Theresa May Tried To Tell Us

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1) In August 2016, Theresa May called attention to institutionalized child sex abuse at the core of British society.

May resigned as UK Prime Minister on Friday, May 23, 2019. She took office 1 month before this article appeared.

2) Because our world is governed by a Satanic ethos that includes the presumption child sex trafficking will never go away, May signed away her job virtually the moment she took it.
3) No human being in this world can attain any serious stature and call out child sex trafficking. No one, except President Trump, has succeeded and they are currently after him full-time.
4) Here are some quotes from Theresa May.
5) (I am intentionally separating the quotes from the context of the article. Also the article was actually first published in 2015, but May was not yet Prime Minister.)
6) “The trail will lead into our schools and hospitals, our churches, our youth clubs and many other institutions that should have been places of safety but instead became the setting for the most appalling abuse.” - Theresa May 
7) “What the country doesn’t yet appreciate is the true scale of that abuse.” 
8) “I have only learnt about the extent and breadth of the problem since I first announced an overarching inquiry into whether public bodies and other non-state institutions had failed in their duty of care towards children.” 
9) “In my discussions with older victims and survivors and their representatives, I began to realise how abuse is woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society.” 
10) “I have said before and I shall say again, that what we have seen so far is only the tip of iceberg.” 
11) “In recent years, we have watched the slow trickle of allegations become a flood. Yet, incredibly, some people still question whether we need an inquiry.” 
12) “‘What’s the point?’ they say. ‘It’s so long ago and we know it all now. Leave it in the past where it belongs.’”

“But how on earth are we to learn lessons for the future if we don’t address the wrongs of the past?” 
13) “The victims and survivors who have had the courage to speak out are clear that they have done so for one common reason – to save the next generation of children from the abuse they suffered.” 
14) “Where there has been a failure to protect children from abuse, we will expose it and we will learn from it.” 
15) “For too long nobody listened, nobody wanted to admit the darkness in our midst.” 
16) “It is the job of the inquiry to get to the truth, to examine the how, why, where and when of institutional abuse. I truly believe it represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity and that once its work is done, we will never look at society in the same way again.” 

Behar: Give It A Rest (May 25, 2019)

Opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

1) It’s #BibleStudyCoffeeTime.
Parshas Behar (Leviticus 25:1-26:2; supplemental reading Jeremiah 32:6-32:27)

May 25, 2019 
2) The focus of this portion is on restraining our greed. 
3) We learn about the concept of Shemittah, the Sabbatical year; every 7 years we stop working the land and let it be free of human intervention. 
4) Every 49 years is a grand cycle (7 x 7) and we free the slaves. 
5) People who have the composure to both work and restrain themselves from working at God's command are not just ethical, they are enlightened 

-- in the Godly way.

Not the Luciferian way ("bringer of light") - that is false enlightenment. 
6) @POTUS @realDonaldTrump spoke of enlightenment this morning.

"The real trade war began 30 years ago, and we lost." - someone waged war on us, 2 make us debt slaves 

"This is a bright new Age, the Age of Enlightenment. We don’t lose anymore!"

7) "Enlightenment" to my simple mind means a few things.

It means being realistic about life. Throughout human history, people have sold themselves or been sold into slavery for multiple reasons, including debt.

The modern American consumer economy = deb slavery.
8) *debt ("debt slavery")
10) "Enlightenment" means being aware of your true situation.

If you can't get by without spending more than you earn, you are a slave.
11) "Enlightenment" means knowing how to produce more than you use.

One of the good things Obama did was establish the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, now @MFGUSA, at @usnistgov.…
12) (I still hope we establish a National Institutes of Manufacturing similar to the @NIH)
13) Manufacturing is a life-or-death national security issue, not just a nice capability to have.

Imagine what would happen if we had to buy everything from China, and China stopped selling us those things.

Imagine what would happen if China infiltrated our supply chain. 
14) Debt slaves = economic war 
15) Historically we've been quite stupid about allowing other nations to get "enlightened" our expense. 
16) Look at the red part. Historically companies have not wanted to invest in the red part, because it's research that may or may not yield anything they can sell. In manufacturing they call it the "Valley of Death."

That's what the NNMI funds. 
17) "Enlightenment" through the efforts of partnerships like the NNMI (now Manufacturing USA) means that we are learning how to PRINT FOOD.

Think about ending poverty. This is it.

18) When @POTUS alludes to "enlightenment" he may well be referring to technologies that solve hunger, disease, and homelessness without forcing the disadvantaged to serve as slaves to the globalists.
19) Because you know that behind every significant "philanthropy" is someone who is very, very wealthy and untouchable - "too big to fail."
20) When the @POTUS says "we don't lose anymore," what I think he means is that we do not accept a system within which survival means slavery.
21) In Jewish religious thinking, the age of the Messiah is the age of enlightenment because all will be conscious of God.
21) When you are conscious of God it becomes impossible to live off of (cannibalize) other people in order to promote yourself, because you are so shamed at the mere thought of trying to project a God that serves you, (the "egregore") when God is God.
22) "Allowing" the land to lie fallow is an expression of faith that God will provide. It's not you and your efforts that do anything.
24) (correcting the numbering)
25) Humans are frail. God is beyond human description.

