Friday, November 8, 2019

There Is No Ukraine Whistleblower After All (Unedited Thread - Nov. 8, 2019)

1) Starting a thread to make the case that there is no Ukraine whistleblower after all.

It’s #CoffeeTime.
Friday, November 8, 2019.
2) Sorry for the delay. Computer.
3) Here is a link to a free YouTube audio of white noise, which helps me concentrate. If you are trying to write your book, this might help you. 
4) It all goes back to this sketchy guy.
5) Look at his eyebrows in his official portrait. These may or may not be dyed. 
6) What does dyed eyebrows have to do with anything?
First of all, who even does that?

Amazingly, there is a product.

(Yes, I bought this because it's cheaper than regular hairdye and you can just attack the roots. $1 per touchup, 20 touchups.) 
7) This is Schiff just a few days ago, announcing that "public impeachment hearings will begin November 13" (per announcer)

It sounds so serious, until - 
8) You take a close look at his eyebrows, and recognize that they are probably not just dyed, but he actually may sit in front of a mirror and color them in with a marker.

That's how fake they are.
9) Schiff also appears to wear blush.
10) Now, everybody who goes on TV wears makeup, or should wear makeup, including men.

But Schiff takes it to a whole other level.

Here is another video, posted on November 4, 2019 by MSNBC.

It's a show. 
11) Schiff represents California's 28th district, which includes Hollywood and Burbank.

Schiff represents fantasy. 
12) If Schiff knows it's a fantasy, the Democrats know.
If the Democrats know, the Republicans know.

That's why they "stormed the SCIF" taking selfies instead of sending the military to stop illegal proceedings. 
13) Let's take this a step further.
If Congress knows the whistleblower doesn't exist, then the intelligence agencies know.

If the intelligence agencies know, the military knows.

It goes without saying that @POTUS knows.

And that's why he isn't worried.
14) I was going to spend a lot of time proving things, but if you've been following this nonsense, you already know most of them.
15) I was going to bring up how the @ODNIgov backdated their change in guidance and Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson stonewalled Congress in his testimony.
16) I was going to bring up the changing announcements about whether this whistleblower would testify or not.
17) I was going to bring up how the seditious crapheads running this coup were trying to hide behind "whistleblower confidentiality" to prevent the truth from coming out.
18) And I was also going to bring up the fact that the people running this operation tried to hide the non-whistleblower behind an actual human being, a young man who does have his entire life ahead of him, and who has been used and tossed out like yesterday's trash.
19) But the main thing here, it seems, is actually the discourse AROUND whistleblowing, and not the actual content of what was said - if for no other reason than that WE HAVE THE ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT.
20) I believe this entire whistleblower nonsense is nothing other than a gambit by bad people -- people who are rogue, people who are not patriots, people likely associated with an intelligence agency, guess which one --
21) -- and not only does Congress, the intelligence agencies, the military, and the President know it, but the media knows it too.
22) The success of this gambit does not depend on the truth.

The truth went out the window a long time ago.
23) The success of this gambit does not even depend on what people think - or as Nancy Pelosi, quoting President Lincoln, referred to it: "public sentiment." 
24) Rather, as Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal (NO RELATIONSHIP TO ME WHATSOEVER) has pointed out, the success of any gambit depends on "MOLDING" public opinion. 
25) The Miami Herald has called this man ("Sid Vicious") Hillary Clinton's "worst friend" because his bad advice and vicious behavior has done little but tarnish the Clinton's reputation.

You can read that article if you want. 
26) But think of him what you will, I believe this man inadvertently revealed the truth behind the Ukraine whistleblower non-story.
27) "Pelosi quoted Lincoln to justify not impeaching Trump.

She missed his point.

He said ‘public sentiment is everything.’

But he didn’t wait for it.

He molded it." - Sidney Blumenthal (AGAIN NO RELATION TO ME WHATSOEVER) 
28) Just like the balding Adam Schiff paints eyebrows on to make you think he has eyebrows, the seditious coup plotters are painting on a whistleblower.

