Thursday, February 13, 2020

I Love Judaism and Israel, and am a Zionist. We Can Handle The Truth.

Chuck Schumer mentioned by Q yesterday (Feb. 12, 2020). Reading the talking points and mentioning "far right conspiratorial writer who has no credibility." Let's go back and take a look at something. Image
Feb. 4, 2017 - an alleged anonymous agent with the FBI is quoted here.…

"the Clinton Foundation had and has deep ties to a network of pedophiliacs. Its now slowly coming to light with the new revelations regarding Epstein and Weiner. There is lots more to come." — remember this was 3 years ago.

"There is furious push back to not make arrests. There are internal and nefarious forces attempting to thwart the operation. The cesspool called DC is one big extortion arena."

"Our politicians are either being extorted for being pedophiles, or they are in the pocket of Bankers, Big Oil, Israel or Saudi Arabia. If Israel and the Saudis can no longer extort politicians for their sexual deviance, where do they make their money and wield their influence?"

"If bankers cannot stop the destruction of their puppet politicians, how do they keep the "fix" in place?"

"Our alphabet agencies are compromised. Our homeland security and defense apparatus has become politically corrupted. How can we stand by while our powerful leaders impose law on one hand, and sexually abuse our children with another?"

"So, is PizzaGate connected to the West Coast."

"There is serious may want to look into CES, and also NP and see if that politician has any Pizzadust on their shoes."

"Q. Nancy Pelosi?
A No comment"

"Q Can you provide some more initials of politicians being investigated?
A Sure BF, MB, TK, DF, JM, LG"

"There are also journalists, pundits, money men, lobbyists. Many are being tracked down and are about to be exposed, arrested, drained. Some may off themselves when they realize they risk prison, ruination, loss of power, etc."

"Q: Can you tell us where active Political pedorings in America exist now?
A In every state. The main concentration is in the East and in the West. In the East, NYC, the resort towns, and of course DC. Out west, Hollywood, Beverly Hills,Napa Valley, Marin County."

"It's covered up. Law Enforcement takes their orders from the DC power brokers. AG's, police chiefs, etc are ordered to cover up the Pedophile rings and their players."

"Law Makers are allowed to be Law Breakers, because they create the law and rule over those that enforce the law. We believe that the NOBODY is above the law."

"Q: But why go to a public forum like 4chan?
A Because we need the American people to join in this fight."

"Do you want our children targeted, raped, damaged? Do we want our politicians belonging to some Saudi, or some Israeli extortionist? Do we want our politicians to be owned by Goldman Sachs?"

"Do you want your daughter to end up alone with a Jeffery Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, or Anthony Wiener?"

"Q Is Wiener connected to the upcoming arrests of 30 high profile politicians?
A Yes, and more directly, Wiener was part of ring that includes his mentor." 

"Ultimately, we are looking at close to 30% of the political spectrum."

Here are links to other articles tagged "FBI Anon" from Victurus Libertas. 

Sept. 25, 2016…

The bottom line from all this is that things are pretty bad. I believe this person is telling the truth.

Things look different to me now than they did three years ago. I now understand that the world has historically been run by mafiosi.

I think people should read these interviews as a supplement to what Q, @NSA_QIL2, and Robert David Steele are saying.

When you look at a combination of sources, as opposed to only one, you get a better picture.

Speaking as a Jew who deeply loves Judaism and the Holy Land of Israel, and who is a Zionist, I disavow the corruption mentioned here. I do not think facing it will lead to a war or pogroms, that is BS to prevent truth.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.