Saturday, March 14, 2020

March 10, 2020: Thoughts on Corey Feldman

Context: Feldman's release of his documentary, My Truth: The Rape of the Two Coreys.


Thoughts on Corey Feldman.

1. I believe him.
2. Loyal friend.
3. Why is he taking money.
4. Telling the truth about Charlie Sheen.
5. Passed around by pedo ring - permanent trauma.
6. Reported in '93 - no action?
7. Stabbed
8. Hacked

This doesn't seem like something you would want to talk about. 
Especially since we know the deadly dangerous pressure applied to leakers 
And since we know the two Coreys were part of "the crowd" 
Feldman could have blamed Jackson to get attention and money, but he didn't 
He's basically spent his entire life on this one thing 
I know it's hard to comprehend his whole weird look and antics. But to me that actually makes him more believable. 
Feldman reminds me of that movie Less than Zero where they tried to save Robert Downey Jr. but it was too late 
The abusers and the victims were friends or frenemies, they ran in the same circles, it wasn't a case of a stranger, the mother put Feldman into the guy's car and called it an opportunity. 
We see the lengths the deep state will go to, to silence Q. I am not sure how hacking a livestream is much different 
Plus if you watch Feldman's interview on Fox News, he said he wanted to out the people long ago but the publisher wouldn't let him 
I don't know who he is or how he survives 
11/9/2017 "'DISTURBING' Charlie Sheen divorce papers show Denise Richards accused him of watching gay porn involving teen boys amid Corey Haim rape claim storm" 
Look at Haim pulling away
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.