Thursday, February 6, 2020

Twitter Headlines As Part Of A Propaganda Machine

Yesterday, February 5, 2020, President Trump was acquitted in his fraudulent impeachment trial. But instead of admitting defeat, the antigovernment propaganda machine went into overdrive and produced a "top headline," "Trump's acquittal spurs protests across the US," that was anything but real news.

We know this because ordinary people, across social media platforms and in conversation, were talking not so much about impeachment as the horrendous, shameful spectacle of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripping up her copy of the President's State of the Union speech just after he spoke. 

One Democrat from California, known as a radically leftist state, called into C-SPAN to express her fury, and to say that she and her entire family would "never, ever" vote Democrat again.

"I agree wholeheartedly with the other callers. I am a Democrat as well. No longer will I vote Democrat.  I think it's outrageous that they sat there when all these good things are happening to our country, And we love our country and they looked like they hated our country. Nancy Pelosi the whole time she's sitting up there she has this disgusting look on her face. It's outrageous I will never vote Democrat again. And I'm sick of it and my whole family feels the same way. My husband my friends are sitting here all former Democrats, we all voted for Hillary last time. Therefore never, ever will we vote Democrat again."

Whatever their differences—he had refused to shake her hand immediately prior, due to her role in facilitating false accusations against him—that speech was about his hopes and dreams for the American people.

Even if you argue that his speech was full of lies, it is one thing to respond to those lies after the speech, but a significant escalation for the Speaker to disrespect the Office of the Presidency in such a serious way. 

In any case, there were no doubt protests about the acquittal, but the real story was the acquittal itself and the anger of Americans across the board about the viciously unfair (to put it mildly) way the President has been treated by Establishment politicians and intellectuals, the media, and Hollywood as well.

The user of Twitter is bombarded by anti-Trump propaganda daily on its official platform, whereas pro-Trump voices are regularly suspended from the platform for the flimsiest of reasons. 

For example, take the story of James O'Keefe, whose journalistic organization, Project Veritas, revealed that the Sanders campaign employs Communists who hide their true intentions. One said he would throw dissenters into the "gulag." Another said the campaign deliberately hides its extremism.

This is obviously critical information for Americans to have as we select a President. No other media organization will investigate or publicize it. Yet O'Keefe was removed from Twitter the other day, on the pretext that he had revealed personal information about another individual. 

Yet that information was only a correction to a Washington Post news story—minimizing the Veritas revelations—which claimed that campaign workers were just volunteers.

And that is just one incident.

Twitter runs obviously suggestive, rather than objective, headlines daily. The views are politically leftist, as Twitter employees previously admitted, also revealed by Veritas. This is an ongoing political marketing campaign masquerading as coverage of actual trends across the Nation.

One might say that Twitter is a privately traded company that can run any headline it wants. But then again, what is the source of all these supposed protests? Are they all organic? Or another well-funded opportunity for an optic?

These are nebulous questions. You can't ask them with any hope of getting to an objective answer. Sure there are many who absolutely hate President Trump all on their own. And just as surely there is a visibly coordinated effort among people of prominence to demonize the President as a vile, racist, exit, greedy and mentally unstable dictator.

From my perspective, false Twitter headlines are a manifestation of a form of abuse of the population that has the same pattern characteristics as extreme domestic abuse. For example, President's avowed enemies hate and threaten the people but claim to love them. 

They shame and brand as a "racist" anyone who dissents from them. This includes the people who stood up a website, "Racist Watch," to encourage others to look up anyone who donated money to the President.

This group even include a member of Congress, Maxine Waters, encouraging attacks on the President and his officials. 

Some even wear black masks, and protest and attack the police, as we saw in New York City recently. 

Unfortunately, these people — not the President's supporters —are violent, dangerous, and will say or do anything to make us "come home." It's a trick.

When the enslaved Jews were liberated from Egypt, they were deeply conflicted. It took a whole generation to cleanse the slave thinking out of them.
We must run from the clutches of those murderous liars — even as they try to "sweet talk."

We must find a way to liberate the young people they have hypnotized.
President Trump represents a strong, benevolent father figure who can take on the cabal and it is precisely this which triggers them.
The worst thing of all is that the mind control tactics being used on the young people involve total substitution of fantasy for reality. Total. 

They cannot fathom what it will truly cost them to be "socialist."

They don't have evidence as to why Trump is supposedly "bad."
We can break through the programming but it is going to require commitment over a period of many, many years.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.