Saturday, March 14, 2020

March 13, 2020: Holocaust As Eugenics

Let's say the Holocaust was actually about making an excuse to conduct military experiments — with rockets, eugenics, and mentally dissociated trauma spies and killers.

What does that mean for us?
Probably that we have to look for & destroy the footprints of the monster Nazi military state —everywhere it appears in the world today.
We have to conduct new commissions of inquiry, and then change the history books accordingly.
We have to destroy all the deep underground military bases, all the tunnels, all the creatures (Nephilim/demons) and bring all the kids and bred soldiers out of their cages.
We have to in some way admit the above exists.
We need restitution for the victims of government trauma programs.
We need to restrict abortion.
End any experiments where animal parts are put into other animals, crafted on people, or vice versa.
We need to revise the Holocaust Studied curricula and museums to show the real story.
What experiments were they doing on the Roma? Why were they targeted?
Gay people targeted for experiments?
Biological weapons developed?
Was the gassing partly a test of how to kill people efficiently en masse?
Why did they want the teeth? For gold, or something else? Why did Jeffrey Epstein have a dentist chair in his home?
Files Say Nazi Victims' Gold Teeth Yanked; Bodies Thrown into Bonfire
FRANKFURT, West Germany (AP) _ Accused Nazi war criminal Josef Schwammberger used pliers to rip out Jews' gold teeth and forced concentration camp prisoners to strip before having them killed and…
You see, we have been looking at this all wrong. It is not an obsession with the dead past. It is an attempt to stop a dangerous satanic cult before it strikes again and again and again.
9/11 a mass sacrifice because the resulting fear is another kind of experiment?
Look at the last 4 psyop after another. They're testing our reactions and seeing how they play on the algorithm.
It isn't about marketing. It is about combining all your actions into a single digital footprint that is saved, stored, analyzed, profiles.
Your genetic tests...biometrics...test scores...viewing history...home security card purchases...Siri...Twitter...Gmail. You are a known quantity.
Your life activities go into a computer and they are stored. Your brain eventually is enhanced by the computer (it helps you think, remember, be less lonely, awake, super soldier...) - your body is enhanced too with AI....
Eugenics, science and technology, absent faith in God, create the soulless super soldier.
This being is wholly controlled while feeling free, and it serves only the cabal.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.