They know it's not convincing.

But they want to INFLUENCE the public - to believe that OTHER PEOPLE are convinced.
29) Do you see what I'm saying here?

It's the wrap up-smear.

They create the artifact, and then report on it as a fact.
30) The wrap up smear - you leak fake news to the media, and then honest reporters report on the story as true.

Students write papers about it.

Teachers give them assignments.

Studies are funded.

And if you dissent, you're a conspiracy theorist.
31) The wrap up smear - you target your political enemies, invent a pretext for opening an investigation against them, sink them financially and reputationally, and then point to the outcome as evidence that they were corrupt in the first place.
32) The wrap up smear - you ignore obvious corruption and instead go after the whistleblowers, and fire them from their jobs.
33) "Sidney Blumenthal is the author of 'All the Powers of Earth 1856-1860,' the third of his five-volume biography, 'The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln,' and a former adviser to President Bill Clinton and to Hillary Clinton." 
34) "Pelosi’s theory of public opinion, supposedly adopting Lincoln’s wisdom, is that impeachment must gain the support of the American people....Instead, she has offered the novel notion that Trump will “self-impeach.” He will discredit himself--"
35) "sparing Democrats the hard work as well as the risk of losing the House majority. Whatever Pelosi’s speculative tactical scenario, her account of Lincoln’s ideas about public opinion is badly mistaken."
36) "Demagogues, Lincoln understood, feast on political passivity and drift. They could be halted, he declared, only by entering the conflict to 'educate and mold public opinion.'"

37) Do you see that the treason happening right now is being couched under a pretense of patriotism?

When you try to alter the transcript of a Presidential phone call...what is that exactly? 
38) Everybody keeps defending the individuals involved in the effort to overthrow President Trump. "Well they're really a Patriot." "Well they have their convictions." "Well this doesn't rise to the level of treason - you're mad!"

But the treason here is COLLECTIVE. Crowdsourced
39) Each individual contributes a very small part. It's the "interagency consensus" that President Trump is harming....what exactly?

Making foreign policy is his job.

He didn't do a single illegal, immoral or unethical thing here. 
40) What happens to a "political activist in uniform?"
Well, they get an unofficial reprimand.

What happens when the majority of the government is engaged in the activism? 
41) So the Ukraine story is a scam, it's fake news, and black hat intelligence operatives have been working this coup for three years now - through every possible avenue, Hollywood too.

Meanwhile, Zelensky wears a "Make Ukraine Great Again" hat. 
42) Reading this, you may be asking yourself why @POTUS doesn't just arrest them.

The answer, just like in the Wizard of Oz, is that you have to click your heels together three times and realize that it's all just a movie.
43) The minute you realize (you, meaning the public en masse) that Russiagate, Ukrainegate, "racist," "rapist," and so on and so on and so on are all just scam stories -- the Schitt, so to speak, hits the fan.
44) They want you to believe that society will fall apart, too, when they get arrested.

(Believe me when I tell you that it will not...they all have lawyers and their lawyers are no doubt dealing with the plea agreements they've made).
45) What I am telling you is not my opinion.
I would go so far as to say it is axiomatic, not just in the intelligence community (which is where this op began, I believe) but in the government as a whole - in any government.
46) In "The Study of Administration," President Woodrow Wilson wrote: "Wherever public opinion exists it must rule." 
47) I want to finish with a special section dedicated to what Q has said about this subject.

First, a brief intermission.
48) Okay, we're back.

To recap, the hypothesis here is that the Ukraine whistleblower story is a black hat intelligence operation.

The goal is to convince people that people think that Trump did something worth impeaching him for.
49) The previous tweets in this thread demonstrate that President Trump has nothing to hide, because he did nothing wrong.

Rather, the interagency consensus is that he must be removed, and so the swamp is acting to overthrow him, each contributing what they can.

