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March 20, 2020: Mengele - Melges

Josef Mengele, left, in 2001.

Frederick Melges' son, Kurt, right, from obituary photo, 2017.

Melges was the Stanford University MK-Ultra doctor.

Can anyone find a photo of Melges?

H/T @OliversWilde for the research.Image
Mengele tried to sterilize my grandmother and failed, obviously. The United States let him go free after the war. And brought many Nazis here in "Operation Paperclip."Image
"Cold War banker" Nicholas Deak was murdered by a woman who had been under the care of Dr. Frederick Melges, CIA-linked Stanford psychiatrist.
"Dr. Melges was a psychiatry professor at Stanford Medical School. Melges also worked with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), a major CIA and Pentagon contractor, on areas including brainwashing and mind control experiments during the Cold War." 
"Lois Lang's doctor, Melges, was also an expert on the Army's chemical weapon version of LSD: a superhallucinogen known as "BZ" which the Army tested on thousands of unwitting grunts," 
"weaponized in BZ gas grenades and 750-lb cluster bombs, and reportedly tested on Viet Cong enemies in the battlefield." 
"the Pentagon and CIA both explored ways of deploying BZ domestically against hippie protesters in the 1970s, using miniature drones brandishing drug-injecting needles." 
"Frederick T. Melges (2 December 1935 – 29 July 1988) was an American psych & prof of psychiatry at Stanford U School of Medicine, notable for his interest in time & for his pioneering work on the role of distortions of time in various psych disorders."… 
"Melges led research work at Stanford University in the 1970s on cannabis users. Melges and colleagues were the first to report that cannabis induced 'temporal disintegration'" 
"or a disorganization of sequential thought and impaired goal-directedness. This phenomenon stems partly from impaired immediate memory." 
"Melges and colleagues also showed that depersonalization is closely associated with the degree of temporal disintegration." 
"Depersonalization can consist of a detachment within the self, regarding one's mind or body, or being a detached observer of oneself"… 
"This work led Melges to conclude that the disorientation in the sense of time might represent a key action of the drug from which many other effects followed."… 
"Melges went on to propose a future oriented therapy. Melges (1982, p. 35) argued that: 'Many forms of mental illness are characterized by a bleak, foreshortened or fragmented future time perspective.'"… 
"He proposed that time distortions are prevalent in psychiatric illnesses and that they can cloud the personal future of an individual distorting their view of their future and thereby disrupting goal-directed behavior." 
* Had a son that closely resembles Mengele
* Has no photo publicly that you can find
* Worked as a psychiatrist at Stanford
* Did mind-control experiments focusing on time and using drugs 
Josef Mengele was born in 1910 and supposedly died in 1979.

Frederick Melges was supposedly born in 1935 and supposedly died in 1988.

Melges definitely worked at Stanford in the 1970s. 
Melges as a psychiatrist was focused on the science of the mind.

He believed that a patient's sense of time was the key to their illness and recovery. 
Melges essentially argued that when the brain is in a sense of temporal disintegration (has a disintegrated sense of time), the patient experiences mental illness.

Healing means restoring the patient's future orientation, so that they can pursue their goals unencumbered. 
This is going to become important.

Remember: Melges was focused on TIME. 
This is an screenshot from his article.Image
"Future Oriented Psychotherapy"
Dr. Frederick Melges
The American Journal of Psychotherapy
Volume 26
Issue 1
1972, pp. 1–164
Pages 22-33 
* This paper is a summary of lectures presented at the Clinical Symposia of the
Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine, in 1969 and 1970. The work was supported in part by a Research Scientist Development Award (NIMH Grant No. 29163).

So, Frederick Melges' -- Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, Calif. 94305 --was funded by the NIH (the Federal government).… 
NIMH - National Institute of Mental Health 
"I want to thank Drs. R. C. U'ren, E. Lindemann, A. E. Weisz, J. R. Tinklenberg,
and R. L. Goulding, as well as P. Murphy, for their inspiration and helpful suggestions." 
Why would a Nazi war criminal be telling people to focus on the future and not the past?

