Sunday, December 1, 2019

10 Important Follow-Ups From The Bender Deposition (12/1/2019)

Lost in the fog over whether these allegations are credible or not is the severity of them.

Here is the deposition for those who want to review it for themselves (233 pages).
  1. Allegation that Jared Kushner was paid off by Qatar in case a future favor needs to be called in. This is important because Kushner is not only an adviser to President Trump, but also the husband of the president's daughter Ivanka. 
  2. Allegation that Rep. Ilhan Omar has sworn allegiance to Turkey, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, funnels intelligence to Iran through Qatar, takes orders from Qatar, including orders about what questions to ask at hearings, and knows her actions harm the U.S. (As I have previously noted, I do not understand the interrelationship between these various alleged loyalties.)
  3. Allegation that Linda Sarsour is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, takes orders from Qatar, and will be run as a candidate for office.
  4. Allegation that the U.S. government, in whole or in part, turns a blind eye because of payoffs from Qatar.
  5. Allegation that members of the mainstream media who are perceived as influencers are on the payroll of Qatar. Specific outlets named include the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN. Specific media owner named is Jeff Bezos.
  6. Allegation that fake social media activities are housed under Al Jazeera. Not sure who allegedly oversees this.
  7. Allegation that Qatar invites journalists overseas and bribes them with cash, gifts, jewelry and the like.
  8. Allegation that Qatar instructs journalists how to take bribes and evade Customs. Allegation about use of fake diplomatic passports. Allegation about abuse of diplomatic pouches.
  9. Allegation that Qatar recruits Imams to preach violence in the name of God, creating false divisions between people.
  10. Allegation that Qatar has rigged the forthcoming (December 2019) World Cup.
The overarching allegation is that this country seeks "total control" in its investments, whether sponsoring the Muslim Brotherhood, buying the media, or buying the White House.

Here is the source post where I am collecting my posts on this story along with some of the original coverage:

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