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Devarim: God and the Law are One

“Because I love you, I am telling you there is work to do before our relationship can get back on track.” - Rabbi’s sermon today 
This week in synagogue we read the first portion of Deuteronomy.

The rabbi focused on the fact that tomorrow is Tisha B'Av. This is the day when we mourn the destruction of the holy Temples, many national tragedies, and more fundamentally the sins we did which caused these.

 The connection between this day of national mourning and today's Torah reading (he did not mention this) is that throughout, the Jewish people are excoriated.

The prophet Isaiah talks about the empty sacrifices the Jews brought. God does not need our sacrifices. He needs our HEARTS.

From the supplemental reading:
 “'What need have I of all your sacrifices?' Says the LORD. 'I am sated with burnt offerings of rams, and suet of fatlings, and blood of bulls; and I have no delight in lambs and he-goats. That you come to appear before Me— Who asked that of you? Trample My courts no more. Bringing oblations is futile, incense is offensive to Me. New moon and Sabbath, proclaiming of solemnities, assemblies with iniquity, I cannot abide." (Isaiah 1:11-13)
Too many people nowadays are imbalanced in their thinking.

They cannot conceive of a God that insists we improve even as He loves us.

My generation was shame culture. It was as if the rabbis thought the Holocaust was God's punishment for assimilation. (Think I actually learned that once.) That somehow He was "teaching" us to be sending us to the gas chambers.

The millennial generation (the children of Generation X) are the polar, polar opposite. I know I caused this with extreme helicopter parenting. But whatever, you can't say ANYTHING to them without it being "hurtful."

The rabbi's sermon was about taking responsibility in an adult way.

It was about saying - instead of crying over a building, cry over what you did to make that building fall.

The rabbi used the term "blind spots." He said we need to look for the "blind spots" where we are messing up, in ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.

It is so interesting to me, that if there were a plague like cancer (God forbid), or something physical like that - we'd be talking about it in synagogue nonstop.

But things like chillul HaShem (desecrating God's name) which causes anti-Semitism; mass trauma/irreligiosity from child sexual abuse); spying/blackmailing politicians for Israel; welfare fraud to have large families & "fix what Hitler did" - silence.

There are actually many Jewish people who think it is a sin to talk about our sins publicly.

But they must be reading a different Torah than I am. That Torah says to shout the sins from the rooftops, and make the people stop before they do irrevocable harm.

Unfortunately there are people who quote the Bible out of context and they say "God has abandoned the Jewish people" or similar.


Let's read a few more passages about this.

Referring to the empty observances of the Jews who have become evil in their behaviors, God says

"Your new moons and fixed seasons Fill Me with loathing; They are become a "burden to Me, I cannot endure them." (Isaiah 1:14)

God says - if you don't start acting faithful to me, like a wife should, I won't be able to look at you.

(I emphasize this because the man and wife analogy with God and the Jewish people is why occultists seek to remove gender and normalize non-gender and non-marriage in its place; it's about satanism not tolerance.)

"And when you lift up your hands, I will turn My eyes away from you. Though you pray at length, I will not listen. Your hands are stained with crime—Wash yourselves clean; Put your evil doings Away from My sight. Cease to do evil" (Isaiah 1:15-16)

...the empty words of "i love you" from a cheater....


What is God pleading for?

Does He want us all to become Hasidic?


It's basic human decency stuff!

"Learn to do good. Devote yourselves to justice; Aid the wronged. Uphold the rights of the orphan; Defend the cause of the widow" (Isaiah 1:17)

This is important to remember when we go back to the primary reading, which is Deuteronomy, which is essentially Moses teaching the Jews to obey the LAW.

The LAW.

The transition from Isaiah to Deuteronomy is not just textual but psychological.

Since the law is administered by man -- and man is subject to corruption-- it is tempting to say that "there should be no law." But that is wrong.

Deuteronomy introduces the concept of the law, as the law, as told to us by a man who we are listening to.