Enlightenment = understanding light

When God said "Let there be light" (Genesis)

26) The fight against human trafficking, and specifically child sex trafficking, is not just about the superficial recovery of human beings from other depraved individuals.
27) It is the "redemption of redemptions," as children are the most vulnerable among us, and their abuse is the ultimate expression of rebellion against God. It is the ultimate attempt to replace Him.
28) "What's my name?"



On the 1 Year Embassy Of The US Embassy Move To Jerusalem (May 14, 2019)

1) "Today marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel....a proud reminder of our strong relationship with Israel and of the importance of keeping a promise and standing for the truth."

2) 1 year marker
12:27 PM 
14 May 2019
3) "Stand" - repeated twice
"O" - used repetitively - "one" is spelled out; "our"; "of"; "opening"
"And" - repeated twice
"The Truth" - why is that relevant here?
4) This tweet comes out at 12:27 p.m. (my time) and the @POTUS motorcade has an accident shortly thereafter. Reporter tweets "breaking" at 2:41 p.m. (my time).

Message - response?

5) Reporter: "I saw 3 officers down" - not standing.

"on Interstate 10 near Lake Charles as Trump motorcade...." 
-- 1 (one year anniversary)
-- 0 - recall the "O" used over and over 

"Grassy ditch" - reminded me of the grassy knoll.

6) It's going to take time to figure out what happened today...bear with me.
7) Back.
8) Today is 5/14/19

5 + 4 = 9


9) “Today marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.”

Let’s look back one year.
10) 5/14/18, 6:54 AM 
@POTUS Tweet

“U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem will be covered live on @FoxNews & @FoxBusiness. Lead up to 9:00 A.M. (eastern) event has already begun. A great day for Israel!”
11) “Big day for Israel. Congratulations!”

9:36 AM
13) “There were reportedly no Dem members of Congress in attendance at Monday’s opening ceremony of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, highlighting the party’s pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel foreign policy carried over from the Obama administration.”
14) “Even former Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) – who left the Democratic Party in 2006 to run as an Independent before leaving politics in 2013 – was shocked at his former party’s no-shows”
15) Here is @netanyahu @jaredkushner @IvankaTrump at the event.
17) “Heavenly Father we come before You, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, thanking You for bringing us to this momentous occasion in the life of Your people and in the history of our world.”
18) “Four thousand years ago, You said to Your servant Abraham that You would make him the father of a great nation — a nation ‘through whom the whole world would be blessed.’”
19) “And now as we look back, we see how Israel has been that blessing to the entire world, through her innovations in medicine, technology, and energy.”
20) “But most of all, Israel has blessed this world by pointing us to You, the one true God, through the message of her prophets, the Scriptures, and the Messiah.”
21) “We come before You today thanking You for Your providential and powerful protection of this nation from all who would seek to destroy her. This nation, the nation of Israel, You have called ‘the apple of Your eye.’”
22) “And Father, we are all so grateful as we think about what happened seventy years ago today — at this very moment — when You fulfilled the prophecies of the prophets from thousands of years ago and regathered Your people in this Promised Land.”
23) “Now we want to thank You, especially today, for the courageous leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu @netanyahu and his determination to do whatever it takes to protect his people at all costs.”
24) “.... we want to thank You for the tremendous leadership of our great president, Donald J. Trump.

Without President Trump’s determination, resolve, courage … we would not be here today. “
25) “And I believe, Father, I speak for every one of us when we say, we thank You every day that You have given us a President who boldly stands on the right side of history, but more importantly, stands on the right side of You, O God, when it comes to Israel.”
26) “And now today, Father, we want to pray what the psalmist prayed 3,000 years ago, ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May those who love her, prosper. May peace dwell within her walls.’”
27) The pastor concluded his prayer: “And we pray this in the name and the spirit of the Prince of Peace, Jesus our Lord, Amen.”

Christians and Jews united in truth.
29) Their words matter. Remember everyone was listening. 🤡
30) Keep in mind this rabbi is Chabad Hasidic. This sect emphasizes bringing the Messiah through spreading awareness of God to all people. All of humanity.
34) This isn’t a war between neo Nazis and Jews or between Palestinians and Jews. It is a war between the cabal and those who serve God.
35) God is truth, and as such the cabal is at war with the truth as well.
36) This is what the Chabad rabbi said at the dedication of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.
37) “Emphasizeing Jerusalem’s place as the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Wolowik noted that 

‘truth is not determined by popular opinion—it is eternal not ephemeral, unchanging not relative.’”

