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Analysis: Ukraine Plane Crash In Iran (Unedited Thread 1/12/2020)

1/8/2020 -- "Iran crash: Ukraine Boeing with 176 onboard comes down near Tehran; Iranians, Canadians, Ukrainians, Swedes, Afghans, Germans and three Britons killed in crash, reports say"

It was a Ukraine International Airlines plane, a Boeing 737

"Unverified video from Iranian TV appears to show the Ukraine International Airlines flight on fire before it went down in a field just after takeoff in Iran, killing all 176 people on board. "
"Muilenburg's ousting comes days after the Boeing Starliner’s failed mission to the International Space Station. The unmanned spacecraft was forced to abort the mission after an "automation" error resulted in the Starliner not reaching its correct orbit, according to NASA" 
"Last week, Boeing announced it was suspending production of its 737 Max jets...after two deadly crashes that killed a total of 346 people." 
"The company admitted that its automatic flight control system played a role in the deadly 737 Max crashes." 
So we have a Ukraine Airlines plane, a Boeing 737, that crashed, killing everyone aboard.

How many people were on the plane that crashed? "More than 170 people from 7 countries."


There were 167 passengers aboard, which rounds to 170.
The crew was an extra 9. 
"Two to three minutes after takeoff, it abruptly ceased the automatic transmission of flight data, though it remained in the air for a few minutes longer....the airliner had not contacted the control tower about an emergency."

"The Iranian Students News Agency, a state-run media organization, shared a video that it said showed the predawn crash, with an aircraft, apparently in flames, descending in the distance before a bright burst filled the sky upon impact."
Here is the video.

Of course, everyone thought that the plane crash was Iran retaliating for the Soleimani killing. 
"Iranian officials at first rejected claims the plane was shot down but later acknowledged responsibility. Iran said the plane turned toward a military installation, already on high alert, and was mistaken for a 'hostile target' and shot down."
"“I swear to almighty God that I wished I was on that plane and had crashed with them and burned but had not witnessed this tragic incident. I have never been this embarrassed in my entire life. Never.” - Gen. Hossein Salami, head of IRGC 
"Iran's semi-official Mehr news agency quoted the head of Iran's civil aviation organization as saying it was not clear which country Iran would send the black boxes to for analysis, but it would not give them to Boeing, as Iran has no diplomatic relations with the U.S." 
(conveniently, the head of Boeing was just fired over safety concerns.)

"Boeing...has been under fire after two fatal crashes involving its 737 Max planes in the past 16 months" 
In the thinly veiled CIA-Mossad show about the Messiah, S1, Ep10:

"Eva tries to track. [where the Messiah character is]...finds out that they’re on the plane...a government jet.

"Suddenly one of the plane’s engine explodes" 
Iran itself did not do this.

"LISTEN: General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ aerospace division, accepts 'full responsibility' for the unintentional downing of a Ukrainian jetliner"

Now Qatar has stepped in.

"Qatar to offer Iran $3 billion for Ukrainian plane victims"
"surprise visit to Tehran to offer compensation for 176 passengers killed after plane is unintentionally shot down by Iranian missiles."

h/t @RealVeryMary 
The person making the offer is: Qatar’s Emir Sheikh

**Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani**

Where have you heard that name before. 
"A Pasco County defense contractor says a member of the Qatari royal family asked him to kill two people then later held him against his will, according to a federal lawsuit filed against Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al Thani." 
"Matthew Pittard said he was hired to protect al Thani, the brother of the Emir of Qatar, in September 2017. But the relationship quickly soured." 
"Pittard, 45, said it was his job to provide security services to al Thani [REMEMBER THIS IS THE BROTHER OF THE EMIR] and his family, both in the the U.S. and in Doha, Qatar." 
"Shortly after he was hired, Pittard said al Thani asked him to murder a man and a woman al Thani 'viewed as threats to his social reputation and personal security,' the lawsuit said." 
It is in connection with this lawsuit that a man named Alan Bender gave a deposition. Here is a link to it.
(*Quick side note: The Imam of Peace wears the Aqeeq ring we have been studying over the weekend; he has addressed that; the question has to do with people wearing it who don't have a religious connection to it.) 
Here are some "Cliff's Notes" on Tawhidi's talk.… 
"Qatarian government officials and members of the Qatar Royal Family got caught up in a law suit filed in Florida. Not exactly sure what the law suit is about." (We discussed this briefly above.) 
"Some Canadian Liberal Party guy who specializes in ME negotiations and PR, named Alan Bender, who's apparently pals with Trudeau and some Qatar Royal Family members, as well as some officials inside the CAIR organization, was forced to give a deposition in this FLA case." 
"Someone sent a Imam Tawhidi...he is named frequently by Bender because he claims Ilhan Omar was asking for assistance from Qatar to shut down and destroy Tawhidi, who has been a constant thorn in the side of Omar, Tlaib, and Sarsour for a couple years now." 
"Imam Tawhidi says this now makes a lot of sense because about a year ago Qatarian, Iranian, Egyptian, and Turkish networks, plus their American affiliates (Al Jazeera, The Intercept, The ME Eye) suddenly began a massive character assassination campaign against Tawhidi." 
"Out of the blue they all began slandering him with lies trying to destroy his reputation. He tweeted a copy of a letter that the Qatar government sent Twitter begging them to suspend Tawhidi."

