Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Jewish People Must Eradicate Child Sex Trafficking

I thought a lot today about the notion that child trafficking is a secret cancer that has glued together the world's leaders for a very long time.
I mean there's all sorts of bad things the world's elite have gotten involved in, but hurting kids and in particular in this way is by far the most horrific.
When I first heard this said, years ago, a part of me just did not believe it. Now I do.
The issue I think was that the world was simply bad. The race to survive was a race to the bottom. If you didn't do it the others would. And this was the operating principle.
In terms of Israel this is detectable in two seconds of being here. They had pogroms and the Holocaust over here, and murderous raping Arabs over there, and doors slammed shut pretty much everywhere. Desperation.
The United States I don't understand as well. Like I don't understand exactly how the elites developed. I do get that the CIA was the Nazis. They didn't just bring them. They *were* them.
I get that it was historically survive or die for Israel and America pulled the strings. And that Israel quickly learned. And pulled strings of its own. That other countries swam in the same waters. Sharks.
Being here in Israel it is painful for me to see young kids carrying guns as soldiers. I would like to see them not have to identify so young with the ethos of survive or die.
I truly believe that a big step toward Middle East peace would happen if Israel would admit and renounce any part of child trafficking, like with Epstein, and enabling Weinstein (Black Cube), and the problem of pedos hiding out here.
Similarly the religious must make it a priority to rout these bastards from within their midst.
To me this is obvious. It is what God requires. Child trafficking is a grievous sin punishable by death. When someone says they can survive and thrive and ignore God, they're wrong.
I think the children here in Israel need to learn God, and that guns are only a means to an end that God has already ordained.
To renounce the stock in trade of intelligence agencies is to be a Godly nation and not just another state, one that happens to be "Jewish" in nature.
mentions is renouncing. He is being attacked from all sides doing it. But it's happening. And he is making world peace. For this reason I believe him to be the anointed Mashiach (Messiah) Ben Yosef. The first one (of two).
As Americans and as religious people (of all religions) we must lift our voices in prayer and verse and demand justice for the children. We can do it and it matters.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.