"The Price of Truth," Book Discussion, Part III

1) "The Price of Truth," Part III, the trafficking, mindfucking, silencing, and subduing of Genendy the victim, and her isolation from every other victim, and the gigantic injustice of this conspiracy.
3) What happened to Genendy was bad enough - rape and molestation by her father and grandfather - without the trafficking element.

But the fact of the matter is that her family sold her to the yeshiva boys.
4) "The bad girl, the one who Tatty hurts at night, is sometimes left in there with the bochurim."

(In there - in the dorms; "bochurim" - yeshiva boys who live away from home, high school age.)

- "The Price of Truth," Genendy, Location 510
5) "They give Tatty money, and she has to do what they say." - "The Price of Truth," Genendy, Location 510

This is straight up child sex trafficking. 
7) "The law also prohibits and punishes attempts and conspiracies relating to human trafficking. It orders the forfeit of any property used in violation of the law as well as any proceeds from the act."
8) "The law includes clauses for the mandatory payment of restitution to the victim for the full amount of their losses, as determined by the court."
9) Genendy's father takes her to a local hotel to rape her, which leads her to try to drown herself in the pool. 

She is grateful to her father when he rescues her from the suicide attempt his vicious crimes caused.
10) Genendy is encouraged to live in two realities, the reality of the abuse and the reality of the ultra-Orthodox life where talk of abuse is forbidden. Therefore she concludes that the abuse must be "a bad dream."
11) Genendy the religious child is not supposed to be near the yeshiva boys. Genendy the child trafficking victim is raped repeatedly such that she dissociates and cannot recall the sodomy, or can only witness them from a distance, and see the child crying.
12) The torture involves religion in that the conscious child is invited to situations that should be completely innocent, and then they turn into rape. Father is teacher, trafficker, rapist.
13) The conscious child blames herself, needs her father, and cannot speak of any of this to the mother, because it's "her fault" for being "bad."
13) The child's life revolves around "not getting into trouble" for being "bad" because this is the mentality of the fundamentalist community and in particular there are many, many, many prohibitions around sex.
14) It should be mentioned that Genendy describes herself as being about 46 years old (born 1973), and having 11 siblings, who lived in close quarters, in or about New York City (Lakewood, NJ area; Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY).
15) Genendy is upset when she starts going through puberty; it makes her anxious; she decides she would rather be a boy - maybe she is a boy. 

This seems like an avenue for gender researchers - the link between abuse and gender identity disorders.
16) The repressed memories come up at bedtime. Remember until now she is self-censoring.
17) The 13-14 year old Genendy becomes conscious that she is a slave to her parents and she will be a slave to her husband. This is dogma, religious dogma in her world.

She witnesses her uncle brutally slapping her young cousin - "normal" physical abuse.
18) She's getting older and that means she has to care for children not her own (still a slave) in an overcrowded apartment with no physical or emotional boundaries.
19) The mind games are pervasive; "apologize because she would get hit because you cried"; mom gets married to escape constant physical violence from dad; mom's husband rapes child and either her father or her husband pimps child out; mom pretends to see nothing.
20) You can see the dynamics of the child sex trafficking are not overt. It's not like someone "decided" to do this. It's happening though.
21) Genendy's uncle is molesting his son.
22) Genendy is the only one the victim tells, and she is drawn into the situation, asked to tape the child. 

Her father knows well that he raped her, but this goes unsaid, and it's a psychotic situation, as she is also caring for a bipolar aunt.
23) Genendy has memories of the yeshiva boys raping her and molesting her younger brother, who is a baby, and laughing as they do it. She is wracked by guilt and shame and sorrow.
24) The mother colluded with the abuse until Genendy turned seven, because it was determined in some form or fashioned that Jewish law at that point kicked in.

We see here the twisting of religion again, a rationalization, that young children somehow don't count.
25) Mom tortures Genendy in small ways. She does not allow the child to get proper eyeglasses because what does she need to see?

She takes away the radio.

Her books.

Genendy is a prisoner.
26) Genendy's father finds out that she wants to leave home and locks up her passport.
27) She manages to get it back and leave anyway, running to Israel, but somehow the family lures her back, because the family is all she knows.
28) Her father intimates that the reason she wanted to leave is that she's really a lesbian.

Imagine the level of mental torture this man is inflicting on the girl.
29) Genendy eventually goes to a therapist, but the therapist is loyal to her father and violates clinical boundaries; the sessions were really about helping him, not Genendy.
30) Meanwhile Genendy's father is confiding in her as though she were an intimate female friend, and when she tells him to stop he is genuinely "confused".

"Isn't communication a two-way street?" he asks.