We have trouble with the notion of men (humans) creating a system of justice, because we think these laws are arbitrary.

"The first four Books (of the Torah) were heard directly from the mouth of the Holy One, Blessed is He, through the throat of Moses. Not so Deuteronomy. Israel heard the words of this Book....from the mouth of Moses himself." (Vilna Gaon, in the Stone Bible, p. 938)

We do need the teachers/rabbis meaning a system of jurisprudence.

But we also need to know enough to question them.

Deuteronomy is the book of the Torah that transitions us from the Written Law to the Oral Law.

It is Moses teaching us IN HIS OWN WORDS, after God gave him the message.

This is why we call Moses "our teacher."

 How does Moses choose to begin the end of the Torah?

Keep in mind, he spoke Deuteronomy in the last month of his life.

As a teacher, as a human being, Moses stands in the shoes of the people.

He thinks about what is going to happen when they enter the Land of Israel - how they will be incredibly tempted to sin, because they aren't living with miracle after miracle to prove that God exists.

He knows that the idol-worship of the surrounding nations will be very hard to resists - women, wine, parties...

So he says - remember the mistakes we all made in the desert? We made mistakes over and over again, you and I alike.

As if to say - please don't do it again.

Look how we paid the last time.

The purpose of having a body of law is not only to carry out God's will in its purest form, but also to develop the ability to deal fairly with one another when we really don't want to.

And this is how Moses introduces the need for judges.

"I am not able to bear you myself alone." (Deut. 1:9)

Meaning, you have disputes and a need for answers, and one man alone cannot provide them.

Men need laws, and they need fair judges to adjudicate them.

"How can I myself alone bear your cumbrance, and your burden, and your strife? Get you, from each one of your tribes, wise men, and understanding, and full of knowledge, and I will make them heads over you.'" (Deuteronomy 1:12-13)

The existence of judges was actually suggested by Moses' father in law Jethro, and Moses received the consent of the people before implementing this.

We do not like dictators.
"And ye answered me, and said: 'The thing which thou hast spoken is good for us to do."
"So I took the heads of your tribes, wise men, and full of knowledge, and made them heads over you, captains of thousands, and captains of hundreds, and captains of fifties, and captains of tens, and officers, tribe by tribe."
"And I charged your judges at that time, saying: 'Hear the causes between your brethren, and judge righteously between a man and his brother, and the stranger that is with him."
"Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; ye shall hear the small and the great alike; ye shall not be afraid of the face of any man; for the judgment is God's; and the cause that is too hard for you ye shall bring unto me, and I will hear it.'" (Deut. 1:14-17)
The problem with the law is not the law.

The problem with the law is the corruption of the men and women who administer it.

When man is doing what he is supposed to do, there is no functional distinction between conscience and right judgment in a court of the law.

May He bring the Moshiach (Messiah) speedily in our days.

May we know corruption no more.

Thanks for reading.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

Chabad - Smoke and Fire

Chabad is 100% against unethical business. So if something "funny" is going on, it needs to be stopped. Tzvi Freedman writes at
"Just like we wash out or wipe clean our kiddush cup before pouring in the wine on Friday night, so, too, we need to make sure our business is clean of any abuse of our fellow man and his property in order to receive G‑d's blessings in full."
There is a story out of Seattle about a rabbi who ran the Chabad there. He was texting different women inappropriately. After a huge outcry he has resigned “as rabbi not clear if he resigned as director.”

The person in question is Rabbi Zalman Heber. His boss is Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin. Levitin, somehow, is still in charge despite being arrested and convicted for money laundering for a Colombian drug cartel, 30 years ago.

