Friday, January 3, 2020

"For the sake of saving lives right now, ultra-Orthodox Jewish people may want to consider 'blending in." Reactions from FB. (1/3/2020)

I posted the above statement on Facebook yesterday 1/2/2020.

Even allowing for the fact that I responded to as many comments as I could, I believe it generated the highest level of engagement for anything I've ever posted there.

What follows are some selected comments (no names), as is.


  • "Even if your 1/100 th Jewish they will always know. But yea why advertise at this point..."
  • "Pretty Sad that "Blending In" is a Life Saving Tool."
  • "People Need to defend themselves, you are Absolutely Right."

Disagree (the majority):

  • "Not happening." "Part of their beliefs involves their dress code."
  • "That's what German Jews thought...... Reform Conservative jews.....They where gassed together with the orthodox jews."
  • "Never ever it never helped us getting saved from anything ever we are supposed to be and look different"
  • "F that! Carry a weapon"
  • "Blending in didn't help Jews in Europe or anyplace else in the world for the past 2000 years"
  • "Jews are not cowards to blend in!"
  • "Pasrat Shemos is just around the corner. Chazal say that one of the reasons we were taken out of mitzrayim is because we didn't change our dress...."
  • "My statements are my Magen Dovid on the outside of my garments, a 5x7 Israeli flag on my front deck and one filling my car's rear window. Blend in? Nope. But Dossy, I hear your heart.
  • "Would you say that to a black person being attacked for being black? No. Be a Jew. Be proud!
  • "Would you tell blacks to whiten their skin or fight?"
  • "Only an idiot would blame the victims because of how they look. Ridiculous."
  • "Hi Dossy. I have to respectfully disagree. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was not even in an orthodox synagogue. All Jews are targets. It was reported that the Monsey perpetrator googled “Zionist temples”. Are we never to go to shul pray because all shuls and synagogues are possible targets? Should we hide/cower in our homes to daven? No. We must hire security guards and police presence for our shuls. Where do we draw the line? Do we not display our menorahs in our windows or place mezuzahs on our doors?"
  • "NO! NO! NO!"
  • "Should I hide my star of David too? And if married Orthodox women replace their sheitels with baseball caps, don't you think an anti-Semite would recognize she's an Orthodox Jew because of her modest clothing? Where does it end?"
  • "Are you kidding?"
  • "Politely Disagree. I will be louder and prouder of my people, my history!!"
  • "No. They need to own guns. Try telling religious Muslims that they need to blend in and see what happens. Jews have sacrificed enough. No more."
  • "Should we wear burkas in the Old City?"
  • " Trust in Gd. Do not compromise inthe face of those who will always hate us. Only Gd will always love and protect those who adhere to Him."
  • " You must assume that Jews who don't dress differently won't be attacked."
  • "Blend in.....i know you didn't mean it in a bad way.....but.....the Nazis said that too....and we all know how that worked out. I blend in well....i carry a glock 30."
  • "No... instead prepare for self defense"
  • "Bull, we need to stand out more and fight for our right to exist"
  • "Blending in to what???"
  • "Instead, they should consider carrying several bottles of PEPPER SPRAY and USING THEM GENEROUSLY ON THE THUGS WHO ATTACK THEM! Fight back, not cower."
  • "Why should they"
  • "It is better if they Carry a gun"

  • "The Legal System needs to Step Up"
  • "Us Jews never defend themselves !!"
  • what the heck does that mean? i don't want to blend in ? We were not meant to blend in
  • I agree totally with U Dossy Blumenthal... they do need to blend in so to speak, they behave and come across also as better than everyone else in a way.. it’s how it is perceived... the mere fact that they are NOT allowed to socialize with non Jews tells it all... blend in.. accept others and be more open minded towards others and diff faiths.. and teach about diff faiths in their schools so they will grow up to accept others and “blend in” better, instead of teaching that everyone else is a sinner.. and I know it for a fact that this is taught.. and that they are not to have any non Jewish family/friends etc.. blend in.. if one is reform or non Jewish they are not allowed in the circle.. nor allowed any non Jewish friends.. this is wrong..(I understand why, but wrong).. and hence teaches superiority.. if the religion is strong enough it will survive.. but teaching must change... which is why they need a reformation.. life is about reform, things are always changing.. they do not adapt and expect the world to embrace that..(speaking here in the ultra orthodox chasidic sects )"
  • "We need to unite and stop with I'm reformed, I'm Conservative and I'm orthodox. We can learn from Hitler who risked loosing the war to find one more Jew and it didn't matter 1 day old 15 years old all the way to 120. He new the Jewish soul was the key factor. Lets unite and be a force of proud Jews. We just learned this lesson at Chanukah, did we forget it all ready?"
  • "Either this person is trolling the internet, or they are acting like a ______"
  • "nu ne ni"

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.