Monday, November 25, 2019

Ukraine's Baby Ratline

2) When Russian President Vladimir Putin talked to POTUS about “adoption” (June 2017) and nobody could figure out what that meant, one can logically guess that he was talking about international child sex trafficking from Eastern Europe.
3) I saw this today at GLP.…
4) Before we go on, keep in mind that the practice of breeding children for sale is known as "harvesting." (There have been some recent references to "harvesting" in Q drops, and by Sen. Grassley) - so these are not real orphans we are talking about.… 
6) Also before we go on remember that Eastern Europe has long been a hunting ground for sex traffickers. Remember the 2005 movie with Mira Sorvino, "Human Trafficking."

7) 2003 Department of Justice-funded report (important distinction - this isn't an official US government report) - "Trafficking in Women from Ukraine" - written by Ukranian researchers themselves.… 
8) The victims were referred to as "Natashas." 
9) The women were sent everywhere.

U.S. military used them, too.

""Ukrainian women are...the second largest group of foreign women in prostitution outside the U.S. military bases in Korea."…
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10) The GLP post links to this video.
"SerialBrain2: Ukraine Call Transcripts Decoded. Pt2"

11) Someone commented:

"The CIA used the Ukranian embassy in DC as a child trafficking hub!

Looks like brennan is on the hook!

That's a big fat Tuna!!

Wonder if the core sample will have childtens DNA!?

They were in operation since 2001!"
12) So to be clear, it appears that the allegation is that the CIA itself was trafficking in babies, whether for true adoption or pedophilia, and not just trafficking in them but breeding them for sale ("harvesting").

Would the CIA want to cover this up, if true? 
13) To reiterate a point I've made at other times, this doesn't mean that the entire CIA is bad (at least not to me). We know that operations are segregated from one another. Without having the data in hand, I believe the true villains to always be a tiny percentage. 
14) Another comment on the video: "These monsters were selling stolen children and babies through the Ukrainian Embassy in New York! Oh Shit They are worse than Planned Parenthood!!!"…
15)The thread is called "The Woman Evergreen! Ukraine Bombshell Child Sex Tourism! 134,570 sealed indictments"

Who is "The Woman Evergreen?"…
16) "Evergreen" = Hillary Clinton, per the Washington Post.… 
17) The Department of Defense conducted Operation Flicker to root out its own pedophiles and published its Report of Investigation in 2009.

The file was released on August 10, 2018 and you can download it here.…
18) One of the investigators of Operation Flicker was the individual running the @NSA_QIL2 account. This is based on the original bio, which has since been deleted, and the original handle, which was @NSA_QIL
19) Remember that "the squad" which all works for the same entity ("Justice Democrats") attacked @ICEgov?

Well, here is ICE saying that the same criminal organization produced all this child porn.

Any harvested kids from Ukraine used, possibly?
20) It is one racket.

21) Military email addresses.
22) They never properly investigated that, Anderson Cooper took note of it (CNN), and so did @ChuckGrassley.

Here is the segment - 5200 people.

Anderson does a great job explaining this.

23) The investigation only checked 3500 of the 5200 names. Why?

Out of the 3500, 264 employees/contractors DOD, including NSA.

But only 20% "completely investigated."

"Fewer still prosecuted."

Then entire probe "halted."

1700 names unchecked and still working at DOD. 
24) @ChuckGrassley: "we are talking about not just general pornography here, but child pornography...added factor here...national security information that the world shouldn't know, that a lot of times, foreign operatives will use this sort of criminal activity to blackmail." 
25) Now if the entity which ran the child pornography operation was the CIA (firewalled off to look foreign, working through a proxy), then the entity doing the blackmailing of our own defense institutions was the CIA.

Under whose direction?

Investigation started 2006. 
26) Michael Hayden ran the CIA 2006-2009.

Followed by...…
27) Leon Panetta
Michael Morell
David Petraeus
Michael Morell
John Brennan
28) Here is the SerialBrain2 video again

31) Another comment on the GLP thread:

"Yovanavitch Is involved in the Clinton Evergreen criminal activities ranging from children, blood and organ trafficking to pedophilia and other crimes!!

By calling Yovanovitch BAD NEWS, POTUS also revealed she was a HUSSEIN CIA asset!"
32) Additional comment on the GLP thread: (note I am sharing screenshots from anonymous commenters; these appear to be comments on the video)

"Yovanavitch thinking she was clever, appeared in congress with a HERMES scarf and a band aid to send a message to her network" 
33) "that she was still loyal to the Hussein Cia cause and that she was fired over her involvement with child trafficking in Ukraine.

"Like I said Trump and Q have been shutting their supply of flesh and blood down!!!!

Still don't think EVERGREEN is HUGE? Give it a minute!"
34) There is a nexus, and it has nothing to do with partisanship, between USAID, the State Department, and the DOD overseas because they all work together. 
35) As they say, follow the money and follow the paperwork:

DOD stopping investigation of child crimes committed by DOD 
36) * USAID unaccountable, often untrackable foreign assistance ($45 million to Ukraine for "anti human trafficking activities") 2003-2009 
37) * State Department pedophilia scandal under Hillary 
38) Time to link our official reports to an official database (as Lori Handrahan has advocated)… 
39) Time to investigate not just individual agencies, but the connections between them

Not just official activities, but unofficial

Not just federal employees, but contractors 
40) And I have to go, but it's time to resurrect Timothy Holmseth's research on child trafficking - he has been pretty heavily persecuted, but what does he know that can contribute to this? I believe GLP/SP linked to his work somewhere, but now I have to go. 
mentions compile 
Human Trafficking in Ukraine: From Involuntary Labor to Sex Slavery
Oct 18, 2017

"Protecting Vulnerable Children and Youth in Ukraine from Trafficking"
April 26, 2019

"Among those surveyed by IOM were at-risk orphans in foster families and state care, homeless youth and children in conflict with the law."