This news report, still live on YouTube, provides a summary. Levitin protested that he was innocent. At Failed Messiah, Shmarya Rosenberg wrote (in the comments, 5/23/11):
"Levitin was caught *red handed• money laundering for a drug cartel.
He was N-O-T taking "donations."
The feds had wiretaps of him making the deals in which he states what percentage of the money he will keep for himself."
Here is an article that discusses the Levitin case (the original is no longer online so the link is to the blog that reposted it):
"According to court documents, members of the conspiracy in New Jersey regularly sent cash to Seattle, where it was converted to cashier's checks by taking it to several banks and presenting it in amounts that didn't require federal currency reporting. Under federal law, bank transactions of $10,000 or more must be reported to the government....a 'common technique used by money launderers'...illegal under recent amendments added to federal money laundering statutes." 
No matter how kind and spiritual someone is, how is he still employed after being arrested and serving a sentence for even minimal involvement in international drug trafficking?

In the government when they do a security clearance they look for ways you could be blackmailed. Did anyone think that leaving Levitin in charge after his conviction could subject the entire Seattle Jewish community to blackmail?

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for religious organizations to evade responsibility by saying:

  • "We aren't about that. That is just one criminal."
  • “Those decisions are handled locally not centrally.” 
  • "That happened a long time ago and one thing has nothing to do with the other.” 
  • "You have an ax to grind.” 
  • "But he has a wife and children where’s your mercy?” 
They say "aveirah gorreres aveirah" - one sin brings another - where there is sexual abuse there are other kinds of abuses too. Failed Messiah notes of the video news report regarding Levitin:
"I'm told that the rabbi standing next to Levitin, Rabbi Moses Londinski was later run of the Seattle Jewish community after multiple sexual allegations about him surfaced. Londinski, who was at the time one of the most important Orthodox rabbis on the West Coast, was accused of propositioning many female members of his congregation."
Here are some links to articles about Chabad and drug trafficking, something which should be investigated further.

Below is a reprint of a portion of a website that asks the important question: "Where do they get all the money?" (Copyright permission for lengthy quotes and reprinting is granted on the site.)
"Chabad has a network of thousands of schools all over the world. These schools provide free tuition to most of it's students....Where do they get all the money? 
"In addition to their free schools, Chabad has thousands of Chabad houses all over the world....most of these Chabad houses are located in remote places where there are no Jews, such as rural parts of South East Asia and South America. According to Chabad, the purpose of these Chabad houses is to provide Kosher food and free housing to Jewish travelers if they go to those places. But once again, where do they get all the money for all these Chabad houses? And why would anyone want to build a free Kosher restaurant, that also provides free housing to the occasional Jewish traveler, in a remote place where there are no Jews? 
"Chabad houses have been strategically located in areas where there is a high volume of illegal drugs (sic) activity. Take for example the city of Tijuana in Mexico, a city where there are no Jews. The Chabad house in Tijuana is the oldest Chabad house in Mexico, and Tijuana is the most important city for drug traffickers moving their drugs from Mexico to the USA. Chabad houses also provide money laundering services to drug dealers and other criminals." 
"Nobody wants to mess with drug dealers, so no specific details will be provided on this page. Law enforcement officials are already well aware of this situation. The only information provided on this page is information that has already been published in the past in the mass media."
What is troubling about Chabad is precisely the amount of outreach, education, and social services they provide to Jews seeking religious support, while at the same time there are so many years of reported links to drug traffickers.

One has to ask the question - which is the chicken and which is the egg? Or is it impossible to extricate the one from the other?

This "weaponizing" of community assistance is the same tactic used by the radical Islamic terrorist group Hamas.

It is disturbing to think that Chabad "trafficks" young couples to remote areas, unprotected. Also in 2019, one such couple was attacked in Kenya, and we do not know what exactly happened here, but news stories only say that the wife had to go to the hospital.

I am very disturbed by these stories and by the unanswered questions behind them.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain. Here is a link to the archive of the Failed Messiah article about Levitin.

Israel Must Keep A Sex Offender Registry

Fundamentally, antisemitism does not come from “white nationalism.” It is a punishment from God for disobedience to His word. Another cause of antisemitism is when a Jewish religious figure commits a grievous sin and people are furious about it.

Both of these are true in the case of religious pedophiles. They must be stopped in Israel, in particular, and the state is not acting to do so.

