Tuesday, January 21, 2020

"Tour of Duty" Ending (Active Citizen Investigation Phase) Unedited Thread 1/21/2020

I can feel this time coming to an end. Revelations soon. I am no longer needed in the role of citizen investigator. Will be watching and supporting our great Patriots. 
Well this probably needs a little more explanation. Okay. 
Here is a story that perfectly encapsulates the situation. From today. 
I was headed home. 
I walked up the steps to the train and stood on the platform in some random spot. 
As I am standing and waiting I am scanning the news (Twitter) to find out what's happening. 
Someone I know very well was standing directly in front of me. I did not see them. 

All I saw was 
It is not that I am addicted to Twitter. I mean I am, but that is not the thing. 
It is that for nearly 4 (40? 80? 100?) years some *REALLY BAD PEOPLE* have been trying to overthrow our country WITH INTENSITY. 
It took me nearly 2 years to ask the question, "Am I crazy?" and definitively conclude that I am not. 

But the problem is, when you realize this, the corollary is that SOME REALLY BAD PEOPLE ARE MAKING THEIR MOVE! 
It's like yesterday. I didn't want to be writing about the gun rally. But I could feel the narrative surging....didn't want anyone to get hurt....tried to warn of danger, tried to help a bit.

Yet things were already handled.

Thank God. 
Last year someone close to me was getting scared because the Resistance was taking photos of federal employees outside of work. 

I was fighting with the Federal Communicators Network, with people who called me names and really thought we were running concentration camps! 
I got blocked by them, and then kicked out, after being their Chair. That's nuts.

I got kicked off of Medium.

And almost kicked off of Zazzle for tagging my mugs #QAnon. (They let me back after I untagged them.) 
I have spent years reading about horrific things that I can't and don't want to research. Like, CAN NOT. 
But we all did that together because it was so it or else face extinction. 
*do it 
I felt in my heart that I also had a question which had to be answered. The basic question we all have - WTF is going on? 
And now...not only are Patriots in control (they always were, but it's a tipping point) but I have the answer to that question. 
There really is a cult of satanic rot and it's been removed and it's being removed. 
Now it is time to step back and process. 

And watch. 

There are going to be millions who tell their stories now. 
The sequel to the first book is done. I have to add some stuff but it's done. 
That, and some other projects...they are on the way. But I need to stop and do more long form writing. 

(Believe me I want to procrastinate and research how the China virus may have been planted.) 
It's not that I plan to leave Twitter or go silent. But the frantic nature of the research, the moment by moment type thing where it feels like imminent disaster - thank God, that phase (tour of duty in combat zone) seems over. 
Thank you for reading.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own and do not necessarily represent the views of her employer or any other organization or entity. The author hereby releases this article into the public domain.