Thursday, March 5, 2020

Mar. 1, 2020: Luke Rosiak on the “smokescreen of Islamophobia”

"Congressmen of both parties have had a truce with each other where, once you're in Congress, you don't personally go after your peers for ethics problems." 
"And they call it like a mutually assured—remember back in the Cold War—a mutually assured destruction. That's what it is. Because if you go after me for ethics, I know stuff about you, too." 
Regarding Awan: "This is a story on one hand about a very nefarious Machiavellian IT guy who was just a sheer villain. But then, on the other hand, this is a story about our institutions in the United States and whether we can trust them." 
"We were not supposed to know about Spygate either." 
"I learned a lesson....When you have someone who is politically connected, you can do some of the worst things imaginable, and you will be protected." 
"They called it a conspiracy theory because he was never charged with this stuff, even though the cops knew that he did it. And my book" 
"But they called it a conspiracy theory, racist, partisan, sexist, somehow." 
"So we have this guy who we know is stealing all this data from Congress, and Congress has being very sketchy about it, protecting him." 
"This is a blackmailer who has infiltrated the U.S. Congress...the biggest scandal in congressional history." 
"They hide behind the smokescreen of Islamophobia because racism is always convenient. ... [but] what people didn't realize, and I couldn't say it at the time, was his own wife was a source of mine."

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.