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Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part XV

1) Back to the Romans.

“Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State” continues.
3) I am getting a cup of
4) Reading the Roman section from “A Crash Course In Jewish History.” )$15.99 on Kindle.

It has a lot of information that is general in nature, but is also focused on the clash of religions. 
5) I have been having a lot of trouble settling down to continue this topic. Mainly because it is so expansive.
6) Not only is it expansive, but there are about a million zillion trillion individual rabbit holes.
7) Finally, I am basically ignorant of my own history and the history of others.

Let's be honest.
8) History was the class I never liked or related to because they made you memorize things instead of engaging with the story.
9) For me, once I get into the story, I have many questions because the story has to make sense in my mind for me to accept it as true.
10) Also, to do research, you have to be willing to accept that your preconceived notions or the things people told you might actually be
11) As an example, I have some xeroxed pages from the book of family history on my father's side. The book seems to say that we are descendants of Rav Yosef Caro (and verbally I am told the Maharal).

But when I mapped the information to Geni, the story didn't add up.
12) Needless to say I was not very popular in the family after asking too many questions
13) The specific issue is that I can trace from these Jewish sages back to King David and down to approximately the 1700s (very approximately)

But there is a family member claimed to be part of the tree, where it seems that there is a break, and I can't reconnect it.
14) My dad says that one of the cousins (like Boro Park Chasidic cousins) is going over to Europe to retrace the steps, but after awhile I thought - perhaps the deeper lesson is that a true Jewish sage would not want people bragging about being associated with them.
15) Like, just be a good person.
16) In any case, I was talking to someone yesterday who studies the history of pirates, and I mentioned that I am studying Roman history (in a very general I didn't want to get into the whole "theory of excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit deep state") thing🤓
17) And this person is obviously very educated and steeped in history, in fact was carrying a book, and so he's like "the early Roman period or the late one" "which civil war" "Pompeii or Julius Casesar" and I'm like
18) So, I'm committed to trying to find the truth. I'm not pretending to be a history scholar or anything like that. But it is important to me to know what's going on, and more specifically what we are fighting against.
19) Just to go back and revisit the original hypothesis. That's where we need to be in order to move forward.

(Free photo - Pixabay )
21) This part is accurate: "a group of excommunicated Jews became a group of fake Christians" --> these were the Frankists who became Catholics, shepherded by the Jesuits.
22) This part is not accurate, and in fact it doesn't even make sense when you really think about it -- "who in turn represented themselves as fake Jews"

-- because why would you represent yourself as a fake?
23) The problem however may be the wording, not the underlying idea.

More accurate might be: "who in turn represented themselves as the rightful heirs to the Jewish tradition" or some similar notion.
24) "as part of a Luciferian scheme to fully rebel against God" -- Yes.

"from within organized religion." -- Yes.
25) Let's put this a shorter way.
26) This thread, which is Part XV in the series, marks the resolution of the initial hypothesis.
27) In the 1700s, a group of excommnicated Zoharitic Jews who discarded Talmud - the Frankists - converted to Catholicism, just as their predecessors the Sabbateans converted to Islam. They retained their crypto practices while hiding within these religions.
28) The Frankists were scam artists whose influence can be felt in many other ideological strains we deal with today. These are Leftist progressives. In the name of progress/knowledge (Luciferian), they are rebelling against God as though they are coming from Judaism.
29) I am not sure where that image came from.
30) It occurs to me, on reviewing this whole operating hypothesis, that we have delineated only one subpart of one side of a triangle.

I made this little slide to show you what I mean.
31) All these 15 threads really relate to the notion of "fake Jews," which is the "Erev Rav" in Jewish terminology.

