Sunday, January 12, 2020

The "Red Thread" Continues (Soleimani's ring) - unedited thread 1/11/2020

The "red thread" continues.
Yes, we're studying the same old thing. 
Thank you to those who share tips. 
For this part of the thread we are examining the symbolism of that ring Soleimani wore. While acknowledging it is a traditional aqeeq ring, we also acknowledge that a message was sent with its broadcasting, that symbols have meaning, and the red stoned ring is one. 
Thus far we've established that a weird merger of Christianity and Islam is proposed by the cabal which is orchestrating all this in its attempt to reverse all things holy and call it religion. It is anti-religion, anti-Christ, wholly evil. 
We've established that they manufacture consent, and that once you are perceived to have given it, they perceive that they own you, and proceed to act along those lines to maintain possession. 
We've established that there is something about the ring, about "kissing the ring," that denotes fealty, but with these folks it is the master-slave kind rather than the love of a husband and wife, or of human and God, because remember they seek to take God's throne. 
I include these threads in "Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State" because Jewish tradition teaches that in the time of the Messiah we (the Jews) will have to fight three sides of the triangle (reminiscent of Q), and this all fits in to the discussion -- 
The three sides of the triangle are the "Erev Rav" (the "mixed multitude," Jews who present as moral but who are amoral); "Edom" (NOT Christianity but the worship of the material/physical world); and "Yishmael" (NOT all Muslims, but rather ONLY radicalized extremists) 
Broadly speaking, the Christian notion of the "Antichrist," meaning the figure who will substitute himself for the true redeemer, fits in well with this discussion. 
With all that being said, I have a lot to throw at you, and so I hope that you will forgive me if it seems a bit all over the place. 
Paper money intact? In a fire?
But all over the place, they made sure that we had photos of his dead hand, prominently showing the ring he used to boastfully flash.

That is a trophy photo.
Just like in hunting.
We therefore know that the ring was more than "just a ring," and that it was significant enough to the U.S. to make sure we saw it desecrated. 
"The Lord of the Rings"

Lord is another way of saying "master," derived from the original meaning, "God."…
"The title of the novel refers to the story's main antagonist, the Dark Lord Sauron, who had in an earlier age created the One Ring to rule the other Rings of Power as the ultimate weapon in his campaign to conquer and rule all of Middle-earth." 
Again this is not original. I thank the people who send me tips. 
Let me now do a short brain dump of all the notes to myself I was scrawling before.

Heads of the cabal or top initiates (theory):
Nancy Pelosi
Sheila Jackson lee
Hillary Clinton
John Podesta
Qasam Soleimani

Like - the ring is a trophy you win through successfully casting spells 
Connection to Priestly Breastplate: "These stones were, at times, used to determine God’s will in a particular situation (see Exodus 28:30)."…
Notions that stones possess independent powers of protection, etc. 
Remember that idol-worship began as the worship of perceived intermediaries to God (the celestial bodies) before people began to see these as having independent power. 
The notion of reversal, that whatever is Godly (prime example sacred relationship between man and wife) must be reversed/defiled.

E.g., Seal of Solomon had Godly power to assist the people (he could summon both angels and demons).

"They" just want power. 
The term "blood diamond" 
Mafia-blood-killing-loyalty to the crime lord not to God/morality
"Since at least the middle ages it has been a tradition for Catholics meeting the Pope to show their devotion by kissing the ring"…
"For the first time ever, a blood red flag is being flown over the famous Jamkaran Mosque in the Iranian “holy city” of Qom. If you have not see it yet, you can watch it."

Why are they doing that? 
The vicious fires in California, and in Australia, recently, have turned the skies "blood red"… 
Again, a tip: Agate:

"(p. 70) “Persian and Arab amulets are made of agate and carnelian because of the magical power which was believed to exist in these stones…”

from Amulets and Superstitions
E.A. Wallis Budge… 
(p. 137) “The TJET,....An amulet which was commonly made of some red substance, e.g. red jasper, red glass, red wood, red porphyry, red porcelain, and carnelian, or sand, or reddish agate ; examples in solid gold are known, and in gilded stone." 
"The Tjet is a conventional form or the genital organs of the goddess Isis (see BUDGE, Osiris, vol. i. p 276; vol. ii. p. 280), and it was supposed to bring to the wearer, living or dead, the virtue of the blood of lsis.”

(p. 291) Chapter “The Ring Amulet”

(p. 295) from Genesis: ring as a transfer of authority; pledge

(p. 472)“Contracts with the Devil” 
p. 354 "The Evil Eye"

“Moreover, every language, both ancient and modern, contains a word or expression which is the equivalent of “Evil Eye.” (the color red as protection) 
I have to stop this for now. I think we get the point.
Red ring with the prominent stone can be an amulet.
It can also signify occupation of some higher order in the bloody cabal. 
Next up - caves. Remind me - the cave of Machpelah in this week's Torah portion, and the underground cave (reversal) at Epstein Island. Underground tunnels. Underground military basis. Military experiments. Occult worship. 
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.