Sunday, March 1, 2020

Feb. 29, 2020: Elizabeth Warren, Trump VP???

I do not think Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Party nominee. I think it will be Elizabeth Warren. 
My reasoning is that just like President Trump throws out misdirection, the Democratic Party leadership has learned to do the same. 
Elizabeth Warren is acceptable to both moderate and extreme leftists and is a highly perspicacious lawyer. 
Bernie has too much baggage and is too extreme. 
Twitter is now messing with me. 
Elizabeth Warren is a fighter. She is willing to work with anyone if it means succeeding. She does care about the working class. And she looks like Hillary Clinton. 
Elizabeth Warren will be the Democratic Party nominee, not Sanders. 
What the Democrats want is for Trump supporters to waste all their (our) energy focused on Bernie, so they can slip Warren in and call her "the only compromise who can beat Trump." 
Remember that the election is not about competing visions for human betterment but rather about swamp rats on both sides evading prosecution. 
They need to delay Trump enough (Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Coronavirus, etc.) that he is rendered impotent. 
If the criminal referrals come out too soon, the impact is lost by election time.

If they come out too late, they can claim harassment of a competing political party to win the election. 
Luke Rosiak did extensive research on the Awan case and (start at 19:00) how the D's and R's had a mutual "pact" not to investigate each other because then everything would come crashing down. 
He says that when Awan was around Hill Democrat staffers were stealing computers and reselling them, and then were protected, then blackmailed. He further talks about the data that was actually on the computers.

He asks why all the focus on Russia, and not Pakistan spying. 
Q has placed a great deal of emphasis on the Awan case and yet not said very much. This leads me to think that it will be important in the election. 
Just wanted to share these thoughts. 
It did occur to me (one more thing) that President Trump could anticipate and coopt this by getting Warren to be VP, replacing Pence. 
Warren would have to change parties, but her payoff would be that she gets to be on the winning ticket, and actually accomplish some of the goals that matter to her - especially gender parity. 
I guess we shall see.

Never say never. 

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.