Thursday, November 28, 2019

Reading the Alan Bender Deposition, Part II

Studying the Bender Affidavit, Part II - a close read.

Remember the call is to investigate all this. What the media will try to do is discredit everything to block questions. 
Pages 126-127 allegation that Qataris see radical Islamists as “assets, and the best assets” because 1 “fanatic” “can control 10,000 fighters.”

Just as we suspected, they recruit and pay Imams to preach violence as Qatar directs and say that God said it.
To be clear, I didn’t know it was allegedly Qatar, but the MO was clear. I thought it was the CIA - sorry CIA.
Who is “God?” “Al-Masnad.”
Allegation that Sarsour and Omar are close, and Sarsour recruited Omar, and now wants payback.
Another #QProof, page 129. “The Qataris play — they said: ‘The only thing we inherited from the Brits that is useful is their policy of divide and rule. As long as they keep everybody divided.”

What does Q say? “THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED”!

Holy guacamole!
Now, why hasn’t Q ever called out Qatar?
Well, this one (11/6/2017): “What email published by WL connects SA/Qatar to ISIS?”
This one (11/11/2017) in a list of the central banks, there is Qatar, header “Rothschild Banks,” meaning the Rothschilds control them. (IDK)
P. 148 (skipping ahead to general interest items) re lawsuit in USA, Qatari comment “We run the show in America.”
Pp 148-149 “We can get a passport in 5 minutes, diplomatic passport” - highlighting for @SecPompeo
P 152 allegation that Qatar can listen in on conversation between opposing lawyer and client.
This should be a whole other investigation by the @TheJusticeDept - seriously, unpacking all this. This is the real Special Counsel we need.
Pp 153-154 allegation of witness intimidation by the Government of Qatar “all the time”
Pp 154-155 Allegation that they ignore you unless you’re important or influential and in that case they smear you.
P 156 if I understand this correctly, allegation that some bought off journalists avoid lying outright by staying “tell me your information” and uncritically reporting that.
P 157 allegation that they will invite a journalist to a “media convention” and give them cash. (I wouldn’t expect a journalist to admit this!)
“They don’t need freedom of the press anymore [in Doha], they own it all.”
“Cash, gifts, Rolexes, diamond necklaces” to stay under radar
P. 159 allegation that they give advice on how to take bribes and evade Customs
P. 160 allegation that journalists are on the payroll, writing or not - allegation about a Washington Post reporter, specific name given.
Remember that these are allegations, and anyone can say anything.
“And they said she went from living in a basement to Gucci and all the fancy items in her purses. Cartier’s. First class tickets to London to attend the Jamal Khashoggi-related propaganda.”
P. 161 allegation that they flew Jeff Bezos to Istanbul where “he kissed the portrait of Jamal Khashoggi like he’s a relative.”
This would be comical if it weren’t so bad.
Questions whether Bezos accused Saudi Arabia of “hacking his phone” for “political gain” - for Qatar.
Allegation that Qatar has a “ledger” recording all payments
P. 163 “nobody searches diplomatic pouches”
P. 167 “The think tanks in the US have advised them to focus more on buying and recruiting journalists because American public is just na├»ve people who read the headlines.”
Allegation they bribed FIFA so that Qatar would win the World Cup and not the USA
“The tournament will be hosted by Qatar between 11 and 21 December 2019, taking place at three venues in Doha.” 
Someone tell the sports people. I do not follow sports.
$400 million cash allegedly
P 168 allegation “some of the big names in Al Jazeera have diplomatic license plates on their cars.”
So...the conspiracy theory that a hidden hand manufactures hate actually looks very plausible.
P 169 the Al Jazeera bldg allegedly protected by “barbed wire” b/c “they run all the fake media and social activities” underground — (if true, there are bots, but they’re not Russian)
Remember in the show “Homeland” they had that building with the fake social media and the mastermind who looked like Alex Jones
Pp 169-170 they had to pay journalists because nobody was interested and image is important in every way
P 177 “their main goal is to control the White House; and bring in more sisters in the Senate [Congress]; and control more reporters; recruit more politicians.”
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.