Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Anonymous Whistleblower Describes Planned Muslim Takeover Of The United States

Posted in the public interest. Facts require verification. Minimal editing for readability and to knit together screenshots and a Twitter thread posted online by an anonymous Twitter user, @dmills3710, June 18, 2019. Screenshots dated approx. March 25, 2019 (one year ago). 


  • Virginia has been the longtime Muslim capital here in US. It's where their highest-ranking members live. Not Minnesota. Close to Dar Al Hijrah and Islamic society of Baltimore, the one Obama visited. Those two are completely tied together. Research some of the past leaders at both.
  • "Hillary, Obama, Brennan, FBI, intelligence services, even the coup itself is not entirely about Trump or the election. It was about the eventual Muslim takeover of the US. Obama gets elected, set the framework for Hillary's election. At the same time imports hundreds of thousands of Muslims into every state. At the same time Brennan and the intelligence agencies clapper et cetera, Hillary, are sending nuclear weapons to Iran, creating the first Muslim superpower. And getting rich in the process. Hillary gets elected and [?]"
  • "They set it up where Iran would be attacked, Hillary gets elected and before her presidency is done they suspend the Constitution because of widespread violence in the US."
  • "The shootings like in New Zealand are a dry run, someone attacks Muslims and there's retaliation, it's not their fault."
  • "They set it up where Iran would be attacked therefore they would be justified in attacking others or threatening others, the Muslims in all 50 states would riot with it not being there. They would suspend the Constitution, not Hillary, Hillary would be removed either in the first or second term what I heard was the firs tterm to ensure that it occurs. And the vice president would assume the presidency and declare martial law allowing the total takeover. Iran would be in a position as they are now to threaten all of Europe, the Middle East oil supply, and Israel with nuclear missiles. There is a reason Hillary selected a relatively unknown senator from Virginia to be her vice presidential candidate; he's bought and paid for by Muslim interests."


  •  "The article you sent touched on Obama arming jihadi terrorists around the world. Part of that plan was importing them here; it's why so many have settled in different areas like Minnesota."
  • "Do you recall Obama's statement that he wanted a armed civilian force as powerful as the U.S. military? That's what he was actually talking about. If you look at a map of U.S. military installations in this country, and then overlay that map with Muslim populations and Muslim training camps, you'll see it matches almost completely nationwide. That was by design; when the great day of their jihad [arrived], one of their plans was for Muslims to attack any and every police officer they see, kill them, and take their weapons while the peopie close to military bases would do the same there."
  • "The song [?] over taking our military and all their weapons and equipment quickly, death by a thousand cuts, attacked on a thousand fronts, that part was going to be enacted towards the end of Hillary's presidential term once they had everything in place, and she could use that to declare martial law and stay with total control. That was their big secret plan. At the end that was how they were going to take over."


  • "Huma is basically a spy. She was sent there to seduce Hillary."


  • "Meet the 46th intended President [Tim Kaine]."


  • "They [?] aren't directly connected to Clinton. Rod manipulated that case since 2008 several years under the direction of Clinton & Obama.  They didn't want any investigation or media mentioning Maryland & nuclear because of the Uranium 1 Rosatom & all that stuff. Those players are in that area. So under their orders & working with them for their great Russian reset. Rod manipulated that case & allowed those people to roam free & plan terrorist attacks & didn't do anything about it until just before the election so they would still get credit but by then people had already died in Chattanooga."
  • "It's very criminal & like I mentioned, Rod plays both sides of the street. So he was doing Hillary's & Obama's bidding, allowing people to die. And the one guy still walking around, the aeronautical engineer is the one that started the drone combat in the Middle East & U.S. Troops have died, allies have died & he could have been off the streets years before 2015. I knew about him in 2008."
  • "Things have died down from the Chattanooga shooting. The aeronautical engineer sent those plans overseas through a guy and whales actually, and those were the first drones that were hand built overseas. If you look at pictures of ISIS drones ,AI-Qaeda drones, from a few years ago, you will see that they all resemble each other, no matter what country they're in, only the size varies in a few of the parts that they could get. So because Rod is dirty, but he shut down the investigation on these people, 9 people were killed in Chattanooga, and because the drones were sent overseas, our troops and our allies have been killed, and face that threat because of this guy in Tennessee that Rod let walk away to protect himself and the dirty dealings."
  • "It wasn't until right before the election but they hold Mehn [?] on money transfer and support of ISIS; he got 25 years. I was intimately involved in the investigation and they would only allow me to testify against Mehn by video or previous deposition because I was going to tell them about the other people involved and they would not allow it, Rod would not allow it, so because of Rod our troops face those threats and the people responsible are still walking free in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And that's just one case he's manipulated like that; there are hundreds."
  • "Mohamed Yousef Elshinawy, in jail, 25 years, material support of ISIS. His friend, Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, the electrical engineer who worked in nuclear power plants. His friend, Mohammad (Abdulrazzak) Pirzada, both from Chattanooga. He's the aeronautical engineer, degree from Beijing. He designed the drones that are now killing our people overseas and were intended to be used against power plant in Lusby, Maryland. They are cousins. Their friend, Amir Nasir Muhammad, from Tennessee, but has most of his family in Towson Maryland, just north of Baltimore. He's a chemical engineer. The bomb maker. He and Pirzada still walking free because of Rod. (Newspaper article shared: "Edgewood man pleads guilty to aiding ISIS" – Baltimore Sun)


