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March 14, 2020: Rose McGowan and the Matrix

Rose McGowan, Harvey Weinstein, The Mossad, Black Cube, The Family, the CIA — andImage
Tom Hanks 
And the Maharal....

and the Golem.…Image
The Maharal of Prague (MHRL),

Moreinu - our teacher
Ha-Rav - the sage
Loew - (family name)

Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel

(ben - son of)
(Bezalel - first name)… 
Hard to say enough about him in terms of his greatness or significance to Jewish history.

Born sometime between 1512-1526, maybe. Passed away 1609.

Born - Poland. Died - Prague.

Saved the Jewish people from blood libel by creating a "golem," a kabbalistic Frankenstein. 
Destroyed the golem because it threatened to get out of control. 
The topic of the Maharal is extremely important to our discussion of the Deep State, because he is an example of the mainstream Jewish approach to danger.

"Pikuach nefesh" 
Jewish people have leeway in terms of halacha (Jewish law) when lives are in danger (pikuach nefesh). It is in that spirit that the Maharal (the forefather of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement) created a Frankenstein to protect the people against the raging mobs.

Also in the spirit of Jewish law, when the Golem threatened to get out of control and go outside its intended scope, he destroyed it. 
Hillary Clinton was very candid in talking to Greta Van Susteren about how the U.S. created terrorists, walked away from the rubble, and wound up fighting the result later on.

You could argue that every bad thing starts with a good thing in mind. 
How did Rose McGowan go from being beautiful to being ugly?Image

and all the othersImage
Whose souls did they try to take?Image
But "national security" and poof, Jeffrey Epstein international child sex trafficker goes to Home Depot while in jail.… 
George ClooneyImage
Notice the leopard print couch she's sitting on and the black choker around her neck, her "sex kitten" makeup and hair.Image
"Same one as River Phoenix and that family," says Roseanne.

Yes, McGowan nods.Image
McGown now says that Hollywood itself is a cult, and she tries to speak out about its dangers.…Image
"McGowan said that the group promoted 'polygamy and sex at an early age' and banned newspapers and televisions to keep members 'in the dark' about world events so that members 'would obey.'" 
"The group, which has an estimated 10,000 members in over 100 countries, has since changed its name to The Family International (TFI)." 
"In a statement to The Christian Post, by Claire Borowik of TFI, Borowik states that, 'The usage of the label "cult" in reference to Family International by the media is pejorative and discriminatory.'"

I told you - they are really, really, really good at this, and they've been at it forever. 
Or maybe I didn't tell you.

I'm telling you. 
"When asked by CP of the validity of McGowan's claims, Borowik responded saying they are 'suspect at best and at times absurd, seemingly based on wild speculations and imperfect childhood memories, crafted for the sake of sensational publicity.'" 
How do stories like this escape the confines of the cult and wind up in mainstream media?

Like Vicki Polin told Oprah in 1989 about being an SRA victim from a Jewish family (even if she got blasted for it). 
The point is that we are currently, right now, engaged in the opening salvo of a public war -- against a foe that never really went away.

A foe that has embedded itself among everyone we know and trust.

But it determinedly remains hidden.

So we have to work backward to see. 
To reverse engineer things:

How did Stanford University get away with locking up Friday Halliday for the first seven years of her life, turning her into an MK-Ultra trauma victim, and sex trafficking her in the process?

How has @SaRaAshcraft, who has accused both Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks publicly, and never been refuted by them, not been placed under Federal protection by now? 
How has the American public become so mind-addled that we are subjected to psychological operation after psychological operation, delivered nearly by the week, through 4 a.m. talking points, and nobody stands up and says "enough is enough." 
The answer is that the insidious work of the "influencers" was delivered to us, like frogs warming up and then frying, over decades - faster and faster after the Holocaust ended. 
In rapid succession, from 1950 - 2020, we saw:

* The end of the nuclear family
* The institutionalization of transgenderism
* The beginning of human-machine fusion 
We also saw:

* Virtual life replaced for face-to-face interaction (being on the device at dinnertime)
* Children raised by daycare workers, and soon robots
* The complete trashing of God and religion
* Country after country reduced to desperate refugee populations. 
If you step back and look at what the outcomes have been (don't assign responsibility for the outcomes yet), you can clearly see an attempt to take precious individual people - and turn them into numbers.

The glorification of abortion is another example of this trend. 
It is not out of the realm to question whether the so-called "organic" hippie movement of the '60s, which glorified drugs as a "revolution," was in fact controlled opposition, to enable the CIA to do its revolting experiments. 
The totality of what has been done to us (we have not even begun to discuss all of it, for example genetically modified food/processed food) is staggering. 
"In the matter of Josef Mengele" - 1992 Department of Justice report - written specifically to respond to Jews who suspected collaboration between the U.S. government and this butcher.… 
At the time, Robert Mueller was Assistant Attorney General.Image
The report mentions Mengele's autobiography. They couldn't rely on his autobiography not only for the obvious reason (he was the criminal) but also because he believed in not just falsifying his own memories, but actually appropriating those of others.Image
Mengele (1976) tells his son that he had a "farm period" after the war.Image
"Shrouded in mystery, The Farm CIA is formally known as Camp Peary, a military reservation and CIA training center in York County near Williamsburg, Virginia. It's where many CIA agents undergo the extreme instruction needed to make it in the organization." 
"In 1993, a former member of the group named Ricky Dupuy appeared on Larry King Live, and told the host that he'd been ordered by the group to rape a 10-year-old. Dupuy, like other ex-members of the group, later committed suicide." 
"Berg [founder] himself was accused of sexual abusing young girls, including his daughters and granddaughters."