"He explains that Bender even testified that Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner were also targeted by Qatar." 
"They tried to spread a false narrative that was supposed to cause DJT Jr. and Kushner to become enemies and go after each other with damning accusations. However, this scheme failed." 
"Bender explains how Qatar's Chief FM, among others,informed him that Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib,Linda Sarsour, & others...are essentially plants/trojan horses funded & supported by Qatar as proxy for The Muslim Brotherhood and also partially backed by...Iran, Egypt, and Turkey. " 
"And that allegedly Omar and Tlaib have been passing sensitive information on to Qatar since elected to office and given clearances." 
"And that much of the legislation they present and advocate for has some ulterior motive buried in it that indirectly or even directly benefits these countries backing them." 
"Bender claims Qatar tried to recruit him to essentially be their handler and liaison with the CAIR organization and to help run operations in the US.

"However Bender supposedly declined the offer. And he says he has evidence of all of this." 
"Supposedly a second source, a doctor living in the UK, who was a guest of the Qatarian Royal Family for six months last year, is also going to corroborate the details and accusations that Bender laid out in his deposition." 
Back in November you may recall that I covered this pretty extensively. See source post with many links.…

cc @Donna_Rachel_ 
I am just going to share the top takeaways.… 
This is what I wrote in the blog, but I'll put quote marks.

"The overarching allegation is that this country seeks "total control" in its investments, whether sponsoring the Muslim Brotherhood, buying the media, or buying the White House." 
1. "Allegation that Jared Kushner was paid off by Qatar in case a future favor needs to be called in. This is important because Kushner is not only an adviser to President Trump, but also the husband of the president's daughter Ivanka." 
2. "Allegation that Rep. Ilhan Omar has sworn allegiance to Turkey, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, funnels intelligence to Iran through Qatar, takes orders from Qatar, including orders about what questions to ask at hearings, and knows her actions harm the U.S." 
3. "Allegation that Linda Sarsour is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, takes orders from Qatar, and will be run as a candidate for office." 
4. "Allegation that the U.S. government, in whole or in part, turns a blind eye because of payoffs from Qatar." 
5. "Allegation that members of the mainstream media who are perceived as influencers are on the payroll of Qatar. Specific outlets named include the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN. Specific media owner named is Jeff Bezos." 
6. "Allegation that fake social media activities are housed under Al Jazeera. Not sure who allegedly oversees this." 
7. "Allegation that Qatar invites journalists overseas and bribes them with cash, gifts, jewelry and the like." 
8. "Allegation that Qatar instructs journalists how to take bribes and evade Customs. Allegation about use of fake diplomatic passports. Allegation about abuse of diplomatic pouches." 
9. "Allegation that Qatar recruits Imams to preach violence in the name of God, creating false divisions between people." 
10. "Allegation that Qatar has rigged the forthcoming (December 2019) World Cup." (In fact, Qatar did not win.)…
This is my comment on the debunking story.… 
To be evenhanded, here is an analysis of the Bender deposition viewed from the perspective of a disinformation attempt. Never "just believe" anyone automatically.… 
Look, it's too much information, but the bottom line is this. Does nobody think it strange that Qatar is footing the bill for this plane crash, which Iran could have easily taken "vengeance" credit for? 
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