The "Erev Rav" is fake because we believe they mixed in with the Jews when we fled Egypt (Moses had mercy on them) - trouble ever since. 
32) "In the Tikkune Zohar (97a) it is written: “All the exile and the destruction of the Beit ha Mikdash and all the suffering, all of it came through Moshe’s acceptance of the Erev Rav" 
33) "And all wicked people and evildoers in each generation come from them, meaning from their souls, for they are reincarnations of those who left Egypt and this is what the Gemara (Beitza 32) refers to: “They come from the Erev Rav”.
34) “The Erev Rav delay the redemption much more than all the nations of the World”

(Raaya Mehemna-Sefer Ha Zohar)
35) So this is where and why I got stuck. Trying to squish the explanation of everything, into what is actually only 1/3 of the puzzle, and a fraction of that 1/3 at that.

We saw the origin of the MODERN "fake Jews" only.
36) So I think for the sake of the hygiene of the research (which I hope to write up later more normally, with God's help) I will end the "Fake Jews" portion here and start a new one to get into Spiro's book, "Crash Course in Jewish History," which deals with the Romans (Edom).
37) This slide is a visual depiction of the status.
38) Acknowledging that there are many important unanswered questions and rabbit holes that could be pursued here, next up is Edom (Rome).

Adding this to the "thread of threads" and starting fresh in a couple of minutes. Feel free to bookmark it and come back.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

Ukrainian Favors & A Whistleblower In The White House

Fake News Tactics

We know from #QAnon that the media will swarm all over a fake news story when there is real news to be told.
Just like “Climate Strike” week – not just a distraction tool but probably also a cover for what they have planned to provide yet further distraction.
Sponsored by “Extinction Rebellion.”
Many people have covered the use of climate change as a political weapon to overthrow the U.S. government.

The Truth, Just Selectively

In a nutshell: Just like the call for seizing the guns and opening the borders, the tactic is to one-sidedly focus on a set of key messages, but as factually as possible.
Take for example the New York Times. It’s rated “left-center.”
New York Times is Left-Center biased based on word and story selection. They are credible for factual reporting of news with a left leaning editorial bias. 
The Times exemplifies “a slight to moderate liberal bias.”: 
“These media sources….often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words…to favor liberal causes. These sources are generally trustworthy for information, but may require further investigation.”
Two back-to-back examples of how media screws with our heads, from Q:
  • July 29, 2019: “Reminder re: impeachment. 2/3rd Senate vote required to impeach POTUS. 53-47. Logical thinking. You are watching D’s ‘con’ liberal base using ‘hope’ tactics while maintaining ‘POTUS obstruction of Justice’ FAKE NEWS narrative. Think 2020.”
  • July 30, 2019: The media narrative is that “Trump has periodically called for stricter voter ID laws, which advocates warn could restrict ballot access in low-income communities, students and people of color.” But the reality is that the media serves the Democratic party, leading Q to remark: “ID required (when)? Sheep follow the most absurd arguments. D_party voter corruption on display.”
Q teaches us that the way the corrupt media plays out fake news is itself the signifier of the false narrative. In other words, as they say, “it’s the coverup, not the crime.”

A Matter of Timing

Why was it necessary to drum up a narrative now? Biden was doing terrible, losing his teeth in the debates, forgetting facts, talking about fighting “Corn Pop” the gangster” or some such. 
Even with Ukraine, we knew that his son was involved with them; that story broke a long time ago.
So what is new and noteworthy? Well, for one thing, an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein has come forward to say that she was trafficked to Joe Biden.