NO! Sicko
31) At some point Genendy finds the box with her baby pictures and starts to open it, but her parents forbid her from opening the box.

The box is the abuse, she cannot be permitted to access those memories.
32) The therapist, who is colluding with the father, suggests to Genendy that she is repressing memories of sexual abuse, and directs those memories to her uncle. Genendy tells her father about this, and he says yes, that sounds about right-except he knows that he is one of them.
33) The father tells Genendy to get married it will solve things
34) Genendy is trying to hold it together but Mom is tormented and fears that Genendy will become a molester. So when Genendy's sister comes to her for comfort, Mom warns her away, because the child isn't dressed.

Think about the monstrousness of this all.
35) The scene with mom makes Genendy realize that mom knew all along, and this creates havoc in her mind as the memories rush in.
36) The therapist who is supporting dad, not Genendy, wants to "fix" Genendy and tells her to come clean to mom at least so that she can start to heal. She uses mumbo jumbo on Genendy, saying that she is "delaying gratification" by not talking.
37) Really, what is going on is that the therapist is a predator also, trying to plumb Genendy's mind to see how much trouble the parents are in.
38) The father meanwhile schemes to get Genendy in to see a well-known rabbi for support. She tells him she was abused and he says he believes her. She names her grandfather, an elite rabbi, and the immediate reaction is: 

"It didn't happen."

Conspiracy of silence.
39) The therapist insists on meeting Genendy's parents without her there; Genendy insists on being there; and the therapist says there are "boundary issues" and drops her as a client.
40) Genendy tries to tell her sister, who goes to Dad, who says that she is headed down a "dangerous path" because he is the only one who "really" loves her.
41) Genendy survives on the kindness of kind strangers. A Jewish woman from the community. And later, the kindness of fellow patients at a mental hospital.
42) But while she still has her teaching job, at the ultra-Orthodox preschool, she confides in her boss who flatly denies that anything physical could have happened, although the emotional aspect (which would not count against her virginity) was definitely real.

Gas Lighting
43) In a completely surreal scene, Genendy, whose community has utterly pimped out and betrayed her, turns to a rabbi to ask if she is "allowed" to marry a priest if her father RAPED her, and the rabbi asks only if she was less than three years old at the time.

44) The truth is that Genendy is not organically mentally ill. But she is made ill by those around her, who violate her in the worst possible way, and then completely deny the reality.
45) Genendy, the broken and tortured slave in this sharia-like culture, is the culpable party because she broke the rule about saying mean things.
46) What Genendy cannot see, in her determination to make the guilty parties responsible, is that these men all need to go to jail.

She was a prisoner, she was pimped out, she was violated, she was tortured, she was enslaved, she was made sick.

They knew, they colluded.
47) Genendy is married now, but she has been ostracized by her family of origin, and her attackers roam free.

Part IV of this thread (not today, it's too much) will talk about the parallels between her experience and that of others.
48) It will talk about how serial sexual predators roam the halls of yeshivas, day care centers, Israeli seminaries and outreach centers, synagogues, and overnight schools, and of course families. 

How they do it as a group.

And what is needed to stop them.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

"The Price of Truth," Book Discussion, Part II

1) "The Price of Truth," Part II
3) "Don't you ever talk about anything happy, Dossy?"
"All this stuff isn't good for you"
"You are so good at telling jokes"
"How about some good news for a change?"
4) At a meal, less than 30 days ago:
5) "I heard that this young man accused a rabbi of doing some terrible things"
6) "The lady who told me about it said he must have dreamed it, it is impossible"
7) "For one thing the details he described were off, everybody would have seen it"
8) Yes, people still say things like this.

The individual in question has been accused of pedophilia three times, and he tried to sue his accusers, and he is having an official religious school function held in his home, and nobody bats an eyelash except the activists.
9) There is no excuse not to know.

That rabbi in my past - the girl left the school, left town, left religion
10) They use memory against us, they say there is no proof.
11) More run-up. 

I guess you'll have to forgive me or stop reading.
12) I am constantly amazed at how people distort the actual Torah we were given.
13) Many weeks, in synagogue, I hear the speech and have to bite my hand to make myself be quiet and get along.
14) One week the synagogue actually hosted a former witch, WHO HASN'T RENOUNCED WITCHCRAFT, who GAVE THE SERMON and who told me later I WILL ALWAYS BE PROUD OF WHO I AM.
15) This week it wasn't as bad, but the point of the Parsha was missed, and so let's focus on that for a second because it relates to what we are all doing out here, together.
16) Last week, Pinchas (the grandson of High Priest Aharon) sees the head of one of the tribes publicly having intercourse at the holy Tent of Meeting with the Midianite princess sent to tempt the Jews to idol worship - Peor - child sacrifice (sound familiar?)
17) In a holy act of justice, Pinchas kills them both. When he kills her, the blade goes through her womb.
18) Until Pinchas killed them, the Jews were dying of a plague. 

