Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Extended Hypothesis - There Is No Ukraine Whistleblower: Part II

1) This is Part II of tonight's thread.

The purpose of the thread is to propose that there is actually no Ukraine whistleblower.

I am trying to help people understand the context and reasoning behind this hypothesis. 
3) In Part I, based on my own personal experience and observation, I tried to show that Zaid likely identifies with his grandfather and seeks to honor him in his own life.

I argued that Zaid would likely want to prevent Nazism from recurring. 
4) Here, in Part II, I want to talk about what I see as diverging mindsets within American Jewry as a response to the Holocaust.

These mindsets help us to understand the opposing attitudes that Jews have towards President Trump. 
5) If you understand the opposing attitudes that Jews have towards President Trump, I think this will help you to understand why some of us are so passionately on his side, and others see him as the worst thing ever to happen to American politics. 
6) Mark Zaid graduated college in 1989 and law school in 1992.

I graduated college in 1991 and got my Ph.D. in 1997.

So we are both Generation Xers.

7) Zaid is a Washington, DC lawyer and has some connection with the Jewish community. He is not a fan of President Trump, as we know.

I come from the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, and my family are raving Trump fans. 
8) I grew up Orthodox Jewish. We read the Jewish Press. At home we talked about Rabbi Meir Kahane, the Jewish Defense League, and antisemitism.

My husband studied karate for many years.

9) I had family in Washington, DC and my uncle at one point worked for the government. I heard that he was something called an "SES" but had no idea what that was.

Here is what I did know, or thought I knew: All Orthodox Jews are from New York. 
10) The cultural differences between (to oversimplify) "New York Orthodox Jews" and "Washington DC Jews" are so great, I am not going to try and capture them here, but suffice it to say that each one thinks they are better than the other. 
11) The major difference, I would say, is that (again to oversimplify) "New York Orthodox Jews" get their sense of self-worth from keeping the Torah, whereas "Washington DC Jews" get their sense of self-worth from some combination of cultural participation and social activism. 
12) (Nobody is allowed to attack me for making gross generalizations. If you don't like that I do that, stop reading this thread.) 
13) (For example, there are plenty of "New York Orthodox Jews" who can't stand President Trump and also "Washington DC Jews" who are strongly in favor of him.) 
14) The point is that someone like me is, I believe, culturally predisposed to favor President Trump. Like the community I identify with, he speaks his mind, is strongly pro-religion and pro-Orthodox Jewish, defends Israel, and has socially conservative values. 
15) On the other hand, what I see and experience as the Washington DC Jewish community is culturally predisposed to disfavor the President.

I believe that they see him as boorish, bullying/domineering, and sexist/racist. 
16) My grandfather, may he rest in peace, said "I am a child of Romania" - he was a military officer in the Romanian army - he was a PATRIOT.

I identify with that patriotism in a way that favors @POTUS
mentions 17) Mark Zaid's father was a patriot as well, and I am inclined to believe that Zaid is trying to follow his example. This is especially important to remember this Veteran's day.

Patriotism is not partisanship. 
mentions 18) In 2016, something moved me to support then-candidate Trump after having been a Hillary supporter for so many years. (In fact, on my GovLoop.com profile, I had listed her as my favorite public servant).

In a nutshell, it started with her emails. 
mentions 19) But aside from a couple of people, the amount of support Hillary had among Washington, DC Jews and public servants in general was absolutely overwhelming.

Not because they liked her personally - but because they thought she would win, and she fit the role perfectly. 
mentions 20) In fact, the situation was so bad when I started to oppose her, that my father consulted the NY Vishnitzer Rebbe (now deceased; RIP) and the Rebbe said that the Clintons are such "murderers," I should be extraordinarily careful. 
mentions 21) I still remember standing on the street talking to my father about this; what I should say; how I should say it; because he and my mother were literally afraid for my life. And they weren't and aren't the only ones. 
mentions 22) In an incredibly strange opposing reality, I had the entire rest of the world (or most of them) telling me how evil Trump was, how a smart woman like me couldn't possibly support him.

I said in synagogue "Trump is going to win" & my husband gently nudged me under the table. 
mentions 23) My non-Orthodox New York/LA/DC Jewish liberal friends dumped me like a hot potato. Not because they were part of the "cabal," but because they truly believed I had gone insane. 
mentions 24) Again, I don't know Mark Zaid personally, but I work and live and go to synagogue with and am friends with so many liberal Washington Jews that I feel like I know their mentality.

And that is that Trump represents values they absolutely abhor. 
mentions 25) Interestingly, as Rabbi Kahane (may he rest in peace) pointed out at one time, liberal Jews (he did not distinguish between NY/DC) are focused on the civil rights of everyone else in the world, but somehow do not advocate for their own. 
mentions 26) Certainly, during the Holocaust, the stain of guilt hangs heavy over Jewish leaders like the Reform rabbi Stephen Wise who, so to speak, "kept the Jews in line" and made sure they didn't make too much trouble over what was going on.

mentions 27) Unfortunately Jews spend a lot of time hating on each other, as with the endless debate over how much David Ben Gurion and the fledgling Jewish state should have done for the Jews dying in the Holocaust, with both hands tied firmly behind their backs.

mentions 28) Whatever the reasons and whatever the wounds, most American Jewry -- increasingly less religious over time -- have gotten away from the "shtetl" mentality of the insular Orthodox communities of New York, and embraced social activism, justice, and cultural identification. 
mentions 29) And you can see the patterns of this type of thinking (which I think is also endemic to Washington, DC) in movies that portray the struggle against slavery and for civil rights.