Jessica Collins’ Credibility

Jessica Collins @MidNiteMJ posted 10:55 AM (Eastern) just today, September 20, 2019: 
“I fear evidence of this crime (flight records & bank transactions) may be destroyed. Denial, discrediting, threats, intimidation, misinformation, obstruction are being used to suppress truth.”
She writes further
Jessica Collins has been locked in some kind of dispute over video testimony she gave. Not having been there, I don’t exactly understand what the issue is, but this screenshot doesn’t seem friendly at all and I don’t know why. She writes:
“This is a text from TruNews reporter Ed Szalls. I certainly DID NOT give them my handlers names. I did not trust them and was establishing trust with them when they proved themselves to be what I feared.”
Victims who come forward report that they are universally harassed, and their behavior frequently provides evidence of this – they not only ask for help but describe the specific circumstances of their harassment. Some examples:
Nevertheless, here are some points that leave me a bit skeptical about Collins:
One skeptic on Twitter (@R4ine_Dr0ps), citing the information about Collins’ daughter, writes
“None of this has to do with the DC Madam, Epstein, Russian hackers, or illegal immigrants. Jessica Collins had lost custody of her daughter & had no contact with her for 3 years. The daughter ran away from foster care, reconnected with her mother, then they went on the run.”
The individual also cites Collins’ admission of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and going unmedicated as discrediting information.
And yet, the source this individual cites shows that Collins was engaged in a battle to save her daughter’s life for a number of years. (We cannot speculate about the cause of the mental illness or its impact on her.)
Excerpt from a letter she posted online:
June 2015 (Saved September 8, 2015)
My Daughter, Aisha Collins who is almost 17, was assaulted twice inside a Baltimore Rehab- this June at Mountain Manor 3800 Frederick Ave. I begged and pleaded with my aunt, the custodian and the courts to remove her from the facility when she was assaulted on June 9th, 2015. 
I warned them that she was still in danger, and currently being threatened with additional physical harm. I ask that she be placed in a safer, local program which I could pay for.
Magistrate Charles J. Muskin said that the cuts on her arms “looked like someone who was trying to get what she wanted”, and denied my request. 
Five days later, she was assaulted again and taken to the Emergency Rom with a head concision….
People are being abused and raped in these places “all of the time”, just like assaults “happen all the time” at Mountain Manor….
She is scared and broken and if she doesn’t find a way to kill herself in there they will.”
Collins’ terrible suffering with her daughter aside, the question about the trafficking story is, why is she coming forward specifically at this time? And what, if anything, does it have to do with the Ukraine whistleblower story, which seems to have come right out of the blue?
You and I don’t know if people’s stories are true, but you have to admit that the timing is pretty coincidental, as is the reaction to the story.
“Pizzagate Howie” (@PGHowie2) heckles Joe Biden for publicly groping women and girls and there is no compensating news, but Collins comes forward and almost instantly we have a whole hullaballoo over Ukraine.

“There’s No There, There”

Moreover, Biden already admitted what he did in Ukraine – hell he bragged about it. Biden “proudly recounted the moment” in a speech on January 23, 2018:
“I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”
The thing is, and what makes this story even more suspicious, is that even when they’re somewhat convincing, they have to pile on to the story, as Hillary Clinton just gracelessly did. Adam Schiff of course had to chime in as well.
(I think Meghan McCain is like the controlled opposition.)
Honestly, though, you never know what game they’re playing.
Two days ago, one day before the “whistleblower” story broke, there was this headline: “Journalist John Solomon leaves the Hill to start own media outlet” – Solomon who had prominently written about the Ukraine story (among many others relevant to the coup attempt/coverup) in The Hill. 
Is the timing a coincidence?
But regarding Solomon’s tweet, “Ukraine opens probe into foreign effort to influence US election…to help Hillary Clinton” (March 20, 2019), regarding the associated story, Q warned about the myriad opposition forces that play about the media and social media spaces:  
“Increase in attacks (de-platform, shill infiltration, MSM/Fake MAGA direct, link(s) to terrorism/acts of violence) only demonstrates validity and close proximity to JUSTICE [PAIN].

