Sunday, March 22, 2020

March 18, 2020: Responding to the Emerging Panic

Today is Wednesday, March 18, 2020.
The time is 10:03 p.m. 
The purpose of this thread is to share with you the panic that is happening out there. 
My apologies, I had to break for a moment. 
So, let's talk about the panic. Please don't respond to me saying to calm down ma'am. 
It's very interesting to me that some people have difficulty validating the emotions of other people. 
Some people, when they hear the words "there is panic," feel like they have to fix the situation, mostly by trying to calm YOU down, instead of acknowledging that you are simply saying what you see. 
I know this may seem unimportant, but I do believe it is important to stop, reflect, and honor the emotions that are running through our minds, perhaps the collective mind.

It is when we look at what's happening that we are able to stand back and decide. 
So. Panic comes from the little things.

Store shelves are empty in some places.

I hear the police are patrolling at Costco in another state. 
We went to Trader Joe's today. It was a small thing maybe, but the coffee samples weren't available.

It felt like I was in The Walking Dead. 
It's disconcerting that deliveries aren't arriving on time. 
Teleworking, as necessary as it is, feels like quarantine. 
The need to develop a new, digital, streamlined way of working together quickly, almost out of whole cloth - that does generate anxiety. Not panic, but it is strange. 
Over here, the lines are jammed at times and it's slow going. The internet has been sporadic, and that makes for panic too. 
My parents are elderly. My father asked me about chloroquine tonight. "Where can I get it?" he asked.

I heard him coughing.

"You need to go to the doctor," I said.

"He said, it's nothing." 
Going to pick up a delivery, there was someone in the line in front of me, and she jumped when I showed up.

"Social distance!" she said. 
You see people in masks going to get coffee at the Starbucks.

They're wearing camo masks, black masks, blue masks, some of them wear masks that are pulled down under their chins. 
In the store, the atmosphere is tense.

"Can we get three of the scallion pancakes?"

"Where will we put three scallion pancakes?"

"What if they run out of the scallion pancakes next week?"

Wheeling the shopping carts, you can see the people wearing gloves. 
The roads are empty. 
On Facebook we had kind of a "spicy" conversation. 
I will get to that in a minute.

First I want to talk about what's happened here on Twitter. 
For one thing, in just the past week, there have been some very odd occurrences.

There's a weird, glitchy from the Matrix type character who calls himself Baby Q. (?)

Then someone else, with a large following, claimed the virus wasn't real.

There used to be a group of accounts I saw regularly on my timeline. Somehow they are not showing up. 
It's like everyone is on edge, because they can't figure out what this coronavirus thing is anyway and how it fits into the plan.

Oh, and Q has been silent.

More or less. 


Which censored my husband's article.
This is what my husband wrote, that Facebook found so offensive they had to send him a notice that they were removing it from the site. 
"Coronavirus has us all in a state of panic. ... But to me, the most shocking of all this week was to get emails from the various local synagogues that in an abundance of caution, they are closed for prayer and Torah study." 
"While I understand the rationale to close the synagogues, not to congregate with others and expose ourselves or spread the Coronavirus, I can't help thinking and believing that what we need now, more than ever, is prayer to Hashem"-- 
"and the mitzvah of Torah study that the synagogue provides to us.

"Indeed, only in the hands of G-d is the ultimate power of health or illness, and life or death." 
I feel exactly the same way. 
When he told me that Facebook censored his article, it got me to thinking that they were acting like the "thought police," trying to keep his IDEA from the masses.

His IDEA is that we should TURN TOWARD God now rather than DISCONNECT out of fear. 
The agenda of DISCONNECTING people from God is of course satanic.

And this makes Facebook satanic. 
This is what I posted to Facebook.
Since a lot of my friends on Facebook are Jewish, and religious, I thought that the statement would have a lot of support. 
But that was not the case - because panic.
What ensued from that post was a hellstorm of people attacking me.
The attacks ran the gamut.

Let's see...
"The rabbis said it's not safe"

"You're going to get people killed"

"Science is what matters here"

"I'm a doctor, who are you?" 
Oh, and this one: "What do you know about satanism?"
It was actually kind of shocking.

The core of Jewish faith is to believe that God is above all.

We of course do break the Torah to save a human life.

But this level of panic has nothing to do with the principle. 
If you look at the actual CDC guidelines, which are very clear, and right there on the Web, there is absolutely nothing prohibiting Jewish men at low risk from gathering to pray in a small minyan (required prayer quorum).

But nobody was arguing from the CDC guidelines.

Rather, th ey were arguing that we should prioritize SCIENCE OVER RELIGION.

It was interesting to me, that the exception to the general trend was THE WOMEN.

Only THE WOMEN were brave enough, some of them, to say - we need prayer, prayer is what gets us through.