Obvious reasons. 
Why would all the evidence supporting Mengele being Melges be suppressed?

Obvious reasons. 
Melges in his paper states that his work is unique.

"Various types of psychotherapy differ according to the attention given to
the past, present, or future." 
"These different temporal foci include helping the patient to

(1) free up inappropriate adhesions to his past,
(2) modify his
present responses and interactions, and
(3) develop effective plans of action
to meet realistic future goals." 
"Although an integrated treatment approach would involve all three temporal stages, the future oriented approach has been relatively neglected." 
In his research, Melges (Mengele?) gave us the cure (temporal integration) and also the disease.

The disease is depersonalization, which is correlated with temporal disintegration.

In English: 
Anything that fractures your sense of time reality, also fractures your sense of identity. 
A person with a fractured sense of identity may experience depersonalization (you feel like you're standing outside yourself, looking at yourself)


dissociation (the sense that they are multiple people). 
A person who does not feel morally invested in their actions (someone who does not "feel themselves" or who does not "experience themselves" doing the action), can be made to do bad things. 
At Stanford, in the 1970s, Melges ran research experiments that induced temporal disintegration, using drugs (marijuana).… 
What other experiments did Melges run? 
Frida Halliday on Twitter: "My twin sister and I were held ...

"My twin sister and I were held hostage at #StanfordResearchInstitute and tortured by #JosefMengele during the 1960's. #MkUltra #CIA"Image
"The Forced Abortion Enabled My Father To Continue Raping Me And My Twin," By Frida Halliday…Image
Frida: "my twin sister and I were experimented on at Stanford Research Institute in their program called MK-Ultra, conducting CIA-sponsored trauma-based mind control experiments."Image
"80 major universities and institutions were involved in these experiments during the cold war.

"My sister and I were locked up at Stanford for six solid months of each year for the first seven years of our lives." 
"The purpose of the trauma and torture was to break our minds and see if they could induce disassociation and multiple personalities.

"Then their intent was to program each part to do things they wanted you to do, and we were sexually trafficked." 
"Because we were traumatized at Stanford during our formative years, we disassociated and learned to repress the abuse. They call it the thousand-yard stare, and this was our survival mechanism." 
"The ideology of Nazism brought together elements of antisemitism, racial hygiene, and eugenics"… 
"Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population, typically by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior, and promoting those judged to be superior."
By Ralph Blumenthal (no relation)
June 18, 1986

"The son of Josef Mengele told an American television audience yesterday that he had helped conceal the fugitive Nazi war criminal because ''I would never betray my father.'' 
"He said he remained puzzled over what could have driven his father to conduct his gruesome human medical experiments, atrocities that Mr. Mengele did not dispute." 
"American authorities in 1945 twice took Dr. Mengele into custody under his own name and both times released him from prisoner-of-war camps even though his name had already appeared in listings of wanted war criminals." 
"At the time he escaped to South America, Dr. Mengele carried with him a suitcase of records and tissue samples from his human experiments at Auschwitz....the suitcase disappeared and may still be hidden somewhere in South America." 
"At one point, Mr. Mengele noted of his father: ''He told me he did not 'invent' Auschwitz and that he was not personally responsible for the incidents there. Auschwitz already existed. He wanted to help but that was very limited.'' 
In the Matter of Josef Mengele
A Report to the Attorney General of the United States
October 1992

Submitted to:
Robert S. Mueller, III
Assistant Attorney General…Image
"Mengele's autobiography as a source"Image
They couldn't rely on Mengele's autobiography, not only because he was a war criminal, but because Mengele openly admitted to lying. He called it "exchangeability of one's own experiences and those of other people."

