Saturday, March 21, 2020

3/21/2020: Thoughts on the current situation

We are dealing with mass panic which means mob psychology has kicked in. This is the kind of environment where you start to see disinformation campaigns (sow division), people turning against each other, (frayed tempers), looting (petty crime), and God forbid worse. That's why the military is visibly out.

As far as Q, I think the campaign is a Trump experiment and it has by and large worked. Most people are suspicious enough now that they are at least able to consider that widespread corruption WITH AN AIM OF OVERTHROWING AMERICA was really happening, and this administration stepped up to stop it.

The problem however is that the COVID19 response has taken on two different and possibly mutually exclusive meanings. Either it is a real disease response (which seems questionable) or it is a cover for a military mobilization to maintain social order while some sort of deep state active phase takedown occurs.

If President Trump sticks with the former, he has to justify it, and he has been vague. I just don't see the data justifying this response. If anything it should be the elderly who stay home and most others, who are low risk, go out and about their business. Many think the virus already came and went last year, for the most part.

If President Trump admits the latter, openly, BEFORE there are mass arrests, then there will be a hell storm of criticism.

My guess is that there will be (as others said) a period of discomfort, most likely through mid to late April.

There will not be sufficient communication. This is probably to protect sources and methods or whatever they call it. (I think the public needs more communication about logistics right now.)

And then we will see the announcement of some sort of mass vaccination, finding or cure.

After that, a few weeks, then arrests.


I think some people will worship idols because they seek idols. To them, Q is a false god.

I do believe the religious approach is right, to put God front and center.

I do not believe that President Trump/Q is promoting a "false utopia" point of view — mainly because we co-create our world with God. If we decide to unite, Messiah comes quicker and nicely.

There is no such thing as preprogrammed disaster. God is merciful and always looks to us to repent. He did not create us for the sake of pain.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.