Let's look for example at the movie "Harriet" - it does link to the Ukraine issue. 
mentions 30) Before going on, I just want to pause and read your reactions to this portion of the thread. 
mentions 31) OK, we continue. 
mentions 32) Briefly, to recap, the purpose of Part II (this thread) is to illustrate (through oversimplification) a key divide between post-Holocaust Jewry today.

* Group A: Proud Orthodox Jewish
* Group B: Proud Social Justice Warriors 
mentions 33) In a sense, you could say that Group B is the classical self-hating Jew, meaning that they tend to advocate for every other group and be somewhat embarrassed or ashamed of Orthodox Jews and not advocate for them. 
mentions 34) A very good example of this is the memorial for Amos Oz (the Israeli writer, may he rest in peace), which my husband and I attended and where I saw RBG (or her clone). (Hard to forget that episode.) 
mentions 35) At the memorial, Oz's daughter Fania, in the midst of an otherwise lovely talk, was telling an anecdote where she made fun of Orthodox Jews, and it was distasteful. (I don't remember the anecdote anymore.)

But it is common for secular Jews to do that. 
mentions 36) I am not sure why this is, but secular Jews almost seem to SUBLIMATE their own self-protective impulses through advocating for other groups.

You can see this in their paternalistic embrace of the civil rights movement...like to the extent of edging out actual Black people. 
mentions 37) But while all of this is important and interesting, what makes it relevant to the Ukraine whistleblower story is twofold.

1) The projection of "racism" onto @POTUS
2) The use of anti-slavery movement tactics. 
mentions 38) With regard to accusing POTUS of "racism," it's very clear that this has been nothing more than a Deep State tactic. So I don't want to spend a lot of time on it, other than to say that the DS has been extremely effective.

To the point where it's just incredibly annoying. 
mentions 39) But let's talk about the adoption of anti-slavery movement tactics in more detail.

This is important because it gives you a window into the "resistance," and why they are so hard to pin down, and how it is that they claim to have a whistleblower where THERE IS NONE. 
mentions 40) If you recall, Hillary Clinton is famous for saying that there is a "vast right-wing conspiracy" to bring her down.

Until now, I did not realize that this is just projection.

mentions 41) The reality is that the "vast conspiracy" she spoke of was a tactic of the anti-slavery movement.

Of course, they did not call it that, and it was not considered negative.

Let's discuss where we see this in the Harriet Tubman movie.

mentions 42) The movie "Harriet" makes numerous allusions to a deeply secret and intertwined network completely focused on getting the slaves to freedom.

This is the "resistance" and any normal human being would find it legitimate. 
mentions 43) The "underground railroad" was above all things secret. At a certain point Harriet Tubman is initiated into its leadership, and they bring her to a secret meeting.

Nobody is allowed to know about them; nobody is allowed to introduce the possibility of compromise. 
mentions 44) The pastor who leads the slave-services every Sunday pretends to serve the masters, but he is hiding slaves under the floorboards and he has directions as to how to get to Pennsylvania.

Harriet is instructed to see him for a "prayer for the journey." 
mentions 45) Without belaboring this, seemingly everywhere you turn in this movie there is a code. A known path, a way to hide under the hay, fake ID makers, different roles in the widespread agreement to get all the slaves to freedom. 
mentions 46) Those with enough insight to see what is really going on, understand that the evil Swamp (the entitled bureaucrats, the fat cat clergy, the sick pedos, the intelligence insiders, the military-industrial complex, the contractors, all of them) are PRETENDING the coup is moral. 
mentions 47) To accomplish its goals, the evil Swamp has adopted a pseudo-morality that walks and talks and sounds like the anti-slavery movement.

They have also adopted the TACTICS - meaning that the "resistance" is hyper-distributed among the plotters.

It isn't one or two. At all. 
mentions 48) At all times, the Swamp is offered up as a SAVIOR rather than an ENSLAVER. That is really the key...and we see this in the movie, too. 
mentions 49) When the slave master's son goes to capture Harriet, she sees through the lies.

He tries to sweet-talk her, advancing closer and closer to trap her, finally prompting her trademark line: "I will be free or die," and then she jumps into the river to escape him. 
mentions 50) The point of all this is that the Ukraine whistleblower hoax is a seditious conspiracy, distributed among many players who are coordinating among each other and rationalizing their actions as "saving the republic" or similar.

Unfortunately many believe it. 
mentions 51) When you understand their perspective this way, you also understand why (aside from the darker reasons) the coup plotters must endorse an alien invasion.

They must put forth the idea of virtue through "anti-racism" "anti-colonialism" activity. 
mentions 52) You can see this messed-up thinking in Season 7 of Showtime's "Homeland," which portrays Carrie and Saul as the conscience of the nation, fighting off the dictatorial female president on the one hand and the white nationalists on the other.

mentions 53) In the first Trump administration, Federal employees (Vindman-style) saw themselves as paragons of virtue, and reacted with outrage at the mere suggestion that they shouldn't discuss "resistance" or "impeachment" while at work.

mentions 55) Federal employees gathered in churches (this is not accidental) to organize against @POTUS in a way that suggested their "struggle" was somehow a spiritual one.

mentions 56) I remember when DHS was accused of operating "concentration camps" for illegal aliens, and I would just read the news, completely dumbfounded, having worked there and knowing they were purposely being SLAMMED.

And federal employees really believed this was true. 
mentions 57) So, this is the mentality within which I think we need to understand the Ukraine whistleblower hoax.

Which I believe the evidence shows is a coordinated effort - a conspiracy - to portray a human being trying to do the right thing where actually there is none. 
58) This wraps up Part II of the thread.

Part III will focus specifically on the implementation of what I believe to be the Ukraine hoax plot.

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