"one former member told The Guardian in 2017...'Close friends of mine growing up were abused and raped.'" 
"Joker star Joaquin Phoenix had an unconventional early childhood, living in Venezuela, Florida, and eventually Hollywood with his peripatetic parents and siblings Summer, Liberty, Rain, and late fellow actor River."


South America 
"But until Phoenix was around three years old in 1977, the family were followers of the Children of God, a cult helmed by a rogue preacher called David Berg that would later become notorious amid allegations of child sexual abuse." 
The Phoenix family lived in Caracas, Venezuela.

The CIA was based in Caracas, Venezuela.

When Hitler was seen, Caracas CIA got the report.

But there was a Jewish preacher with a sex cult there too?

20 years after this memo?…Image
2001: "CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuela has always prided itself on being unsullied by South America's reputation as a haven for fugitive Nazis, so a claim that it is harboring 18 Nazi collaborators has shocked the nation."… 
"The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power is a 2008 book by American journalist Jeff Sharlet. The book investigates the political power of The Family or The Fellowship, a secretive fundamentalist Christian association led by Douglas Coe."Image
"Sharlet has stated that the organization fetishizes power by comparing Jesus to "Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Bin Laden" as examples of leaders who change the world through the strength of the covenants they had forged with their 'brothers.'" 
"One year after the book's initial publication, the sex scandals of prominent members of the Family, Nevada Sen. John Ensign and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford...thrust the notoriously secretive organisation into the national spotlight." 
"The Family was founded in 1935 by a minister named Abraham Vereide after, he claimed, he had a vision in which God came to him in the person of the head of the United States Steel Corporation."
The book quotes David Coe, son of the group's leader:

"He turned to Beau. 'Beau, let's say I hear you raped three little girls....What would I think of you, Beau?"

....'Probably that I'm pretty bad?'

'No, Beau.' David's voice was kind. 'I wouldn't.'"

"That's the way everything in life happens. If you're a person known to be around Jesus, you can go and do anything. And that's who you guys are." 
"Talk to the people who rule the world, and help them obey. ....You know why? Because....We warn everybody that the future king is coming. Not just of this country or that but of the world."

Then he pointed at the map, toward the Khan's vast, reclaimable empire…." 
"Its connections reach to the highest levels of the U.S. government and include ties to the CIA and numerous current and past dictators around the world."… 
Source: "Anthony Lappe, a former mainstream journalist who later became a founder and editor of Guerrilla News Network (" 
"In the spirit of Straussian Neocon secrecy, its members, according to Lappe, have 'denied owing any allegiance to the group, and several professed ignorance of even the most basic facts about the organization.'" 
'The Family'...has existed since the 1930s, has steadily accumulated political influence for decades as well as cultivating a very close relationship with the US national security apparatus and has been involved in a host of intrigues. And yet it is rarely if ever mentioned" 
by conspiracy theorists despite ample documentation of its extensive influence on the American political landscape. He's an overview of the outfit's more recent activities" 
"The group is best known for hosting the National Prayer Breakfast each February with the President of the United States." 
"The Family's financial backers include, among others....arms manufacturer Raytheon. Even more troubling, however, is the 'Christian' worldview that the Family forges behind closed doors." -- which is not really Christian, obviously 
"In a Guerrilla News Network interview with Lappe, Sharlet went even further than what he reported in Harper's. 'The goal [of the Family] is an "invisible" world organization led by Christ,' he said. 'The core issue is capitalism and power.'" 
"Sharlet left no doubt about the clear message he received at Ivanwald: 'You guys are here to learn to rule the world.'"… 
Hillary Clinton worshiped with...the Family…Image
Clinton is or was also a student/worshipper/advocate/devotee/interested party of both voodoo and witchcraft, and was known to commune with the dead spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt, and has been accused of child sex crimes by many.…… 
It defies credulity that there is no connection between the CIA, the Nazis, the Mossad, the false Christians known as the Family, and child sex trafficking. 
The purpose of people like Rose McGowan, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Macaulay Culkin, and so many others, was to normalize that activity - create an industry where normal people are repulsed by it - enable for blackmail - and perpetuate total control by the cabal.Image
We have to destroy that Golem.Image
The way to do that is to break our addiction to the Matrix, wake up - come back to real life - and recognize that God is real.

That, alone is the beginning of all healing.

Tomorrow is National Prayer Day.Image

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. Opinions are the author's own. Public domain.