Monday, December 2, 2019

Nadler, Qatar, and a Coup by Impeachment

This is the exact MO described by Alan Bender in his deposition in Florida.

Qatar seeks to control the White House by proxy.

Qatar buys public officials in through "advisory services". 
mentions lays out, step by step, how Nadler pays Friedlander $1,000 a month, every month, for 16 years, even in non-campaign years.

Friedlander defended Nadler for supporting Obama's "Iran deal" which would have facilitated the destruction of Israel by an Iran nuke. 
Posobiec lays out how Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood - which is what Obama was known to minimize and which Bender described in his deposition as well. 
The deposition alleges that Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour are both MB. 
If Qatar seeks control of the White House, it stands to reason that they would want to impeach and remove President Trump, who they call "orange man" per the deposition, and since they can't do it themselves they would use a paid public official. 
The deposition alleges that they tell Ilhan Omar which questions to ask on her committee.

Why can't people see past party label and understand that Qatar will use Muslims and Jews alike? 
The deposition makes it somewhat understandable how Ezra Friedlander, a Hasidic Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, would get paid by the Nadler campaign, for 16 years regularly, with Nadler taking positions that advance the alleged Qatari agenda. 
Recall that before the current impeachment effort, Nadler was claiming that @POTUSwas under Russian influence. These tales serve the ends of hostile actors who want to get rid of our nationalist President. 
This is a 3 minute video. 
Hassan Ali Bin Ali 
Posobiec notes that the attempt was thwarted after "conservative bloggers" exposed this individual. 
I don't know about that, and I don't know exactly how the funding flow would work from Qatar to Nadler to Friedlander, but I do know this: @Imamofpeace wrote about them in AUGUST, leading me to note this in my blog.

mentions wrote, on Twitter: "These were the people mentioned in the Email, and who I and my high profile source are pointing the finger at: and Al-Masnad pictured below."

Al-Masnad is in the Bender deposition — 
Where Bender says that they pay imams to preach that "God says," but it's really al-Masnad. It says that Qatar considers it cost effective to hire fighters by having imams rouse them to violence. 
August 12, 2019, @Imamofpeace wrote on Twitter: "I have not spoken to the FBI (yet). My sources and I are happy to meet with them, (they know that already)." 
August 12, 2019, @Imamofpeace, continued: "I can confirm however that I did recently speak in detail with Ambassadors in Washington DC and intelligence departments in M.E regarding the full details of this matter." 
This was the screenshot. 
mentions called out Mehdi Hasan as being allegedly paid off by Qatar - this screencap was in my blog - and the deposition stated what we suspect, that Qatar acts like England and plays BOTH SIDES (Jew/Muslim) AGAINST EACH OTHER!!! And themselves!!! 
May 29, 2019 I wrote a blog post "Israel Is A True Friend" and referred to a discussion I had about Friedlander with someone I know, who said well, it's not what it looks like...but I didn't think they knew what they were talking about.

September 10, 2019 I posted "Axis of Ilhan" which was my effort to understand her noting that all attempts to investigate seemed thwarted.

This validates what the Bender deposition said - that journalists are kept on the payroll - paid NOT to write about certain topics. 
Here again, the @Imamofpeace was a source, September 2019, telling us that Qatar would run Linda Sarsour. And sure enough he brought a @DailyCaller article as proof - Sarsour as a Bernie Sanders surrogate. (Left wing secular vs religious Jews)

mentions against all opposition (the Deep State are the real colluders - you know this right?) has been fighting Qatari Terrorism, but they have sneaky ways of stopping him. This from the blog: 
"25) "Back in June 2017, President Trump told White House reporters that Qatar has been funding terrorism at a "very high level." The Wall Street Journal reports that Qatar spent $16.3 million on lobbying in 2017, up from $4.2 million the year before" 
"Arguably the most anti-Semitic country in the world, Qatar subscribes to the old anti-Semitic canard that Jews have all the power in Washington, so you must gain favor with them to influence policy." 
So does Qatar want to eliminate from office the most pro-Semitic President of all time?

You bet. 
Well, today should be fun :-) 
Thank you @Imamofpeace, as I said, a true Muslim who believes in universal brotherhood without everyone having to convert to a certain religion, and reformation of the violent teachings of radical Islam. 
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the authors own. Public domain.