Israel has become a safe place for religious pedophiles to live. But this cannot be allowed to go on. In particular because it is the Holy Land, it cannot allow or enable pedophilia.”

To me this is obvious. It is obvious that they must act as a state. Israel has done so in the past, and it must do so to eradicate the scourge of hidden pedophilia among the ultra-Orthodox.

Here is just one example, a comment from Shana Aaronson, of Jewish Community Watch in Israel, by a pedophile who had previously served time for this offense:
“Numerous community members calling to share that he’s hanging out with kids, a lot, and they are very concerned. I encouraged them strongly to warn the parents. But, you know, it’s awkward. No one ever wants to be the killjoy calling up a neighbor to share the lashon hara [prohibited gossip] that the kindly young man who’s taken their kid under his wing is a convicted child molester. Then the next wave of phone calls started. He’s volunteering at local organizations, and using his status there to pick up kids.”
What is the institutional problem?
"The police, she explained to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, knew he was dangerous but were restrained from acting because nobody with firsthand knowledge of the abuse had been willing to come forward. Israel, unlike the United States, does not keep a registry of sex offenders."
Someone said to me: “I am done with organized religion. I am done with the men in the black hats.”

I said to them: “If you leave, there is no one left to fight back.”

The women are the missing figures in religion. It is the men who perpetrate child sex trafficking and then they cover for their buddies. We are told that religion is an all or nothing proposition. If we fail or fall short on one thing, all is lost because we are bad and irredeemable.

That is Satan talking.


All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

Hannity Panel 8/8/2019: Ohr 302s Reveal Russiagate Hoax

The below are my raw notes on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show tonight, 8/8/2019. The show focused on the breaking news that about 3 dozen pages of FBI notes from interviews with DOJ official Bruce Ohr, husband of Nellie Ohr, have just been released.


“did our top intel officials outsource spying for the purpose of hurting trump?”

@RudyGiuliani “there is plenty of evidence that it happened Sean” 8/8/19 9:22 pm on Fox News

“fbi and cia put their lives at risk and a few at the top corrupt them”

on @seanhannity now

99% of our intel and law enforcement is “premier” but there was “outsourcing” for corruption - spying

“why do you terminate relationship with Christopher Steele” and then direct people to keep meeting with him?

“Burst” of 302 after election, inauguration and then when SC named

“Don’t wort Lisa” insurance policy


John Solomon and @SaraCarterDC now

Solomon - Nellie Ohr created dirt dossier on Manafort - did they know? (Who is they?)

302s = “Backchannel between Steele and DOJ”

@StateDept a Major conspirator” - “acting like an extralegal @TheJusticeDept arm”


“this is the tip of the iceberg”

“Investigators wanted Clinton to win and Trump to lose” - “common theme here is bias”

“McCabe suit interesting”

“fair to say that Russian lies used as basis of FISA application? fair to say that it’s looking more likely every day that top officials abused their power? Outsourced? Spying on Americans? Mifsud? Spying on Trump Presidency?”


they didn’t want to charge Hillary because then she would lose

“The insurance policy is what we’re seeing here”

“just the tip of the iceberg”

“Will stun the audience when they hear about it”

“was looking into irregularities with the unmaskings of communications with Americans overseas” - “extraordinary”

“Flynn, Kisliak”

“Look at the May Judicial Watch 302 and how terrified Steele was”

“Russia hoax totally unravels with release of 302s” - Fox News

They’re in commercials now, everyone is there -

Graham, Jordan, Solomon, Carter

“What is a 302 in the fbi?
A FD-302 form is used by FBI agents to ‘report or summarize the interviews that they conduct’ and contains information from the notes taken during the interview by the non-primary agent.” 