Exactly A Year – A Sign of God’s Amazing Providence

One more thing.
One year ago.
One year ago to the day – September 19, 2018, Q told us that Robert Storch was named NSA Inspector General. 
He cited the press release (December 22, 2017):
“Earlier in his career, Mr. Storch also worked as a federal prosecutor in the Northern District of New York, most recently serving as the Deputy Criminal Chief and Counsel to the U.S. Attorney. He was also posted overseas for 2 years as a Department of Justice Resident Legal Advisor in Ukraine.” (emphasis added)
This whistleblower story broke last night – September 19, 2019.
How is this incredible timing of events possible?
Because truly, there is no such thing as TIME.
But there is ALWAYS such a thing as JUSTICE.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

“Stopping CSA In The Jewish Community” - New Book Manuscript From Vivien Resofsky

Free book manuscript on stopping child sexual abuse in the Jewish community by an expert in the field, Vivien Resofsky. Public domain. 

Proud to say I helped edit the first essay when it was originally written.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

Now An Official Yenta - The Schpiel

It’s official. I am a Yenta 😂

How To Stop Rabbinic Pedophilia

There are many things we can do to solve the problem of rabbinic pedophilia, including letting the authorities handle it and similar obvious best practices. 

(See video:

But there is a more fundamental problem going on here.

The rabbinate itself has become a monster.

It is a sprawling industry that lives off fundraising and exorbitant yeshiva tuition and kashrut supervision rituals and fees.

It lives off of overcomplicated methods of interpreting Jewish law such that there are numerous splinters and each splinter has its own authority and guides.

This is not “Torah Tziva Lonu Moshe Morasha Kehillas Yaakov.” It is not each Jew’s personal inheritance.

It is a system that belongs to a group of men who are part of an elite club.

And as part of the club they get to declare who is legitimate and illegitimate, who is good enough and not good enough, what is right and what is wrong - because they and they alone have the “secret keys” as opposed to well educated Jews being able to say “this just doesn’t make any sense according to Halacha.”

An example with kashrut is the extremism caused by the modern rabbis such that people who have become religious literally cannot eat in the homes of their parents except through the most tortuous workarounds. This breaks families apart in a silent way. It says to children - your parents are no longer trustworthy.

It goes without saying that there can be no unity in such a system.

There is nobody higher in the Jewish hierarchy than a tzaddik. To be a tzaddik is not just to be “a good person” but to be learned and just.

To be a tzaddik is rare. To be truly learned is rare. We need to bring the learning back to the people and get away from the corrupt rabbinate.

Get the money out of the rabbinate.

Stop looking to rabbis as experts in all things and stop asking for their permission to manage matters outside the purview is Halacha.

Recognize that the INSTITUTIONAL problem of child sexual abuse is only one symptom of a self-serving and self-furthering monster.

This system was not called for in the Torah, anywhere, anytime and iris destroying, not helping, the Jewish people.

Absent fundamental change (like pulling kids out of yeshiva and doing homeschooling with tutors; or breakaway minyanim at home; etc.) rabbis will continue to tinker at the edges, will say “just enough and no more” till the people quiet down.

The corrupt rabbinate is institutional

NOT INDIVIDUAL — meaning that individual people are typically well intentioned but can’t go up against the system and win.

Within a corrupt system, efforts such as kiruv are bound to be corrupt as well, with rabbis taking the opportunity to get inappropriately close to vulnerable people.

Change can come, but it has to come from us as Jews. We cannot wait for them.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal.

All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

Israeli Election Deadlock & The End Of Days

1) Okay let's talk about the End of Days.
2) It seems that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has found himself on the losing end of things. 
3) What is going on here?

To cancel a U.N. appearance?
4) President Trump, for his part, had some harsh words.