Only THE WOMEN were brave enough, some of them, who had been mistreated by the rabbis - 
These women knew the difference between religion infused with common sense, and complete nuttery.
Why is all of this important?

Aside from documenting what's happening today. 
Well, a few things.

Number one, we are very, very close to winning.

So you can bet that the other side is pulling out all the stops.
Not only was a bioweapon unleashed (I believe it was a bioweapon, and that, as someone else said, there were multiple strains, some worse than others, and the one we got came early last fall) --

-- but we are also being psy-opped.
It is somewhat depressing to know that your mood is being lifted straight out o an Army manual, but there it is.… 
FAS is the Federation of American Scientists.

Who said science wasn't good for stuff?
It's approximately 450 pages, this thing.

Let's just pick out one or two tactics that have been deployed on us of late. 
"PSYOP are planned operations that convey selected information and indicators to foreign target audiences (TAs) to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately, the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals." (p. 1-1) 
"The purpose of all PSYOP is to create in neutral, friendly, or hostile foreign groups the emotions, attitudes, or desired behavior that support the achievement of U.S. national objectives and the military mission." 
PSYOP are not only for war. They're to "promote peace," too, and they are meant to infuse popular culture.
"If the TA [target audience] believes the PSYOP conclusion, they should behave or believe in the desired manner."

(p. 5-9)
"An appeal is the overall approach used to present the argument. It is the flavor or tone of the argument....There are an infinite number of appeals that can be used." (p. 5-10)
Please don't tell me that PSYOP are never used domestically. 
I just had to restart my entire computer and the screen got messed up again before I did so. 
"Legitimacy appeals use law, tradition, historical continuity, or support
of the people."

Example of legitimacy appeal:

"Authority: An appeal to laws or regulations, or to people in superior
positions in the social hierarchy."
"Inevitability appeals most often rely on the emotion of fear, particularly fear of death, injury, or some other type of is crucial that credibility be gained and maintained throughout the argument."
You can see how a virus could be positioned to the public through an "authority" or "inevitability" strategy so that the public simply believes whatever is put in front of them. 
You can see how we need to be on our guard and thinking critically.

But in a sick, upside-down, perverted society, free thinkers are considered dangerous. 
"Plain folks or common man. This approach attempts to convince the audience that the position noted in the PSYOP message or line of persuasion is actually the same as that of the TA." (target audience)
Where do memes come from? "PSYOP personnel rarely have the time, manpower, or funding to create new symbols for their messages. Therefore, PSYOP personnel should always strive to use symbols that are already recognizable to the TA." (5-13)
If you recall, I was telling you about @shachalnur's timeline and discussion of Zionism as a dialectic between Rothschild and Rockefeller.

Rothschild represents control through sexual blackmail.
Rockefeller represents control through PSYOP.… 
Neither of these things is good. 
Shachalnur, an anti-Zionist, posits that the Rothschild model was overthrown in Israel in 2012, and the Rockefeller model (PSYOP) took its place.

Also posits that @netanyahu and @POTUS are linked by reliance on PSYOP. 
I disagree with Shachalnur about being anti-Zionist, along with the vast majority of mainstream religious Jews, because I do see Israel as fulfilling God's promise, toward the Mashiach (Messiah) and redemption.

Not perfectly, but progressively.

That said - PSYOP is there, sure. 
The question then becomes, if @POTUS makes use of PSYOP (Q, for example), and PSYOP is illegitimate, how can you support that? 
For me, the answer is that we need a gateway to get from the sexual blackmail model of power, to the return of power to the people.

And if a PSYOP is what it takes to get us there, fine. 
The problem however is that even with a PSYOP that is morally legitimate (and I am 100% a supporter of @POTUS), you wind up with undesirable side effects.

One of them is the inflammation of human tendencies toward mob panic attacks.
The other problem is that if people find out that you've been conducting a PSYOP (for example, let's imagine that there is a cure for coronavirus right now, and we don't need to "magically" discover in two weeks when Operation X is over) -- you won't be believed next time. 
Not to mention that if something goes bad, or even let's say the wrong folks get into power again, they will use the same exact tools. For example, they create hysteria around a term (let's say "racist"), brand political opponents "racist" and do everything possible to hurt them. 
I am not really concerned about how @POTUS is going to navigate us from the virus situation to the Great Awakening. This is a transformation much bigger than him. It is the process of Redemption, being implemented through him. I get that. 
But in the meantime, as we await the public acknowledgment of truth, I will continue to sit here and insist on exploring the reality of what is going on, and acknowledging the emotions that this reality generates. 
The people who insist on reality checks are never going to be popular with the powers-that-be. We do not help them win elections.

But I think we do serve a useful social purpose, and that is to help encourage the reflective, rational, spiritual capacity of humankind. 

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.