Sunday, November 24, 2019

What Keeps People From Waking Up?

1) What keeps people from waking up? 

What we are facing is not unheard of. 
2) This week’s supplemental Bible reading is about the rebellion against King David - an insider coup attempt by his own son. (I Kings 1:1-31)

His wife Batsheva has to tell him.

3) Why can’t we see the truth? Because it hurts too much to see.

Because evil makes itself look good.

Because it hides in plain sight. 
4) I don’t know ANYTHING about this event, but over 3 years, wonder:

The logo, obviously.

“Enter the Underground Village through our Rainbow Tunnel”

“The Killers.”

Again, I am sensitive and this is not a comment about an event I know nothing about.
5) I saw a sign for this company, “corporate insurance advisors,” which is a company like any other, I guess, but did a double take at their sign, acronym and logo, because who knows when someone is signaling and when they’re not? 

Normal people don’t.

6) But to discuss real things is a shattering experience for many people. 
7) I talked to one young lady, and by young I mean several decades younger than me but an adult, about President Trump. 
8) She is very triggered by him, partly because she has gay friends and supports gay rights (as do I), and thinks he is biased against them (I disagreed).

He is fighting to end HIV, I told her. 
9) She didn’t know.

There is a difference between gay rights and a satanic agenda to erase all that is sacred, I told her. 

There are literal witches who want this.

Erasing gender and families and notions of normative sexuality are part of this.

She blanked out. 
10) She said that Trump talks about grabbing women by the young know what.

I said how do you compare this with Bill Clinton an alleged serial rapist? I imagined @atesnut and what she has suffered.

But it’s all abuse, she said.

She was blanking. 
11) I said if you’re a girl and you enter a beauty pageant and you’re showing off your hoo-has and the head of the pageant walks in on purpose — come on. 
12) I said being an asshole and being a rapist are...obviously not the same, can we agree on that?

But but but 
13) I don’t mean to put this young woman down and I also don’t mean to disrespect the man who is now our President and Commander In Chief, but let’s be able to have serious adult conversations. 
14) She told me at the gay rights event some religious freak attacked her friend and said you’re gonna die if you don’t repent and she rolled her eyeballs at this, as did I. 
15) What are you not allowed to know?

What are we not allowing one another to know?

When you fly the gay rights flag (and I don’t mean a small flag, like to affirm your identity, I mean large and loud and public)’and not the American flag next to it, what are you saying? 
16) In the whole discussion of Ukraine, why hasn’t any member of Congress brought up human trafficking? 
17) Did you know that between 2003-2009, @USAID spent $45 million to supposedly fight human trafficking?… 
Status Inactive
Region Europe/Eurasia
Description This project intends to advance the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities and civil society in addressing the interrelated aspects of human trafficking from and within Ukraine.” 
19) “Total Lifetime Investment $ 45,386,100.00
USG Investment $ 45,000,000.00
Non-USG Investment $ 386,100.00” 
20) “ACTIVITY SECTOR Humanitarian Assistance

END YEAR 2009” 
21) I have to take a break, but ask yourself, why are Adam Schiff and the Democrats trying, essentially, to protect corruption in Ukraine? 

Do you hear them calling for SEPARATE investigation of any funny business, if they’re so worried about political quid pro quo? 
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.