"Our relations are with Israel." 
5) This is quite the turnaround.
6) You can practically smell the cries of glee coming from CNN. 
7) "Before April's election, Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, overturning decades of US foreign policy."
8) "Trump said on Twitter that he had spoken to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 'to discuss the possibility of moving forward' with a defense pact between the two countries."
9) The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, visited Israel in January. 
10) The Secretary of the VA just visited Israel to commemorate 9/11. 
11) Just a month ago, the USA and USAID signed a Memorandum of Understanding "for increased cooperation for the development of partner countries in areas such as agriculture, science, technology, humanitarian aid, and more." 
12) Less than a week ago, President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu jointly brushed off reports of Israel spying on the White House. 
13) When you go to Israel, everywhere you go, on the official level, it's TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP - WE LOVE TRUMP  (my photo)
14) Except among the Left. Just like in America they are FOAMING at the mouth to get him out.
15) Just got totally kicked off the internet again.
16) Kinda hot in here I s’pose
17) I was looking for a poll to prove to you that leftist Israelis dislike President Trump. Couldn't find one, but.
18) In conversation, in the DC area, I find that most Jews are quite liberal, they are leftists, they find Prime Minister Netanyahu "loathsome" or some version thereof, and President Trump is the same to them.
19) This data is gathered from assorted Facebook conversations and comments and from reports from others.

It's also gathered from social chatter.

Typically people who are extremely observant, love POTUS. People who are secular, cannot stand him. It's either one or the other.
20) I would say that the Haaretz website gives a pretty good insight into Israeli leftist thinking. Netanyahu is all bad. I don't see the language about President Trump as being heated there. 
21) What I see is a kind of frustration at the left having lost its vision, and the rise of Netanyahu as the natural result of an ideology that has failed, or maybe folded. 
22) You can also see that Netanyahu & his rival Benny Gantz fought by proxy using people representing Republicans vs. Dems here.
Netanyahu -POTUS pollster J. McLaughlin (not the TV guy RIP)
Gantz - Obama/Hillary strategist Joel Benenson 
23) But what does this have to do with Armageddon?
24) Well according to Jewish prophecy, at the end of days, there will be an election but Israel won't be able to form a government. 
25) "Rabbi Kaduri Predicted 40 Years Ago That Current Election Difficulties Presage Messiah"

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz June 11, 2019 , 4:40 pm
26) "A cryptic message by the most prominent Kabbalist of this generation has finally appeared: when there are elections but no government is selected, the Messiah is right around the corner."

Here is a photo of Rabbi Kaduri/bio. 
27) “One day, he[Rabbi Kaduri] was taking questions and someone asked when the Moshiach (Messiah) would arrive and whether there were signs the would precede his arrival. The rabbi answered, ‘When there will be elections but there will not be a government’.” - R'Eliyahu Merav
28) The prophecy came true when the April elections ended in a deadlock.
29) And as of 10 minutes ago, September 18, 2019 at about 6:54 p.m. Eastern time, Netanyahu and Gantz have 35 seats each in the Knesset.

Netanyahu = Trump
Gantz = Deep State 
30) look at this
33) Did you know that Iran hacked Benny Gantz's phone? (March 18, 2019) 
34) "Or maybe not"

"Iranian hackers, suspected of penetrating the phone of Benny Gantz, former Israeli general running for prime minister, have thrown Israeli politics into turmoil. Or maybe Iranian hackers had nothing to do with it."
35) "Gantz, who is leading Netanyahu in the polls, held a press conference on Friday evening–highly unusual in Israel–to deny there was any security information on the phone. But the story has shaken up his campaign."

(Of course there's speculation Netanyahu actually did it)
38) "According to the report by journalist Amit Segal, Gantz was approached by two officials from Israel's Shin Ben security service five weeks ago, during the election campaign, and was informed that his private device was breached."

