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March 15, 2020: CIA Hippie Music

This is a focused thread on the socially engineered "hippie" music of the late 60s/early 70s. Thank you @sng0777 for sending. The context is yesterday's thread which essentially hypothesized that our culture has been soaked with betrayal for decades.
A good research effort would provide multiple articles for each topic, but unfortunately right now I don't have time to do that (there are 4 articles I'd like to share). So let's just summarize and bring forth this one. I appreciate all the replies with more info! 
"Laurel Canyon: Military Intelligence Family Backgrounds of the Iconic 60s Counterculture Rock Stars"

June 25, 2018
Russ Winter
At the outset of his article, Winter credits Dave McGowan - so he is actually summarizing McGowan's research. This particular article is sourced from "Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation." 
I can't find the book on Amazon to give you the link, but I did find another book by McGowan with a similar title.… 
"Thread: The Laurel Canyon Conspiracy: Did the CIA Create the Counterculture?"… 
Quoting now from anons.

"This is some of the most insane conspiracy stuff I have ever come across, and there really are some strange facts involved in the scenario." 
"The video series is incomplete, but the point it is getting to is that the U.S. gov created the hippy scene in the late 60's to turn images of Vietnam War protests into bums on drugs instead of educated people wearing nice clothes, which is what the protests involved at first." 
"That killed the credibility of the protests and allowed the vastly escalated war to continue. A huge chunk of the late 60's and early 70's rock icons were the sons of very high ranking people in the military." 
"Jim Morrison, John Phillips, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Frank Zappa, the members of America, and Jackson Browne all fit that description." 
"All of these people and many more famous rock musicians lived in the same little part of L.A., right near a major military base. They might have been working for the CIA. (?)" 
"Jim Morrison's dad was the Navy admiral who was in charge at the scene of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which paved the way for the government to move from 25,000 soldiers to 200,000 and start indiscriminately bombing North Vietnam in 1965." 
"Jim told the public and people he knew that his parents were dead.

Jim played a hippy type character in the show business world, but he was actually a conservative who didn't like hippies." 
Here is a YouTube video that someone in the thread posted. It works.

This is a response from another anon. 
"I don't buy this one, I think the roots of the hippie movement are a reaction to people seeing their parents turn into robots, also known as the glorified 50s, and it goes farther than simply protesting the Vietnam war." 
"The CIA definitely had some involvement, but they're usually the ones turning peaceful protests into riots, not musicians. And while Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa had military families, they were not exactly the founding fathers of the Hippies." 
"Honestly, the whole conspiracy takes a nose-dive when you consider that The Grateful Dead had like five times the influence on the Hippie Movement that Jim Morrison did." 
"And that's only taking into account music, what about the literature or other influential hippies/beatniks like the Chicago Seven or Jack Kerouac?" 
"There were a vast amount of people glorifying the bum lifestyle and they're still around today, both in music and literature. But you can hardly call Johnny Hobo or Ramshackle Glory CIA operatives." 
Ok, now the first anon responds. (Note: We will get back to the article originally mentioned in the first tweet. I like sharing the conversation between different people who espouse somewhat divergent points of view.) 
You have probably figured out that:

1. I will not get to the other three articles just now
2. I am poor at writing short threads.
Okay, so the first person responds:

"It is true that the musicians I mentioned weren't the most influential, but it is really odd that so many extremely high ranking military people's kids lived in Laurel Canyon and were famous counterculture musicians." 
" Jackson Browne and America weren't pro-acid, but stoners loved their music. It could be that the kind of mentality and prowess it takes to become a rock star parallels the mentality and skills it takes to become a high ranking military officer." 
"Talent alone doesn't get anybody famous in entertainment. It take a massive amount of drive, social skills, and persistence. Having high officer genes and upbringing can help tremendously with that. Still, it's a really bizarre scenario." 
Sorry if this next response (it's a back and forth) offends some people. 
"I would call it the Bishop's Daughter effect. No one is a bigger slut than a Bishop's Daughter, and likewise it makes sense that military families would breed hippies. That's my thoughts on Frank Zappa, at least." 
"If it were truly a CIA operation, why were they so profoundly good at spreading a belief system counter productive to Capitalism? The CIA was founded to protect Capitalist Interests, after all." 
"And the Hippie Movement goes beyond peace activists alone. It's imbues the understanding that more stuff does not make you happier, one of the cornerstones of American Capitalism." 
So you see the confusion here.

If it was a CIA conspiracy, what exactly did the CIA want?

And this goes back to yesterday's thread - the theory being that "they" (not everyone in the CIA, obviously, we are talking about TRAITORS) - wanted to undermine America from within. 
"'The Pedophocracy' is a term coined by McGowan.It is the title of his book on the subject of pedophilia as an elite characteristic & one of the main tools of control of the visible ruling kakistocacy, by the Crime Syndicate or Cabal."
"A kakistocracy is a system of gov that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens....coined as early as the 17th century, but gained significant use in the first decades of the criticize populist govs emerging"… 
So now you know why we say "kek" - we are the populists - we are the ones the elitists call the scum of the earth - but we are right and we will win. 
Jumping back a bit, think about rock star culture and groupies and how young girls were drawn in and affected - think about that as an intentional effect of this musical time and not as an accident. 
OK. Just 4 minutes left on this thread. Let's highlight. 
"In a geographically & socially isolated community known as Laurel Canyon – a heavily wooded, rustic, serene, yet vaguely ominous slice of LA nestled in the hills that separate the LA basin from the San Fernando Valley" 
"– musicians, singers and songwriters suddenly begin to gather as though summoned there by some unseen Pied Piper." 
Well, all of this got me totally kicked off the internet, and I have to do other things right now.

More later.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.
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