Sunday, February 9, 2020

Remembering the Warning from Dave Hodges

Do any of you remember when Dave Hodges talked about Walmarts as holding pens...and schoolbuses used to round up kids...and he said don't let your kids get on the bus?
And he talked about the border invasion, north and south. Foreign military on our soil. UN takeover.
Dave talked about the homeless disappearing. Not sure if it was him who talked about the barges with homeless people on them - never heard from again.
Remember the hurricane when Bush was President - New Orleans - everyone pushed into the stadium.
And now with this virus - we have no information - just images of men in white coats with guns - people flinging themselves onto the road.
I have to wonder if the images are fake. And we are being conditioned for roundups.
Think about it. China is not known to the West. It is closed in the way that Russia and Iran are. What news are we actually getting?
China is also where Muslims are being rounded up and imprisoned by the millions in concentration camps. But Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib say almost nothing. Why aren't they campaigning day and night?
Either they don't care. Possible. Or it's a story designed to condition us to mass roundups, mass indoctrination of children, and separation of child from parent.
I know you're thinking that there are real stories in real news about real people, but my question is really - how would we validate any of this?
Separately we know that Hollywood narratives are used to tell us about things that are unpleasant, or to accustom us to a future problem...what is the bleed between production and news?
The way CBP/DHS/ICE was portrayed as "Nazis"

The way Hamas sets up victim propaganda for the cameras

We have all seen the terrorist-induced "confessions" and beheadings

These seem designed to traumatize US into believing a false reality.
Think about
"Faith precedes the victory"
When we collectively project faith upward, the healing comes down
Trauma creates anger (hate directed outward) and depression (hate directed inward) - preventing healing
This is why the cabal seeks to keep us permanently traumatized - hurting ourselves, hurting each other, unable to connect or stay anywhere close to faith
This goes back to last night but — their supposed power comes from concentrated meditation leveraging the fear, hate, and greed of their followers
The followers intimidate you and me, and so they roll over us and take more and more
I believe they set up false or exaggerated trauma stories ("news" - "if it bleeds, it leads") - because THE STORIES THEMSELVES KEEP US INCAPACITATED
In the same way that saying "bad is good and good is bad" keeps us confused.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.