(Just like Russiagate, Irangate)
39) "The two told Gantz that the hack into one of his devices occured around that time, during the election campaign, and that the Iranians have the content of his phone."
40) "Shin Bet officials clarified to the ex-Israel Defense Forces chief that this meant Tehran had access to all kinds of information he may have stored on his phone: personal and professional"
42) "But in the murky world of cyberespionage, it is also possible that other players with an interest in the former army chief and up-and-coming Israeli politician could have done so too, masquerading behind an 'Iranian signature.'" 
43) Take a look at Gantz's "winning" platform.
44) It has a remarkably strong emphasis on dismantling the holy laws surrounding gender.
46) Gantz "expressed support for certain forms of civil marriage...public transportation on Shabbat; he vowed to fight discrimination against women and pledged to grant full rights to members of the LGBT community." 
47) February 23, 2015: Gantz comes out AGAINST Netanyahu's stand on Iran. Lock step with Obama. 
48)"Other members of Israel’s security establishment were riled by Netanyahu’s rhetoric on the Iranian nuclear threat...Benny Gantz, the Israeli military chief of staff,said decisions on tackling Iran 'must be made carefully, out of historic responsibility but without hysteria.'"
49) April 28, 2012: "Benny Gantz...said he did not believe the Iranian leadership was prepared to "go the extra mile" to acquire nuclear weapons b/c it was 'composed of very rational people' who understood the consequences." 
50) That article was mainly about Yuval Diskin, who had just retired from leading the Shin Bet (Shabak), Israel's "internal intelligence agency" ( it is separate from the Mossad). 
51) So what is going to happen here?

What is really going on?
52) I am always suspicious when defeat is declared too easily.
53) In an interesting parallel to President Trump's oldest son @DonaldJTrumpJr, Prime Minister Netanyahu's son @YairNetanyahu is a fierce advocate of his dad who also speaks the truth about the cabal.
54) This is about 6 months ago: "Yair Netanyahu Exposes Israeli 'Deep State': 'They Are The Ones That Really Run Things Here'"

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Son Is Eager To Expose The Shadowy Cabal Which Really Controls Israel" 
55) "Yair Netanyahu called out the Israeli “deep state” and urged his followers to do more research into their activities in a Facebook post on Wednesday."

Here is a screenshot of that post and the translation. 
56) “Citizens of Israel! I strongly encourage you to explore the term ‘Deep State’. They are the ones that really run things here. In Israel there is not really a democracy, there is only an appearance.” - @YairNetanyahu 3/20/19
57) You can see the reactions.

One person wrote "Busha" in Hebrew - this means "embarrassment."

I am not sure if the person is saying Yair Netanyahu is the embarrassment or his comments are.
58) "Yair was likely alluding to ongoing machinations by the likes of Attorney General Avichai Mandelbilt, Shin Bet Chief Nagav Agarman, billionaire speculator George Soros, and former IDF Chief turned Opposition Leader Benny Gantz," the article continues --
59) "all of whom seek to bring Netanyahu’s increasingly nationalist premiership to an end and replace him with a liberal centrist who shares their globalist vision."

60) The current Administration is fighting many years of encroaching globalism.
61) Which brings us to the logical conclusion: @POTUS has no intention of falling back or falling down on protecting us from the globalists, no matter who is in power in Israel.

My photo.
Never noticed that the logo of the Motion Picture Association looks like the green new deal logo, the Agenda 21 logo, the UN logo, and an eye.
View image on Twitter
See Dannielle Blumenthal PhD's other Tweets
62) March 10, 2018.

In response to a question from an anon about Imran Awan, the Pakistani spy - specifically, whether he was involved with Israel - Q responded:

"We are saving Israel for last.
Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.
63) I have long thought that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was Awan's handler. 
64) Schultz is in Broward County, which has a dense Israeli population, and Awan was her "aide," and she fiercely defended him, and the entire Awan case was handled very strangely from beginning to end. 
67) "Prime Minister Imran Khan and his military backers are giving unprecedented freedom to a highly-censored media to talk about establishing relations with Israel."
68) "14 years to the day since the countries' only public bilateral meeting, are conditions now ripe for a formal move?"
69) The Deep State does not like Imran Khan - , took office as PM of Pakistan about a year ago.

