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"Kiss The Ring"/The Stone/Manufactured Consent/The Contract

Caption: "The cover of DJ Khaled's album Kiss the Ring, released in 2012 by We The Best Music Group, which also features guest appearances from Meek Mill, Ace Hood, Plies, Lil Wayne, T.I., Future, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, J Cole, Big Krit," 
"Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain, Scarface, Nas, DJ Premier, French Montana, Jadakiss, Birdman, 2 Chainz, Wale, Tyga, Kirko Bangz, Mavado and Mack Maine." 
"When someone physically kisses you’re ring or fist the person male or female has given everything value to you including (private possessions , lands , blood line, heritage, virginity, pride, honor, and or every human rights are all gone"…Image
Quora: "What country did the custom of 'kissing the ring' originate from? How?"… 
"Lawrence Noronha, Movie lover
Answered Mar 18, 2016
The practice was borrowed from the Catholic Church where it is customary to kiss the ring of the Bishop, Cardinal, or Pope." 
"The greeting with a handshake, or doffing one's hat, grew out of a custom to indicate to the other person that there are no hidden weapons up one's sleeve, or hidden under one's hat." 
"Similarly, should the ring contain a tiny poison dart on the palm side, the custom developed where you wouldn't handshake, but only hold the four fingers (without the thumb) and 'inspect' the top of the ring." 
What is a wedding ring?
A pledge of lifetime loyalty?
"With this ring I thee wed"
"Through thick and thin"
"In good times and in bad times"

Is a ring a contract?

Remember when @SaRaAshcraft taught us that the cabal (yes, it's real) relies on the notion of "consent" in creating a sort of false contract with the masses. They clearly do provide value (jobs, status, etc.) but the consent part is surreptitous. 
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(Tue) 20:21:28 ID: acbe86 No.1720987
(MEME) | Do Not Consent
SaraAshcraft on twitter, who escaped a generational illumanti family stated; The cult needs our consent so bad events become our karma and not theirs." 
"Sara's words-—>" 
"But here's a clarification: it's not about 'karma" as much as it's about 'consent' - they think that by TELLING us, and us not doing anything to stop it, is us giving consent by inaction." 
"They NEED our consent in all ways - in order to govern, in order to effectively mind control us, in order to mess with us we have to, in some way, accept their invitation or otherwise consent to their actions (even if only by inaction/incredulity)." 
"So perhaps the next time you post, you can say something to that effect, that they tell us, and if we do nothing, they consider it to be our CONSENT." 
"I think this might hit harder with more people and be more motivating for people to do exactly what this person has just done: declare 'We DO NOT CONSENT!'" 
"From a spiritual perspective (in their mythology) they also need our consent in order to usurp our power (free will) and energy (consciousness) for their 'spells' (plans)." 
"Again, the idea of consent here is far more meaningful and central than the idea of Karma. | think the Karma line is something my dad fed to me, a slave, while gaslighting me into accepting abuse. They may not even believe in Karma, as individuals." 
"The consent is what they are after, not avoiding some hypothetical thing that might happen when they die.

Meme Time..." 
Note and disclaimer: The comments above were attributed to Sarah. They sound like her talking. I can't find the original. 
However, she did post the screenshot of them in her own tweet, so I think it is safe to attribute the comments to her. 
The concept of consent is crucially important and I encourage everyone to do a Twitter Advanced Search as in the screenshot and read what Sarah has said about it.
The working theory here is that we are up against a cabal that operates as the reverse of a God-worshiping religious order. 
They are bad, but they operate by a certain code. Part of the code is consent. They have to have it, even if you don't know that you are providing it. (This explains why we're bombarded by repulsive images.) 
I covered the face of this child. But wanted to share the image.
To "kiss the ring" is to worship the anti-God.
More later.
Will wrap this up and proceed when I can.Image
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