Sunday, March 15, 2020

March 15, 2020: Disrupt the Egregore

An egregore is a set of individual projections, transmitted out to create a reality that does not actually exist. 

(Good definition here: "the spiritual collective of a group mind."

Think of it as the "Wizard of Oz" strategy. There is a little, shriveled man behind a curtain, broadcasting out, except that it is actually an unspoken collective activity to decide what the "narrative" should be, and then play it everywhere, on every device, using every medium.

Once that narrative is decided upon (the "talking points"), it creates a perception of reality, which then becomes very real for many. (This explains "Trump derangement syndrome" - as people cannot understand how the man they were told is so evil, is actually good).

You may or may not believe in the concept of a cabal. But certainly, occultists rely on the egregore as a substitute for the real God. They think that your belief is the same as God's immanence.

The "stock market" is an egregore. It is an intangible reality formed from the collective, manipulated by the few. The egregore beams back at people in the form of market prices.

Jews call this - AVODAH ZARA - "strange work" - the work of worshiping a strange, false god.

"Brand equity" is an egregore as well. The brand is not a real thing, but your thoughts about it are influenced by the cabal, and it becomes real enough for people to worship.
The egregore is music they play over and over till you love it.

Avodah Zara - the idols - Abraham's father had an idol store - people used to believe these statues were invested with real power.
Some still do.

 (See: "sacrifice a chicken to moloch" - )
Another egregore is the television. Talk back to it. Talk back to the fake news, and all mass media. Disrupt the script.

You must understand that most social control is invisible and unspoken. 

Egregores can be used as weapons.

The symbol of an egregore is the circle. (I am sorry if this is triggering to victims of satanic ritual abuse, who have been abused by adults while laying in the center of a circle.)

The letter "Q" is a circle interrupted. A good reminder to disrupt the talking points.

How do you really disrupt the egregore? Use it in a spiritual way -- collective prayer to God.

Today is #NationalPrayerDay. 

When we pray as a group God hears us even more loudly. 

Please pray for our country.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.