Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Mar. 8, 2020: Just say no to fake conspiracy theory

March 8, 2020

Well,'s that people are going to look at the Rabbi and the Torah and the Jewish star and see the conspiracy they fear....when the article linked to is unsubstantiated.

Falsifying Judaism for satanism can be traced straight to Sabbateans/Frankists... /1 
mentions Unfortunately my knowledge is too limited to give this subject the proper treatment. Even after many threads and much research. /2 
mentions I do know that the Veterans Today crowd and Steele are somehow bent on pushing this idea of the evil scheming Jew...they could simply focus on the more complex facts. /3 
mentions The facts are that America (specifically Allen Dulles for the CIA) covered for Mengele and other Nazis, enabled them and lied. /4 
mentions America hosts deep underground military bases where products of occult experiments are trapped to monsterize. This is now. /5 
mentions And yet I call myself a Patriot. How is this? Because I know treason when I see it, and these Black Operations are not America any more than Black Cube is Israel is Jews. /6 
mentions Unfortunately, because we lack information, false information enters the discourse and we get stuck with it. It is hard to live with not knowing. /7 
mentions A long time ago I abandoned Judaism because of my own disappointment in (some of, many of) the people. I guess I am trying to find the good and speak for that, admit the bad, and help others try to accept the complexity. /8 
mentions Martin, you and Zach and I represent the quest for truth in a calm and reasoned way. Above all things, the cabal cannot have that. /9 
mentions I believe that we will win.
I believe God will make the victory unbelievably grand.
All of this is happening for a reason...I wait to know more. 

There is no evidence of the Khazarian empire persisting beyond its dissolution centuries ago. I am sad that people are tricked by Jew haters. 
Similarly while Israel has its misdeeds etc. the overwhelming evidence is that it is under constant attack, and does not secretly hold the world hostage. 
There are questionable people, like Robert David Steele, who do some good things like exposing pedophilia, while also promoting total hatred of Israel. 
All truth shall be revealed in time.

The masks will come off.

I am grateful for the good people in the truth community and commend @martingeddes for his constant efforts and commitment to help all.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.