  • "Go right after Rod, you [he?] was right in the center of it. [He] likes to call himself a lightning rod because you think she [he?] controls everything from the middle."
  • "Altering things was about controlling the narrative as well. A lot of the information that they gathered from this was given too far and governments [?]. Some people were being paid for this. Rod actually refused the money from certain governments; he felt it was too risky and made a trail.  He found out later that some people were accepting that money as if he was accepting it but they were keeping it and running it online to launder it. He was livid because of the exposure [this] gave him."
  • "Rod plays both sides, like I've mentioned. Rod was one of the prosecutors against Clinton's in the Whitewater scandal. he was actually the only one to successfully prosecute someone and send them to prison. He made serious enemies that day and he knows it. On the wall in his office ever since then any office he's had he had a chalk drawing of the court that day. One of the chalk drawings of the people in the courtroom that you see on the news. The drawing from the day of the conviction he has won his won't because as he says that's the day he made enemies. he also is the one who interviewed Hillary for the Rose Law firm paperwork when she was First Lady. So they have quite a history together. Because he has investigated her and prosecuted successfully her friends, he has kept extremely close ties on her legally end mostly in [and?] illegally."
  • "Money flowed into these people from countless sources.  Anything to make a buck. cases were manipulated and different districts to hide things sweetheart deals I have no doubt you'll find things connected because NXIVM is connected to the Clintons, Clinton are connected to Rod, etc."
  • "That's one of the reasons they broke into her [HRC] servers as soon as they did they'd already been keeping tabs on her."
  • "Rod's wife Lisa works for a big law firm [in] DC. That law firm, and his wife, have represented the Clintons, both of them, and the FBI and many other players for years; Lisa has illegally provided all of that to Rod. It's one of the reasons she's under investigation—she helped everything along, she's as guilty as he is."


  • "Let's just say there was a lot of different things landing at Mena Arkansas. The military was using that as well. All of the illegal and clandestine activity through Arkansas is one of the reasons Clinton got his shot at the White House."


  • "They altered the content—sometimes just a single word they altered—classification levels because that affected the filters that Hillary had on her server. A lot of stuff will come out as I said there's investigation and what."


  • "[The] Ohrs are hugely dirty. It's why she [Nellie Ohr] had the short wave radio. People have researched when she got her license but not many have looked through all the other licenses issued around same time for familiar names."
  • "The 'rogue intelligence community' alibi saves Hillary and Obama and others. And allows them to play the victim; 'we trusted people, we appointed them to these powerful positions, and they betrayed our trust.' Dems love playing the victim especially when it gives them an alibi."


  • "It's true. There are movies of Hillary and Huma together in with children I've seen a couple. Huma's husband Weiner is a degenerate [pedophile]—[he likes] boys and girls. They were copying everything as their insurance file. Sean [?] has a copy of the Weiner laptop."
  • "So having heard the video is no big deal as long as Hillary was there and other people [?]. That's where the leverage is. If they released it they could always digitally altered [sic] her face or something. Do you remember talk a few months ago how it was all over the news and how people could alter videos or new software they can make entirely fake videos?  That's when the laptop was leaking out—information about it. They were building their alibi in case it got out, that any video you saw was fake, is altered, wasn't real. That was them setting up, but it didn't come out at that time. It's definitely them, there's no doubt; I mean some of them were very clear. Some were just cell phone videos. Others they must have used an actual camera."


  • "It's complicated; you can't pick Republicans and Dems anymore, it's just good and evil."
  • "Trump is doing what he can but he is set on all sides. Their plans haven't stopped, they're just on hold, and some are still progressing behind the scenes."
  • "That's the level of the coup. It wasn't just for the election. It's why now that Trump was elected, the Dems are spilling their guts, confiscation, ending free speech etc. No more subtlety."
  • "Publicly they work together respectfully; privately they hate each other's guts, but since Rod was an integral part of all of this they had no choice. But Rod took special care, just screw Hillary Clinton over behind the scenes, every chance you could; it's why he was altering emails and other things. It's ongoing; that's why you have senators and congressmen all ranting and raving trying to get their own little agendas out; that's their part of the overall scheme. They're hoping to regain control through Mueller, Russia, whatever. And they're still working towards it, it's ongoing to this day. Find something, anything on Trump and they can be [?]."


  • "I was brought in on all of this as kind of a Clinton expert. Because my history with the clintons goes back to when they were still in Arkansas and I was in the military.
  • "I spent most of my life developing technology, a lot of it weapons-related, somewhere [sic] horrific weapons."
  • "But I am unimportant; only the message means anything now, and I want everyone to understand it and make their own decisions."


  • "I work through the Secret Service quite a bit, more than FBI. My friend, the forensic computer expert, one of two, that did Rod's dirty work and hides their money was Secret Service. They have a very impressive computer system."
  • "I don't know much about that. Only what I've read online and some things discussed the Secret Service. The Secret Service has their own computer intelligence network now and it was uniquely suited for rooting out child p*rn and the people connected to it. Many other agencies FBI et cetera use it for that reason. So I've heard it discussed or discussed a few things but it's really not my area I can't help much there."


  • "All of that can be researched, corroborated, and can go public right now. It would only help everything if it did go public. The menu [sic] today behind everything—my involvement the people I know—that's what I have to keep quiet for now, but the overall plans can be made public so that lots of other people can dig into it uncover things."
  • "I'm working on it as much as I can privately and cooperating with several people we have to do something or we'll all go public."


  • "That's up to you if you want to research it. You can paint the big overall picture but if you start really digging into it it'll bring you up to financing and who these very rich, very powerful interests are backing politically; that's when things can get dangerous. Just be careful; it's virtually ruined us, we're fighting right from the edge."
  • "So you get the full picture [and] understand the interplay I would suggest you read up on each one of those people and how they interconnect, the places they go, the mosques, the history ofthose places. Or you can check Mr. 46th President [Tim Kaine]; he's bought and paid for going way back. It'll give you an overall picture."


This anonymous information was located on the Internet and is shared in the public interest. Dr. Blumenthal has not verified this information. To see the sources, click below. Public domain.

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