaboration was not a result of an Israeli policy change, rather following the discoveries of confidential materials from the CIA." 
Remember this is 2007: "This comes at a time when the American [Operation] "paperclip" program is under scrutiny, especially with regards to unethical and problematic 'behavior control' projects associated with Nazi physicians who were imported after the war. " 
"The question pops up to mind, did Israel join hands in specific scientific projects with the US ex Nazi projects, and if so, who were the scientists or officials granted refugee status and false identities, and what kind of positions did they fill in Israel." 
(I am actually having trouble breathing right now. I feel very anxious and upset. It is taking a lot for me to do this.) 
(People who know me, know that I hate doctors and everything associated with doctors. Examining tables and dentist's chairs. "Dr. Mengele." So bear with me please.) 
"A clue to the nature of the collaboration [Israel-ex-Nazis] is given in this article, by the mention of Prof. Shalhevet Fryer, now already dead, who started and run the Nuclear R&D program of the young Israel, from his laboratory in the Weitzman Institute." 
"Apparently, on top of his scientific skills, he was a spymaster who was involved in the Nazi connections.

"One of his pet Nazis was in fact the man who ordered massive killings of Jews in trucks, using the car's gasses emissions."

[I am choking. I cannot stand this] 
"The involvement of Nazi scientist specifically in the Nuclear arms field has been the case in the USA as well, with the famous NASA rocket project headed by another Nazi, Herbert Von Braun." 
"It comes as no surprise then, that the objectionable and controversial 'behavior modification' experiments (exposed and condemned by the US church Senate committee) were conducted under the command of"— 
"the Nuclear energy commission,


and those specific wings of government that absorbed most of the ex Nazi scientists and doctors." 
[Understand the ramifications if these Nazis didn't just accidentally end up here - but if Prescott Bush and others PLANNED a gigantic eugenics-oriented takeover starting well before, to last well after.] 
"Most of these notorious projects were conducted by the same scientific units that took part in problematic radiation experiments which were exposed and condemned by the Presidential inquiry, under Clinton."

[What has been going on under our noses all these years?] 
"It comes as no surprise then, that Israel adopted pretty much the same programs and structure as the USA in dealing with Nazi R&D for so called military and security purposes." 
[In other words, the US and Israel were fused with respect to using the barbaric Nazis and their experimental results.

[The question is, when and how was it planned to do so?] 
"Among survivors of abuse in Israel, the rumours implicated

the Weitzman institute,

the Biological research center,

the atomic energy commission


various military-medical units, mostly the Navy and later joined by the Air force." 
"Shalhevet Fryer merits a second look, given his unique record of Intel experience starting during WW2, in Italy, later in Mossad Aliya, which was the precursor of Mossad, and later as a nuclear physicist and a spymaster." 
"He could well be the person who headed and started the Israeli MK Ultra sub contracting project." 
So the MK ultra path was:



Subcontracting: to Israel and probably elsewhere, like Australia (Fiona B.), South America (where the ex Nazis lives), and more. 
This is why we hear that the truth would create a war. 
Back to the article.

"Rehovot - the hotbed and HQ for Nazi experimentation and mind control (the 1960's)." 
[Like Frida Halliday locked up in Stanford from 1961-1968 from birth to age 7 for 6 months a year]

Stanford - hub of CIA activity… 
Frida was a victim of Mengele 
Original tweet deleted. Screenshot.
Another Mengele victim, born 2 years before Frida (1959) also remembers constant travel: "I was born in the US but spent the better part of my first 3 or 4 years globe hopping with Mengele."
"in the early days of the young Israel, Rehovot was known as the city of citrus and science."… 
"Around the same time, and at a distance of 2 miles from the Weitzman Institute, the military established the Biology research center, where secret work was done on non conventional weapons, biological warfare and WMD." 
"Across from the weitzman institute entrance gate, the Hebrew University decided to place its Faculty of Agriculture, in line the area's character, as opposed to the urban nature of Jerusalem, where the main campus was built." 
"South of Rehovot the BRITISH [emphasis added] colonial army has already built a large military air base, which served the IDF and thus Tel Noff, the IAF's largest airbase was built." 
Who actually owned Israel - England? America? 
"Some 7 miles west of rehovot, the first nuclear plant was erected, Sorek, next to a secret military base stretching from the nuclear plant to the coastline." 
"And so, during the 50's Rehovot was a natural choice for any exotic, scientific projects." 
"Last but not least, just between the Weitzman institute and the Biological research center, there was a beautiful high hill, where the local Arab Sheik's mansion was still in tact, overlooking the entire region." 
"In this huge mansion, the Israeli ministry of health chose to house a psychiatric hospital, specializing in children, and operating two large and populated closed wards for children with 'psychiatric illness'". 
"Soon after independence a flux of Jewish American scientist and physicians swarmed the little town of Rehovot." 
"From a 'peasant town' with a Yemenite working class addition, Rehovot turned into a small scaled 'Berkeley.'" 
"the town...was now split clearly between landowners (farmers and peasants), Yemenites and Olim, and the prominent science community, with its eyes on American cultural appearances." 
"Politically, Rehovot was a tense town, with charged conflicts, resulting in poor local management and constant corruption scandals.

"In this atmosphere, the local MK ultra programs crept into the community." 
Part 2 never appeared in English.

In the comments, a survivor asked for contact information.

But who were the victims?
"Many Yemenite Jews spent periods in transit camps before being settled in homes, and stories of babies going missing began to arise immediately.

Some reports talk of children disappearing after visits to the camps by wealthy American Jews." 
"In other cases children appeared to be recovering in hospitals from relatively minor ailments when the parents were suddenly told they had died." 
"On kibbutzes, where some of the Yemenites settled, it was typical for youngsters to be separated from their parents and looked after together, and here too it's said that some children vanished." 
"many of the families involved suspect a cover-up and continue to believe that there was an organised operation to snatch children, involving health workers and government officials." 
"it led to shocking revelations in a Knesset committee about medical experiments on Yemenite children." 
I don't know who the Israeli mk-uktra victims were. 
Got to end it there, for now. 

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.