24,000 Jews to be specific because they were engaged in sacreligious sex with the Midianite women. 

The Midianites trafficked their daughters in order to destroy the Jews from within.
19) Moses of course was married to Tziporah, a Midianite and Tziporah's father was the righteous Jethro, which teaches us that each person is responsible for what they do. 

Also that a proclivity to sin often hides true potential to be great.
20) The Bible teaches us that the Midianites were even more evil than the Moabites, who simply feared a Jewish invasion (note: Ruth, mother of King David, progenitor of the Mashiach, was a Moabite who converted to Judaism). 

The Midianites simply and purely hated the Jews.
21) The Midianites' hatred and their sheer immersion in sexual immorality and ritual sacrifice of infants to their idol was so strong, so deep, that the head of the Midianites trafficked his own daughter just to get at the Jews.
22) Looking back on Pinchas now, Jews universally consider him to be a hero, although of course there are always liberals who question whether his "zealousness" was too much (eyeroll)
23) In the moment of his tremendous heroism the Jews were steeped in immorality and as such they attacked him for what he did (does this sound familiar)
24) This despite the righteousness of what he did. 

Pinchas killed 2 elites - Zimri, the head of the tribe of Shimon (Simeon) and Cozbi, the Midianite princess.

In the merit of what he did, God stopped the plague and blessed him with peace and protection.
25) But the Jews, because their minds were so lost, accused him of murder and spoke evilly of his lineage #fakenews
26) God blessed Pinchas not only because he acted out of care and concern for God, but also because he was motivated by a love of the people. "Betocham" (Num. 25:11), "he zealously avenged My vengeance AMONG THEM." 

Pinchas loved being a Jew and he cared.

He wasn't self-hating.
27) This is the spirit in which I come forward and in which the Jewish and non-Jewish advocates I know of come forward. We do not hate, we love. 

To love someone is to tell them when they're doing something wrong.
28) I'm going to start quoting from the book now. This is a warning that the next few tweets will be upsetting.
29) "I recall thoughts and feelings that I had as a two-year-old as if I am living them right now." - survivor Genendy, "The Price of Truth, Kindle Edition, Location 360 of 3255
30) "I am lying in bed in a room that I share with my sister and brother in our little white stucco house." (Price of Truth, continued)
31) "I am two." 

(Price of Truth, continued)
32) "Tatty ['my father'/'Dad'] comes into my room and lies down on my bed."

(Price of Truth, continued)
33) "I am too scared to move."

(Price of Truth, continued)
34) "I know what will happen and I know it's because I'm a very bad girl."

(Price of Truth, continued)
35) "I stare at the red and white checkered curtains."

"I can't get away from him."

(Price of Truth, continued)
36) "No, Tatty, No! Don't hurt me!"

(Price of Truth, continued)
37) "He rolls on top of me. I can't breathe. I can't move. Something is poking at me. I can't see what it is. It's cutting me. He's too heavy. I am going to die."

(Price of Truth, continued)
38) "I want to die."

"I have to die."

"Something is in my mouth. I can't breathe."

"Tatty, NO!"

"Tatty, I need you!"

(Price of Truth, continued.)
39) "My eyes are staring into the dark inside my head. It feels floaty in here. I move away from my body and away from Tatty."

"Away from everything."

"I am not real."

"I can't be..."

(Price of Truth, continued.)
40) Taking a short break.
41) OK, I am back. Summary.

- Yesterday was about overcoming my own denial/resistance.
- This a.m. was about context. (We need a bit more.)
- The current thread is about the rightness of bringing attention to this issue and its victim.
42) *victims
43) Left out of the thread was the enormous subject of the Holocaust; we can add in just one thing, which is crucial.

I think we can localize the child sex trafficking phenomenon to the generation of the survivors. 

I think the plague started there, and it has to end with them.
44) If you understand that ultra-Orthodox child sex trafficking is a hyper-specific, localized phenomenon (looked at from the perspective of time immemorial), you also understand why the community is not able to articulate, understand, or respond to it.

People need to go to jail
45) If I have learned one thing from being a citizen researcher, it is that pedophiles never change. They need to be behind bars for what they did at a minimum, away from children at a minimum, and their deeds recorded as REAL and INCONTROVERTIBLE at a minimum.
46) Closing this thread now, and Part III will be about the conspiracy to keep Genendy quiet. 

Part IV will be about how others experienced the same thing.

My entire goal is to get the perpetrators in jail. Not restitution. Jail.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

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