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Netanyahu: Do The Right Thing, Or Resign

What happened to the #Israel that went back for Eichmann??????? We do not SACRIFICE innocent children for money dipped in BLOOD! 
“The British teen, who MailOnline has decided not to identify, is now facing up to a year in jail will be sentenced on January 7.” 
“Mother of British teenager who was convicted of lying about Cyprus 'gang-rape' says her traumatised daughter suffers hallucinations triggered by 'foreign men speaking loudly'” 
“President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades (right) will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Athens on Thursday to sign off on a $6bn gas pipeline deal” 
“her condition is deteriorating” 
Drop all charges against the alleged rape victim in Cyprus. - Sign the Petition! via @Change 
"The woman...insists she was held down and raped by 12 Israeli youths at a budget hotel in Ayia Napa in July." 
"Ten days later she was hauled back in for questioning without a lawyer, and says police forced her to sign a fake retraction and charged her with causing ‘public mischief’." 
"In Israel, where public opinion initially swung behind the 12 teenage boys accused of sexually assaulting the British girl at a down-at-heel Ayia Napa hotel, sympathy for their plight is rapidly running out" 
These are not boys.Image
"the judge...said she made up the rape in revenge for being filmed without her consent." 
"Her friend...found her ‘distraught’ and terrified that the ‘Israeli boys were coming for her’ after she managed to escape the room" 
"Usually if something is fake they are not calling their parents to inform them. But she was calling her parents." - doctor 
"the young woman was so traumatised that she ‘chewed the skin on her fingers’ constantly during their interview" 
"A mother has told how her daughter was raped in Cyprus and made to retract her statement in a case that bears striking similarities" 
"Helen from Milton Keynes, said her daughter Sarah was raped while on holiday at the age of 20. But she ended up going to prison for ‘wasting police time’ after she was persuaded to withdraw her statement." 
" Her alleged rapist was allowed to go home following the assault 15 years ago." 
"he was begging and saying how sorry he was and he’d got carried away. The police heard all this, but they decided it was my daughter that was lying – not him.’" 
"Israel is sickened by their arrogance" - ISRAEL DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!! YOU ARE THE HOLY LAND, PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING 
"How country has turned on the 12 teenage boys accused of sexually assaulting a British girl at a down-at-heel Ayia Napa hotel after their vile admissions of debauchery" 
"In Israel, where public opinion initially swung behind the 12 teenage boys accused of sexually assaulting the British girl at a down-at-heel Ayia Napa hotel, sympathy for their plight is rapidly running out."
"No longer viewed as a group of wronged innocents, there has been an outpouring of revulsion at the part this group of boys — aged between 16 and 19 — played in the deeply disturbing events that took place in room 723" 
"3 of them readily admit that they had sex with the then 18-year-old British teen." 
"Others admit watching and filming the revolting spectacle on their phones." 
Dear girl, do not cry.
The Lord hears you.
The people hear you.
Hang on.Image
"One even appeared on national TV, describing the events of that night with the cavalier air of a youngster recalling a trip to a holiday theme park, provoking revulsion and shame among audiences." 
"What is rapidly becoming clear is that, consent or no consent, these boys behaved like a pack of feral animals, dragging Israel’s reputation into the mire. And for a country where religion and family play a central role in shaping culture and lifestyle, that is unforgivable." 
A team of Israeli journalists went to Cyprus to interview the victim


"and are convinced she is telling the truth" 
"without question" 
"She bites her fingernails...'gets stuck'...goes into a world from which she needs to be woken up.’" 
"Amid hugely distasteful scenes at Ben-Gurion Airport, some were filmed, wearing traditional kippah caps, cracking open bottles of champagne and chanting ‘the Brit is a wh**e’." 
"the accused teenagers’ families have connections with the Israeli establishment which, in turn, has close strategic and commercial ties to the government in Nicosia" 
According to her, it started out consensual, but "3 days later...his drunken friends burst in and took it in turns to sexually assault her while holding her down." 
the Israeli media has a leak of the recording during which one of them is "telling the girl in Hebrew, ‘You’re my wh**e. Say you’re my wh**e.’" 
Her friend: "When I saw her she was covered with bruises.’" 
An activist stands on the victim's behalf.
Rape is ugly.Image
The Israeli teens were "bragging they were going to ‘do orgies’ with her" before the attack (witness) 
12 arrested
3 admit "consensual" sex
DNA for others
Phone footage for others 
One idiot showed the film to a detective as if to argue that it portrayed consent. He then went on Israeli TV.

