Wednesday, January 1, 2020

On the Last Day of 2019

Since it’s the last day of 2019, I thought it might be interesting to relate tidbits of conversation relevant to public awareness. 
#1, we are winning the war for narrative control, and this is all-important.
#2, “our side” (which consists of an alliance for neutral truth) wins when we have any opportunity to talk to people with open minds. Even slightly open. 
#3, the corollary, is that the only way “the other side” (evil) can win is by controlling all self-expression (including thought) such that falsehood is substituted for reality. 
Falsehood substitution consists for example of the mainstream media calling murderous Hezbollah militia fighters “mourners.”

These “mourners” today stormed the U.S. embassy in Iraq, set on fire, tried to climb inside, and would have murdered or kidnapped everyone inside. 
Anyway, it happens that none of us could sleep last night. The tension was very high on the air.

Tidbit of conversation: I mentioned my belief that “this is sorcery, because they are desperate.”

“I just want to go to sleep,” was the reply. 
I turned to a Tweet from James Comey. Very oddly worded, it sounded like a message or a code. 
A few hours later I wake up to find out that the US embassy is under attack. And perhaps it is my own cognitive bias, but there seemed a parallel between Comey saying “get off my lawn” and Hezbollah storming the gates. 
The Tweets from people who have decided to “learn their comms” are issued in a kind of shorthand.

There is a lot of knowing eyeball-rolling type of talk.

We’ve been here before.

Not again. 
The Monsey stabber turns out to be a mentally ill man released from the Marines. You could practically hear half the Internet: “MK-Ultra! Of course!” 
Even the most diehard anti-“conspiracy theory” stalwarts take a second look at the Starbucks cup upon which someone provided the following name: “Epstein Was Murdered.”

This, in a progressive liberal stronghold!
There is another conversation about a dinner party, we attended, where Godly matters were discussed and Godly rituals observed.

The bad energies strike not long after that. An infant has a seizure and is rushed to the ER. Half the family takes ill from a crazy, awful virus. 
Another one, but I have to make this vague. 
A situation comes up, and someone has an over-reaction that can only be described as “triggered.” 
It occurs to me that “triggering,” or “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” is the psychological symptoms evoked when truth breaks through the shell of falsehood. 
In other words, to be “triggered” is, perversely, a sign of mental capacity. It shows that your brain is still somewhat functioning. 
If the formerly brainwashed or mind-controlled person survives the fit emotionally, they may stand a chance of coming around to health - of being deprogrammed. 
The term “gaslighting” applies to abuse victims. It’s the process whereby the predator convinces them that nothing is wrong; or that they in fact are the ones at fault. 
We, the believers in truth, have been gaslit, marginalized, punished, silenced, and penalized for so long it has come to seem almost normal. 
But I remember other times. Perhaps not better, but not as blatant at all in terms of the brainwashing. 
And I was talking to someone about those times today. This person completely anti-Trump.

Something was different in the conversation. The end of it was each of us saying, with conviction: 
“In exactly one year, if we are still alive, God willing, you will say that I was right.” 
Happy 2020 :-)
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By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.