Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What an Uber driver told me about technology today

Bottom line: We are dealing with a Luciferian cult centered on AI – politics irrelevant. (Not his words, my translation.) 
His background – father was a foreign service officer. Professor Georgetown and GWU. Went to UMD. Worked in Silicon Valley till retirement. 
Google knows traffic because it tracks every phone whether Android or not (it owns the technology Apple uses – maybe Waze?) 
Update: Yes.
They’ll break up Google & FB but it won’t matter. Just like with Microsoft the programming goes on. 
Self driving cars are already here and will soon be rolled out for the mainstream, when they sufficiently perfect the technology for addressing random pedestrian movement. 
We will need universal basic income because the computers will have all the jobs and will eventually be self programming – humans will lose control (Ray Kurzweil – the singularity) 
Already there is a movement out west to give AI equal rights – church of AI – this is luciferian of course. 
We will have a democracy where your vote is your voice but you’ll vote with your mind because you will be chipped. This is the mark of the beast of course. 
Discussion – they won’t have to kill you, they’ll just leave your body out of the computer grid and associated upgrades. 
They won’t have to censor you, because you will have to be a good member of the hive mind. 
They will cure disease, but disease will eventually be broadened to include dissent from the hive. 
So who or what are we fighting? Basically the people who worship themselves and who would reroute technology for their self-service at the expense of the masses.
Pretty scary stuff. 
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.