“It consists of information taken from the subject, rather than details about the subject themselves.”

is back

“Weaponized against the trump campaign”

Rep. Jim Jordan - “The week we get the 302 is the week they sue for wrongful termination”

Hannity: “do you believe they purposely lied in the fisa to spy”

Graham “systematic corruption”

Hannity “you’re saying they tried to rig the election”

Graham “that’s what this is all about”

Graham “if the shoe were on the other foot you could not turn on your television”

Graham “to the guys on the other side please help me find out”

Hannity “premeditated fraud, denying the constitutional liberties of another sounds like the Horowitz report might be nothing compared to the Durham report”

Will they be held accountable? Jordan and Graham agree


Charges? Not sure

Brennan etc? “There are suggestions, not enough to say conclusively” that they “outsourced spying”

Will people be charged? @SaraCarterDC“they better be” 

Solomon “we gotta get the pressure”

Tom Fitton briefly appeared to say that they “never proved @POTUS did anything wrong”


they took limited information and were “flooding” it to make it seem like it was coming from everywhere

Clinton, Obama, DNC used intel agencies, foreign gov to “derail” campaign, spy, go after administration - “people have to go to jail”

- “you had credible media sources” saying Trump spying for the Russians, treasons, 25th amendment, impeachment “and for what?”

I can’t type fast enough

This @seanhannity show tonight is a complete bombshell

It’s like the dam is breaking and I can only barely understand this, but I understand

This was a no-holds-barres, stop-at-nothing, all-out-war to stop Trump AT ALL COSTS

This is, without question, the worst scandal in American political history.

Nobody in DC is sleeping tonight.

The extent to which the Federal Government was politicized and infiltrated is horrific - the State Department, the Department of Justice, the CIA. They were “all in.” ALL IN!

Hannity is ending the show. Adding thanks to Victoria Toensing, @JaySekulow - this is it.

The extent of this. They had all the media, the print and the broadcast media, nationwide. This can never happen again.

They had complete control of the Democratic Party - everybody had to fall into line

Censoring, deplatforming, doxing, closing bank accounts, boycotting, physical assault, unbelievable. Unbelievable.

I am speechless.

All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

Seeing The Demons In This War Of The End Times

This thought made me cry. What if Yeshu (Jesus), who never claimed to be a Messiah and who observed the Torah, was a model Jew who threatened the demonic realm?

As such, the demons would push the cabal to take him out.

We do not understand God’s ways. The murder of Yeshu (Jesus) led to the creation of a new religion that would at first oppose/persecute, then later support/fight for, the Jews, as well as God’s dominion over the Holy Land.

Everything the demonic realm tries to do, to “steal” God’s power and “fight” to “overthrow” Him, turns back against them. Boomerang.

Satan’s minions (the “Erev Rav” within Judaism) have a hand in every faction of the war. They hide among those you are taught to trust. See them.

Evil transmuted into good is how redemption happens. I do not “become” someone else, but the most spiritual version of the person I can be in the material realm.

The demonic is not truly “against” God, it has no power, but rather God has deputized them to make our redemption meaningful.

This is why, if you repent and turn to God as YOU understand Him, the demonic realm has NO POWER OVER YOU.

The only “power” they have is the power to highlight YOUR MISDEEDS and GIGANTIC EGO, masquerading as (insert the ways you deny and rationalize the bad in yourself).

Why do you think they went after Islam? The Jihad is A SPIRITUAL WAR against ourselves that they distorted and weaponized into a physical mercenary force.

We are all in this war now, which is the final war. 

Now is the time.

Shields up - your prayer is your machine gun.

All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

We Need Better Answers About Jesus’ Interaction With The Rabbis Of His Time

From what I can tell, Jesus was a Jew who followed Judaism. 

He protested the Sadduccees, corrupt elite priests (Levites) who ran the Holy Temple.

