Thursday, January 2, 2020

Analysis: The Monsey Attack Is Connected To Others

A "Hate Crime" That Doesn't Match The Label

Grafton E. Thomas supposedly hated Jews - targeted a Jewish home full of Hanukkah celebrants, adjacent to a synagogue, said "no one is leaving," started stabbing wildly, and "had a journal filled with anti-Semitic sentiments." 

Conveniently, in light of the recent Jersey City terror attack just about 2 weeks prior, also against ultra-Orthodox Jews, and also supposedly committed by a Black Hebrew Israelite, Thomas' supposed personal journal also had "references to the Black Hebrew Israelite group."

And yet Thomas did not seem to know why exactly he should hate the Jews: "On his phone, officers allegedly found searches for “Why did Hitler hate the Jews” on Nov. 9, Dec. 3, Dec. 7, and Dec. 6."

Thomas, who had in some way been connected to the military (removed from Marines boot camp for "fraudulent enlistment") as well as struggled with a "long history" of mental illness, allegedly drove 20 miles south from his home in Greenwood Lake, New York, committed the stabbing, and then drove into Manhattan.

Unless we find out who is really behind this crime, we won't be able to adequately protect people.

Larger Connections

There is also the odd connection between the name Grafton E. Thomas and the hometown of the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter - Thomas Grafton. (See other details linking the Monsey Shooting, the church shooting one day later, and Christchurch.)

Name-As-Message Analysis

With the above in mind, I did an amateur analysis* of 10 well-known mass attacks in recent years, all during the Trump administration. What I found was that the main names associated with all of the following attacks seem carefully chosen, or at least to have some sort of message-link to the crime.
  1. Charlottesville
  2. Vegas
  3. Parkland
  4. Jacksonville Landing
  5. Tree of Life
  6. Christchurch
  7. Poway
  8. Jersey City
  9. Monsey
  10. West Freeway Church of Christ 
Detail about each appears below.

1) Charlottesville, 8/12/2017

James Alex FIELDS

"Organizers' stated goals included...opposing proposed removal of the statue of General *ROBERT E. LEE*"

Lee, after serving as CO in the 7 Days Battles, "remained in *FIELD* command for the duration of the war."'s_Civil_War_battles

2) Vegas - 10/1/17


A PADDOCK is a "a small field or enclosure where horses are kept or exercised"

The victims were in A SMALL FIELD OR ENCLOSURE - the country music festival grounds - when shot from above.

3) Parkland - 2/14/18

Nikolas Cruz, AKA "Nikolas *De Jesus* Cruz"

De Jesus - "of Jesus"

Implies using Jesus as a weapon to attack Jewish kids: "up to 40%" of students are Jewish.

4) Jacksonville Landing - 8/26/18

David Katz

Katz = acronym -->Kohen Tzedeq (כּ״ץ) = "priest of justice"


KATZ SURNAME genealogy project
A collection of genealogical profiles related to KATZ SURNAME

5) Tree of Life - 10/27/18


BOWER means "a pleasant shady place under TREES."

6) Christchurch - 3/15/19


As other have already pointed out, the 12/29/19 shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ was in TARRANT County.

7) Poway - 4/27/19

John Timothy Earnest

John and Timothy are both books of the New Testament (apologies if "book" is not the right term).

8) Jersey City - 12/10/19

David Nathaniel Anderson


9) Monsey - 12/28/19

Grafton E. Thomas

As others have pointed out, Grafton, Australia = home of B. Tarrant (Christchurch)

10) West Freeway Church of Christ - 12/29/19

Keith Thomas Kinnunen

KTK = Kernel Tool Kit

"The kernel manages the system resources, including file systems, processes, and physical devices."

  • The purpose here is to do a narrative of the name that is most publicly connected with each crime and not to impute guilt that may not be there (e.g. it's not a journalistic investigation). 
  • The analysis does not in any way diminish the horror of these tragedies. The purpose is to ask whether there may be an unseen connecting thread between them. 
  • The bias of the researcher (me) is that there IS a connection, and this should be taken into account. (Perhaps I am seeing something that is not there, because I want to.) 
  • Of course the list is not intended to include all possible relevant events that occurred within this time period.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.