He used his own autobiography to dissociate and depersonalize.ImageImage
At least one man has met a Nazi who claims that Mengele was working for the CIA.…Image
The author claims: "Mengele looks much younger than he really is due to years of facelifts, anti-aging hormone injections & "alleged" cannibalism! Dr. Mengele worked as a C.I.A. laboratory technician for W.R. Grace Company in Clifton, NJ after WWII, for over 40 years!" 
"Dr. Mengele "allegedly" has a "huge" stockpile of Anthrax, Ricin, Bubonic Plague, Hanta Virus, Ebola Virus & other deadly toxins that he pilfered from Plumb Island & other C.I.A. labs' all around the world. Dr. Mengele is poised & ready to attack the unsuspecting public" 
There were claims of experiments for the "order of the Fourth Reich"…Image
"At one point the CIA said it had over a million pages on him, including his diaries & autobiography, all classified. A fraction of these pages were released in 2004. o many people knew he had worked for the CIA, that the agency even had a disclaimer on its website denying this." 
"One of the forensic scientists (a Dr. Levine) who identified Mengele's remains and DNA in Embu, Brazil, after he supposedly drowned there in 1979, also testified to the Warren Commission — i.e. he likely worked for the CIA —" 
"Witnesses at the time of Mengele's death reported that the man in the coffin was not Mengele." 
"According to Freedom of Information Act documents, Nazi sadist Josef Mengele came to the U.S. as part of the CIA's Operation Paperclip, which enlisted Nazi and war criminals in the Cold War."Image
"Programmed messengers and programmed sex slaves were also created for the demented pleasures of the rich and famous." 
"Known as MK-ULTRA, the program abducted super bright children and naturally occurring high order multiples—especially identicals—from their natural parents and put them with persons who would allow abuse and experimentation." 
"The program is still ongoing and now uses and manipulates the Child Protection system to facilitate these activities." 

As best I can ascertain, I was born in 1959, one of 5 identical girls. It appears I was not from one of the ancient bloodlines. We were a natural occurrence."Image
"Of my sisters, only one besides me has an unusual IQ.My mother was given a false psychiatric diagnosis by the Mayo Clinic so that we could be confiscated and placed in separate homes." 
"I was placed with a vile very exceedingly violent child pornographer, JMP.

"I was born in the US but spent the better part of my first 3 or 4 years globe hopping with Mengele. English was not my first language." 
"Mengele et al tortured me many times in many locations I have heard mentioned by other MKULTRA survivors including several hospitals here in the US and on military bases." 
"The tortures included but were not limited to rapes, disjointing, killing animals and other children in front of me or being forced to watch as adults were tortured," 
"electric shock, injections with LSD and anectidine and many other substances, cattle prod up the vagina or rectum, witnessed murders, occult rituals, many bizarre sex acts. It was very calculated and continues to the present." 
"As these people are government-sanctioned in their actions, there is no safety I have found except in the Lord." 
"Mengele was alive and well and living in the US as an honored guest of the United States government as late as 1987." 
"I have testified about these abuses before Congress twice and am willing to do so again. They are now abusing my children and grandchildren and using ever newer and more arcane technologies.

yes that's MengeleImage
"The Real Treason" - "Project Paperclip"Image
"For some fifteen years a secret, conspisatorial alliance between various American corporations and their Nazi collaborators betrayed and subverted U.S. national interests in the campaign to win World War II."Image
"This link between a 'fraternity' of top business executives and the country's deadliest wartime enemy, the Third Reich, this collaboration between capitalism and fascism, has been suppressed by the politically
powerful, for their own political purposes." 
"Yet the magnitude of the crime and the damage it did, harm that included injuring and killing allied and American fighting men and women, were not approximated in any other case of disloyalty for which the government has exacted retribution. Quite the reverse." 
"The political system preferred staging trials, for example, for con- spiracy to advocate speech (behavior twice removed even from the overt act of speaking) rather than settling scores with the treasonous powerful who served the cause of money and corporate self-interest." 
"Even more strangely, this country cannot face up to the corporate betrayal today, continuing to deny the realities of its Nazi connection while indulging in orgies of hysteria over anything remotely related to communism." 

We do not know if Kurt Melges, son of Dr. Frederick Melges, was actually the son of a war criminal; even if he is, there is every reason to think that this information was completely concealed from him. Please respect his memory.