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Who Else Wears The Ring? (Soleimani's ring) - unedited thread 1/11/2020

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Who else wears the ring?
(Sorry folks there is more info)
Oprah Winfrey wearing a ring with the red oval stone. Heavy stone, similar to Soleimani.
Tom Hanks, heavy ring, large stone. It looks oval. It could be the same red color, or another dark color.
Hassan Rouhani, left hand, large oval stone, heavy and dark.
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Ring on the right hand
Heavy stone
John Podesta
Left hand
Red oval
Somewhat different design - flat, not heavy
Rings show that you are part of the fraternity, literally.…
Hillary Clinton, left hand
Also some sort of hand gesture
Schwarzenegger’s ring. I am not sure this counts.
This is weird. “President George W. Bush sports an oversized championship ring as the stands with Midshipman Jeremy Chase of the US Naval Academy football team during the presentation of the Commander-in-Chief Trophy to in the Rose Lawn” April 25, 2006…
Hanks and Oprah, both with the rings, together in another photo with a lot of weird elements. Notice the hot dog and hamburger clock (it’s redundant, there are two), the black eye, and “I am not allowed to talk!”
The ring alone isn’t enough. But it is interesting to explore this path of thinking - jewelry used as a secret symbol, not just as a delightful accessory or amulet.
Sean Combs /1
Sean Combs /2
The red stone over and over again on the Queen cannot be a coincidence.
Images matter. Patterns matter. “Symbols rule the world.”
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Freemasons ring
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