38) “Truth stands the test of time.”
39) “While empires, ideologies and philosophies rise and fall, the Jewish people’s attachment to this holy city has never waned or faltered—it is truth.”
40) “King David imagined a Temple here, and his son Solomon built it here; the Prophets pleaded, cajoled and thundered here.”
41) “From cradle to grave, for thousands of years, Jews of every extraction have had the beautiful name of this beautiful city on their lips, Yerushalayim.”
42) “Jews have lived here, and when they didn’t, they directed their prayers here. 

That is truth.”
43) @POTUS @realDonaldTrump tweet this morning was an affirmation of the words spoken at the dedication of the embassy.
44) “Today marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Our beautiful embassy stands as a proud reminder of our strong relationship with Israel and of the importance of keeping a promise and standing for the truth.”

45) The cabal keeps trying to deflect from the truth through terror, lies or a combination.
46) Sample lie: “Trump - Eager For War With Iran” (@TulsiGabbard idiot)
47) Sample lie: “Trump’s sending lotsa lotsa trooooops to Iran” (@nytimes idiots)

48) It is literally amazing to me that we are two years into the Presidency of @realDonaldTrump and they still try to lie to us like this. 

Baldfaced lies.
49) Ok so let’s keep analyzing this.
50) Also May 14, 2018: #QAnon message re #fakenews 


[insert links to attacks on Q, pizzagate,@therealroseanne)

All For A LARP?
Ask yourself, WHY?”
51) The fake news always emphasizes 3 messages:

1. There is no conspiracy. Q is fake.

2. There is no such thing as elite cabal child sex trafficking. Pizzagate is fake.

3. People who believe anything other than what we tell them are dangerous.
52) Also 5/14/18: The #WWG1WGA billboard.

“[They] are afraid.
They are losing control of the message.

[They] = the guilty
53) This took me a few minutes to research. The next Q drop from 5/14/18, one year ago.
54) The runup: On May 10, 2018, POTUS welcomed home 3 Americans who had been held by North Korea. 

55) Names: 

Kim Dong-chul
Tony Kim
Kim Hak-song
56) Screenshot of fire truck that appeared in the video. 

Number on fire truck: Q74.
57) Doing a search, as Q suggested, no other fire trucks/fire engines come up with that number.…
58) The President tweeted the video of the returning Americans early in the morning. Later that day, Q posted a message too.

It had the same number as the fire truck: 74, or Q74.
59) Consider how improbable that is. 

Did @POTUS @realDonaldTrump specifically get a fire truck and have Q74 painted on it for the occasion?

And then Q somehow makes sure to time and number his post to be the same?

60) Notice with the cabal, somehow, we keep coming back to Iran and North Korea.
61) Here is Q, just a few days prior.
62) 5/8/18

“Today, EVIL lost control / leverage of Iran.
Today, POTUS took control of Iran.
Today, w/ pending sanctions and military action(s), POTUS will gain more ammunition / intel against THEM.
Suicide watch.”

Who is “Iran?”
Who is “North Korea?”

Remember ES visit...
63) “The deal kept Iran quiet.
The goal was to keep POTUS in until impeachment / term end.
Bigger than people can imagine.
Treason is 1/10th.”

What is this talking about?
Who was the “deal” actually with?
64) “Ask yourself, why are they panicking? 
Ask yourself, why is UK, France, and Germany so involved?
Trips to the WH?
What are they hiding?”

Seems like the various western intelligence agencies are doing something here by proxy.
65) “Why is HRC in NZ?
Is NZ part of 5 Eyes?
Why is that relevant?
Suicide watch.

New of what happened just recently???
66) There is a war going on, and they’re trying to keep everyone calm so as not to cause panic.
67) In the process the Administration has to put up with a lot of #fakenews. The cabal uses this to their advantage, playing and praying until the bitter end.
68) In do remember November 2016.

This is Erik Prince saying there is evidence of “garbage” activity (it is clear he means pedophilia) by Bill and Hillary Clinton and some Democrats in Congress. Found on the AW laptop.

69) 5/14/2018 Q drop alludes to this and alludes to Gen. Flynn’s son knowing and saying so.
71) Also 5/14/18: Fake MAGA is #FakeNews
72) “Pain coming.”
73) Last one for May 14: #NXIVM

Allison Mack, NXIVM & NY AG Schneiderman Connection

“Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]?
When does a bird sing?
Schneiderman resigns [date]?
Eyes Wide Open.
Who will be next?
Watch NYC.
Watch CA.
74) What is the connection between @POTUS talking Jerusalem/truth and:

“Trump is a racist” - antisemitic attacks
“Trump wants war” - Iran signaling
75) Who is “THE IRANIAN” who magically shows up at GLP die to a miraculous VPN connection?…
79) Once it gets out of hand we’re screwed.

Stop the madness
Stop the war 
Stop the cabal


All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

Photo is from the original opening of the Jerusalem embassy. Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem. Some rights reserved.

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