Organ harvesting. 
Original article is apparently from the Globe and Mail, around 2009 - I cannot locate it so will quote from here. 
"It's hard to look at the tiny corpses unearthed from the graveyard near Hospital No. 6. Forensic photographs show bodies apparently mutilated before they were dumped into a mass grave in Kharkiv, a city in eastern Ukraine." 
"Hospital officials say these gruesome images reveal nothing except...routine abortions. But relatives of women who gave birth at Hospital No. 6 say they are...newborns taken from their mothers, disappearing in a region known for trafficking in harvested organs and human tissue." 
"Allegations about stolen babies first surfaced in Kharkiv about three years ago. Mothers of two newborns complained that hospital staff took away their babies immediately after birth, later claiming that they were born dead." 
"Tatyana Zakharova, chairwoman of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Families With Many Children, said she fears that the newborns may have been sold for their valuable tissue to unprincipled researchers or to clinics making beauty injections with stem cells." 
"It is not far-fetched to imagine that newborns could be killed for their body parts, said Vadym Lazariev, a dr turned activist ...He said he does not have any proof, only rumours about doctors drowning babies in amniotic fluid, declaring them stillborn and selling their bodies." 
"But when his small group of activists visited clinics in Kharkiv, Donetsk and other Ukrainian cities last year [**this is about 2009, 10 years ago**], they found evidence of an underground market in fetus parts." 
"Posing as buyers, Dr. Lazariev's team asked whether the clinics could supply them with living brain cells from fetuses 15 to 27 weeks old. Suppliers were easy to find, he said;" 
"one clinic even gave him an invoice for the product, signed and stamped, offering an undefined quantity of the brain material for 7,750 hryvnya (about $1,800)." 
"Such tissue commands high prices because it is used for stem-cell injections by cosmetic clinics, activists say....The money involved proves tempting in a country where annual salaries amount to $1,000 or $2,000." 
"On Feb. 24, Ukrainian authorities made an alarming discovery: bones and other human tissues crammed into coolers in a grimy white minibus....they found, amid the body parts, envelopes stuffed with cash and autopsy results written in English." 
"What the security service had disrupted was not the work of a serial killer but part of an international pipeline of ingredients for medical and dental products that are routinely implanted into people around the world." 
One more, posted by Physicians for Life, 2007: "Stem Cells, Abortion, Baby Parts, & the Ukraine"

by APFLI… 
The original PDF is unavailable.
June 2007

"Ukrainian trafficking in baby parts—Reported by Brian Clowes, March 2007:

The trafficking of baby parts in the Ukraine & the Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Barbados." 
"This follow-up report exposes the horrific industry that connects these distant locales.

"The March 2006 HLI Special Report described how John Fusto and I visited Barbados in 2005 and exposed the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, or IRM." 
"The doctors at this facility claim on the IRM Website that they can completely cure or ameliorate every disease or injury known to man — including spinal cord trauma, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, diabetes, cancer, arthritis..." 
"The IRM....imports aborted baby parts from Ukraine, liquefies them into a kind of “preborn pureĆ©,” then injects them directly into the arms or body organs of customers." 
(obviously this is cannibalism) 
"Rich English and American women find their way to this remote complex (at their own expense, of course), and are injected with fetal stem cells at $25,000 per session. " 
"the just a small part of a worldwide network of trafficking in human stem cells and organs — not only from embryos and fetuses, but from late-term aborted babies and even newborn babies." 

ADDENDUM 2 - Quoted from:
Let's get down to some of the details, where an investigator could start to hit pay dirt, namely Yugoslavia, which had many abandoned babies, many of them light skinned. 
The CIA founded three major orphanages including one of UNESCO’s. The Rockefellers funded four orphanages. There was overlap at one of them which caused some problems. The CIA "talent scouts" came by a week after Rockefeller’s did and that made the nuns suspicious.
In each case, the nuns were told that the scouts were working for large adoption agencies in the US and the kids were to be quickly processed in a large lot for adoption.
The local orphanages in Yugoslavia were absolutely swamped. There were tons of babies and large numbers of war orphans, the latter mainly the result of US bombs killing their parents. Some had been dug out of the rubble days later. Many of these kids were extremely traumatized already.
That saved the CIA some of the work to traumatize them themselves, if they were going to be made into mind control slaves. Some of the bright ones get training to be heads of puppet govt's later.
The US sends them back in 20-30 years later as the head of a country or as an important minister.
Any time you hear of a US-educated native of a country returning to it to suddenly assume an important position in its new US-friendly govt. think about this mind control slave possibility. It happens much more often then people realize.The CIA and the cabal bosses have been making mind control slaves out of war orphans by the thousands since WWII.The CIA has been using children from orphanges since its inception.
Remember that in WW II the UK and US took in Jewish and East bloc refugee children WITHOUT their parents. Their parents were alive the US just didn’t want them."
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.