Monday, November 25, 2019

Q Drop 3632 (The CIA "Leaks" Memo From 1984) Is Not Classified

1) Q Drop 3632 is NOT CLASSIFIED - it was released in 2007 but that part of the page was cropped. It is taken from and you are allowed to read it.…
2) It's 9 pages of internal communication on the subject of leaks. The year is 1984. Here's pages 1-4.
3) Here's pages 5-8.
4) Here's page 9.
5) Here is a blog post with the full text of that memo. Please forgive any errors. I used OCR software and tried to remove typos as best I could.… 
6) This image looks similar to another image posted in Feb., but the articles run thru mid. October as far as I can tell. I do not think the CIA created this.

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