These people rejected the precepts of Judaism, including the Oral Law and belief in resurrection of the dead. /1

It seems like the Talmudic rabbis should have turned their wrath on the Sadduccees for being corrupt. Instead they turned on Jesus. /2

It seems like the Pharisees should have welcomed his opposition to the corrupt Sadduccees. Why didn’t they? /3

This writer posits that the Pharisees felt that Jesus was a political threat to the Romans — he believed in Jewish sovereignty over Israel — and as such could get everybody (all the Jews) killed. /4 

When Jesus was turned over, it was his own disciple, Judas, who did it. He had his reasons but regretted it instantly. /5 

All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

Religious Zionism - A Revolution From Within

1) There is a logical reason why bad Jews choose Israel for a project. It accomplishes two goals at once: Number one, removing Jews from their commitment to Torah; Number two, diverting Godly power to their own evil aims.

2) Take eugenics for example. Torah Jews do not believe in eugenics. But the Zionist project was founded upon a deep concern for racial purity - with Western European characteristics (Ashkenaz) being the ideal. 

3) The Rothschild family, which was so fundamental and foundational in establishing the state of Israel, were into cousin-marrying to keep the line pure. 

4) It is a legacy that Israel acknowledges, uncomfortably. 

5) "A little noticed 2011 book by academic Etan Bloom revealed that the father of Israeli sociology and a leading Zionist of the British Mandate named Arthur Ruppin, was a believer in eugenics." (British)

6) "In 1919 he argued that the Jewish race should be 'purified' and that it was 'desirable that only the racially pure come to the land.'"

7) (Remember, the early Zionists are Rothschildean - they are substituting knowledge - the perfect human being - for God.)

8) "As head of the Palestine Office of the Zionist Executive (later the Jewish Agency for Israel), he put his purity schemes into practice,"

9) "arguing that Ethiopian Jews should not be permitted to immigrate, because “they have no blood connection,” and arguing that Yemenite Jews should be brought only for menial labor."

10) The Rothschilds had the land in the early years. 

11) If you look at the early 20th century, the belief in eugenics was not limited to the early Zionists - many prominent Americans believed fervently this. 

12) The essential task for people who love Judaism, and who love Israel accordingly as the Holy Land, is to reclaim the holiness of the people and the land, as well as the Torah.

13) One quick example.

14) One of my kids went on "Birthright Israel" the free trip. During this trip the kids were drinking and hanging out - didn't feel very holy.

15) They had a discussion during the day entitled "what is a Jew" and to her shock she found that NOBODY AGREED THAT JUDAISM IS A RELIGION.

16) When you have a religion so degraded that its adherents do not believe in God, do not believe they are part of a religion, and do not see any holiness in the Land of Israel - then you have a serious problem.

17) I am arguing for a revolution from within...for us as Jews (as Jews) to see the corruption that has become endemic among the religious and the not religious, to acknowledge it and to throw it off, and to unify around serving Him again.

more later

All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

Communist Fist, Resistance Logos (With A Side Helping Of JDL Questions)

Interesting similarities:
✅ Communist Russia logo
✅ Anti-Trump Resistance logo
✅”Antifascist” imagery against white supremacy 
✅ Jewish Defense League logo using the communist fist (R’ M. Kahane, JDL founder, was assassinated by WTC bomber Nosair.)

“Rabbi Kahane was an FBI informant paid to infiltrate the anti communist John Birch Society.”

He later confounded the JDL which had a communist fist for a logo (h/t @amycheapho)…
In 1990, Rabbi Kahane was assassinated by Pakistan-trained El Sayid Nosair, one of the radical Islamic terrorists who went on to plot the 1993 WTC bombing that was a precursor to 9/11.…
But the CIA created bin Laden, or so some say.…
“Michael Moore's political documentary...argues that President George W. Bush and his inner circle used the media to further an agenda that exploited the 9/11 attacks.”…
“The close ties of the Saudis to the Bush family, the cynical profiteering of corporations and a political elite beholden to special interests are all cited as elements of a corrupt system.”
Remember, they want you DIVIDED.


P. S. Let me guess. Just like FBI COINTELPRO infiltrated the Black nationalist movement, so too did it infiltrate the Jewish self-defense movement, which led to violence and arrests.…

Why did the FBI watch the JDL from Day 1?

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.