Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hidden Connection: Occult/Child Sex Trafficking - Explained Well In This Article

The hidden connection between the occult and child sex trafficking is explained well in this article:

Black Magic: Satanists Rule the World, Not Politicians, Bankers or Military Heads

  • “Black magic at its core is really about demonic possession.” 
  • “Since the world is made of energy, not matter, and since energy moves in waves which have frequencies, the Satanic rituals are designed to entrain the energetic bio-frequencies of the participants with that of other dark entities, so that there is a vibrational match.” 
  • “Once there is a frequency resonance or lock, an exchange can then take place: energy, intent or information can go from one being, place or dimension can be transferred into another.” 
  • “This works both ways: the person gets possessed and receives information from certain dark entities, while the dark entities also take something from the person.” 
  • “It is also black magic that is behind the unspeakable and unconscionable phenomenon of missing children.” 
  • “These children are being deliberately and systematically kidnapped through elite-controlled institutions...and trafficked into organized global networks where they are mind-controlled, turned into slaves, and where some of them are even sacrificed in Satanic rituals.” 
  • “Although it’s important to focus on and expose all aspects of dysfunction in our society.... all these issues and more are manifestations of a more primordial evil in our midst – Satanic black magic.” ___________ 

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.