Monday, March 2, 2020

3/2/2020: When Satanists Use “It’s Anti-Semitic”

Interesting hat trick where satanists wear Jewish clothes, do bad things, and call any investigation of them antisemitic. 
The ideology of the Jewish satanists is that God failed us and the result was the Holocaust. Therefore we will do better than Him. 
What is false is to blame every problem that ever existed on the Jews, or to have double standards. 
The problem for the religious Jew is that the satanists' behavior has in fact been helpful to us. Now what do we do? 
Sorry you don't like the word "satanist." So say "God optional." 
If we look at the world as adults, and not as children, we stop needing everything to be black and white. 
The question becomes, how have anti-God forces USED Jewish religion, culture and history as a WEAPON? 
How have the satanists, in their quest to overthrow God, made it impossible to dislodge them without destroying the Jews ourselves? 
How have the satanists made it impossible to hold them accountable...what topics and which people are considered taboo?

It is time to go there.

P.S. ‪Interestingly in the Bible, God, the forefathers, and the prophets chastise the people endlessly for sin...nobody calls them “anti-Semitic.”‬
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal all opinions are the authors own. Public domain.