50) The treason (seditious conspiracy with intent to commit treason) is couched in the language of patriotism, meaning that anyone who refuses to go along with the coup is branded a Nazi.

This is how you get good people to act bad.
51) Of course, because Ukraine is an op, everybody in the know, also knows this is true. They are only watching public sentiment to see where the polls go.

This is why they manipulate the polls.
52) Remember. It is not truth that matters. Nor is it what the public actually thinks. Rather, what counts is:

1. Getting people to believe OTHERS believe @POTUS should be overthrown.

2. To achieve #1, write fake news, launch fake investigations, censor/discredit truth tellers.
53) And if nothing else, you can see part 2 of #52 happening to me, because over the past three years I have been surveilled and censored simply for exploring my own individual thoughts and feelings.

54) They used to love @POTUS - now they hate him.

Any well-known entertainer who comes out in support of @POTUS - immediate end of career.
55) Why?

Because nobody gets a major following without also knowing that they cannot step outside the lines in the coloring book that has already been written for them.

They can choose red, purple or pink markers, but not a different coloring book.
56) But, as we have said before, it is over when the public knows - not what the truth is, because the truth will always be hidden from us to a significant extent, if not mostly.

Rather, it is over when the public knows that OTHER PEOPLE AREN'T FOOLED.
57) Do you see the important distinction here?

The coup plotters spend a lot of time writing analyses that are based on a partial set of facts.

The way they stop you from criticizing those facts is to say you are "ill-informed" - either dumb, stupid, lazy or illiterate.
58) The whole thing reminds me of a medieval movie where the king is sitting at the long dining table with his courtiers.

Suddenly someone tells a joke.

Everyone is silent till the king laughs, and then they are free to roar.
59) Q, or #QAnon, makes reference to the importance of public knowledge over and over again.

S/he does not make the distinction between people knowing, and people knowing that others know, which is what I think the key distinction is.

(B/c the truth is so many are silent)
60) As minimally censored as I am, and it is minimal compared with what others go through, I can tell you that people do privately say they believe @POTUS is right, but they cannot admit this publicly, or they would lose their jobs or professional standing instantly.

61) Search for "Q it is over when the public knows" in Google.

Search result, at the bottom, Wikipedia: "QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory detailing a supposed secret plot by an alleged 'deep state' against President Trump and his supporters." 
62) Q is dangerous because Q presents a SOCIOLOGICAL as opposed to a PSYCHOLOGICAL or a JOURNALISTIC lens on the truth.

Meaning, Q shows us the entire deep state racket as a whole.
63) You can easily take a single story, parse it and disregard it when the plot falls apart. (Take your pick - Blasey Ford vs. Kavanaugh, Smollett...)
64) But it is much harder to refute someone who shows you a MULTIGENERATIONAL PATTERN of crime perpetrated by THE VERY PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO BE PROTECTING YOU. 
65) It is also much harder to refute a victim who has witnessed not one perpetrator but MANY, and they CROSS POLITICAL LINES so you can't take advantage of the "good cop vs. bad cop" scheme.
66) In order to maintain control over what passes as "normal" discourse, anyone who threatens the Matrix must be "branded" and controlled, or alternatively completely removed from view.
67) Because in order for your mind to be controlled, you must first perceive that your mind is actually free - and that you are encouraged to "express" yourself.
68) What does Q say that is dangerous?
69) "People elected 'knowingly' spreading false-information [disinformation]?
Puppets follow orders.
Think for yourself."

26 July 2019
70) "Public understanding of events just around the corner."

1 August 2019
71) "They [D's] already know, they just LIE [DISHONEST].
Welcome to the [D] party CON."

6 March 2019
72) "When you control the media, you control public opinion."

30 July 2019
73) "What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH?
What happens when the FAKE NEWS MEDIA can no longer control the narrative (when disinformation is no longer swallowed and/or accepted as auto-truth)?

18 July 2019
74) "You, awake, is their greatest fear."

6 March 2019

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.