The Washington Post in 2014 called him a "provincial leader" from a "far-flung province" who was "standing in the way" of NATO. 
70) NATO, of course equals "globalist organization for mutual defense that the U.S. still pays too much for." 
71) Things are never as they seem.
72) "Pompeo says Saudi attack an 'act of war' as Trump sounds more cautious note"

By Nicole Gaouette, Jennifer Hansler, Pamela Brown and Kevin Liptak, CNN

Updated 5:53 PM ET, Wed September 18, 2019 
73) @yigsstarhouse one day earlier - Sep 17

"This is from the 4. As you can see it dropped on Sat....This will give you a better idea of things, though be sure to have grain of salt near by"

This is from the 4. As you can see it dropped on Sat. I am also going to post the one from earlier today in the comments. This will give you a better idea of things, though be sure to have grain of salt near by
View image on Twitter
42 people are talking about this
74) Text: "Things are pretty hot over here right now. The Saudis have
launched a number of aircraft and they are in attack patterns over
Saudi now. They are putting together the logistics of their attack as I write this."
75) "The U.S has signed on to protect their oil facilities and the
Israelis are itching to get into the fray. Have to say the attacks will
probably start of[f] Kharg Island and work their way across the Iranian
bene economic platform, with primary emphasis on the oil industry."
76) "This is shaping up to be quite th[3] cloister fuck. The Israelis want to attack the Iranian nuclear sites and the site intelligence sources tell them are storing their nuclear weapons. They also are in heat to destroy Hamas and Northem Israel is on a hair trigger."
77) "This is a blood issue now. The Saudi's have just had their dick stuck in a meat grinder and they will return the favor."
78) "Hearing the Chinese have shit their pants because the Iranians have now made their long term plans look silly and they get a lot of oil from the
middie east. Their economy cannot handle 100 oil. Guess who is bureid outside the facility the Iranians hit. Our favorite hit man"
79) "And by the way the U.S. picked up the Iranians authorizing the strike. Their supreme leader gave it the green light. The Saudi's want to put a cruise missile up his ass. We will see. Leaving soon heading home."
80) "My job is done and will be updating folks in the U.S. on our friend in the barrel. Get to narrate the movie. Hell we are all sick in this line of work."
81) "Part 2 from earlier today" (dated Sept. 15, 2019)

This is from the 4. As you can see it dropped on Sat. I am also going to post the one from earlier today in the comments. This will give you a better idea of things, though be sure to have grain of salt near by
View image on Twitter
82) "Events are cascading. The Iranian attack on the Saudi Arabian Oil facility can be understand through the lens of my previous posts."
83) "Where we are now is that Israel, The U.S., and Saudi Arabia are coordinating their targets and several practice runs have been made in the last 24 hours."
84) "Expect the Israelis to go after targets in several locations with particularly emphasis on Iranian missile facilities and the site used to store the Nuclear Weapons Iran possess. Also Gaza will be lit up and their northern border can go at any moment."
85) "The Israelis will attempt to take out the leader of Hezbollah and the Saudi's are dispatching operatives to take out the leader of the Iranian military who was responsible for the attack on the oil facility."
86) "Expect Israel to go nuclear if lran launches major attacks on Israeli cities."
87) Important note: Please note that this is all unverified information. Read it with caution as it may in fact be disinformation.
88) To continue reading what the screenshot says.
89) "Their primary targets will be Tehran and the holy city of Qom for destruction. Saudi attacks will center on Iranian Oil facilities. The U.S. will be attacking targets in the Gulf and assisting in destroying iranian assets."
90) "There are certain technological assets that have been positioned in the Gulf that will destroy the Iranian will to continue. Think Star  http://Wars.Do  not expect the Iranian leadership to survive."
91) "Trump is making one last effort behind the scene to reach out to Iran. Why the Iranians did this before the anticipated meeting with Trump reflects a degree of hubris that is their downfall."
92) "Hopefully folks will calm down but put the chances of that at less than one in ten. Iran has one last chance to stop this shit."
93) "Just to update the post from last night. The Iranians have detonated one of their nuclear weapons in an underground test today. Suggests they have more than the three that was known.""

94) If it means anything. I believe that God does not seek war for us. It is we who do it to ourselves.

Praying for peace.

Thank you for reading.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.