Do you know what he said? 
"‘The things I saw there were completely routine in my eyes. Sodom and Gomorrah is what goes on there....I felt it was OK, it was legitimate. I didn’t see any problem." 
"The father of one of the boys is a close adviser to Moshe Leon, the mayor of Jerusalem." 
"The Israeli minister for ‘regional co-operation’ has said that he too is close friends with the parents of two of the boys." 
" On Thursday, just days after the teen’s guilty verdict was delivered, the leaders of Cyprus and Israel met to sign a billion-dollar gas ‘EastMed’ pipeline deal in Athens, further emphasising their close ties." 
The daughter of a British lawyer writes like this?Image
Not the way she would write:
* "The report I did on the 17th of July"
* "Not the truth"
* "Appartment"
* "I discovered them"
* "Doing sexual intercourse" 
(The above per language analysis) 
"'Roni Daniel mocks a victim of gang rape, and with an arrogant and violent slip of the tongue says that a woman who willingly entered a sexual relationship with a certain person is permitted to all the rest,' said the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel." 
Despite her bruises, judge Michalis Papathanasiou said: "There was no rape, or violence" 
“An essential element of the offence is for there to be a ‘false statement concerning an imaginary offence’ and therefore, clearly if the teenager was raped, she cannot be guilty.” - Michael Polak, lawyer, Justice Abroad (he is assisting the victim) 
The buck stops with the leader. 
When Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas, we cried for his torture and we counted the days until he was returned home. A shell of what he had been but alive.

We are dealing with animals of the lowest order.……Image
When Israel caught this asshole, every Jew in the world cheered.…Image
This is him, pacing the prison floor in 1961.
And then they hanged him.…Image
Sometimes, there are things that are more important than making deals or being popular.

Standing up for victims of rape is one of those things. 
"Trafficking in persons (especially women) for...prostitution and sexual exploitation is one of the most widely recognized forms of human trafficking worldwide in recent decades. Israeli law...acts to prevent and eliminate it, and to protect its victims."

But things were not always as advanced as they are now. And Netanyahu is not doing enough - at all. 
"NGO Report: Israel Fails to Crack Down on Human Trafficking
Government agencies aren't cooperating enough and more sex workers are arriving from Eastern Europe than before, the report by Hotline for Refugees and Migrants says."

Apr 26, 2016
It's not that things are not better.… 
It's not that it's easy to fight the mafia.… 
It is that certain people have extra "protection."
Be they the young MEN in Cyprus.
Or the so-called ultra-Orthodox rabbis, whose rubber stamp "legitimizes" the state even when it acts incorrectly. Immorally.
"Israeli police recommended charges of fraud and breach of trust be brought against [ultra-Orthodox deputy health minister, Yaakov] Litzman for suspicions that he pressured ministry employees to skew [accused pedo] Leifer’s psychiatric evaluations."

Back in 2009, the police didn't believe that sex trafficking existed in Israel.
A decade later, times have changed.…Image
In May 2019, they took down a really big fish.
"Israeli wanted for sex trafficking in Colombia arrested in Portugal....alleged crime kingpin Assi Ben-Mosh... is also suspected of illegal drug trading and money laundering"
I am not a believer in worshiping leaders. A leader is not God.
I know that not all cases can be perfectly resolved.
But what we have here is a pattern, and the pattern is disgusting. 
mentions - pick up the bat phone and call off the dogs on that girl.
Then, make sure the boys who raped her go on trial.

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