Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Nahariya and “Epps”: Israel Travel Diary for Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Dispatch From #Israel. Tuesday, February 11, 2020. 

Start with a good breakfast. Basically their most outstanding meal of the day. 

Today we took the train. 
Destination: #Nahariya way up north. Image
Nahariya is on the water. Image
It has a lot of great shopping. 
The strawberries are enormous. You can see the sign on the vendor stand in Hebrew. It's a reference to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (from Ukraine), a revered mystic of the 18th c. who believed in retreat into nature, personal meditation, and song as a means to access spirituality. Image
This part was discouraging. O please someone invent a really nice restroom for travelers. Image
And even that access was fortunate. The cappuccino shop guy first lied and said there was no bathroom and then I got 2 coffees. So he had mercy. Image
If it's a Tuesday, there must be occult advertising somewhere. Image
This made me grimace. Image
This too. She is stylized to look childlike. Most people still do not see this. Image
I liked the music shop even if I did not understand it. Image
The '90s - how innocent we were. Image
This and that. Image
Friendly Judaica shop. Red bracelets with the anti evil eye symbol. Image
Israelis are really good at using windows and walls for art. Sort of reminds me of Miami. Image
Stepping back to the train. On the way there, a soldier sat with us with his gun. I was scared and reassured at the same time. Image
If you travel and don't bring your iPod from 2005...why? Image
Working backward again. The train station. You line up and put your stuff through for security. People are aggressive - if they only have a phone they'll just put it down, get it scanned, and go around you. Image
Generally in Israel you have to be assertive bordering on aggressive.
Today I asked the concierge for help to find directions to a certain place. 

He told me to "get the epp" 

This means app.
The mall is nice but they will walk right past you to get by. There is not the American concept of a very large social distance. Image
Their food however is fresh beyond belief. These are Purim (religious holiday) pastries. Image
Everything is very fresh, tasty and artfully presented. The pesto was so good, but coupled with the olive spread and the tomato paste it is sublime. Image
Israelis are always very immersed in either deep thought, deep conversation or deep work. Image
This was a ship in Haifa, which we saw from the train. I am always looking at the visual symbols. Image
Last thing, and I wish I had a picture for it - Israelis always seem to be inventing something out of nothing. Like the way they grow things...on a very small plot of land, very studiously and in an organized and scientific manner.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain. Photos by the author.