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Excommunicated Jews & The Jesuit Deep State, Part XVIII: Barry Chamish

2) This is turning out to be important and time as always is limited. I've stopped working on the book for awhile just to compile research, because this takes priority - saving the world from these freaks. 
3) For this thread all I want to do is share links to Chamish's work. As he states in this video (linked below), if you don't understand the little-known Sabbateans, you don't know what's going on. 

BTW, Chamish is NOT an anti-Semite...just the OPPOSITE.

4) Collection of interviews with Chamish. Of course you aren't going to watch or listen to all this, but I hope that people can use the reference links that are being collected here for their own research. It's taking forever to put this together.

5) "Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust Paperback – 2005
by Barry Chamish (Author)"

6) "In this book, the author puts all the pieces together and solves the mystifying issues of modern anti-semitism, anti-Zionism and the Holocaust. In a breakthrough of Jewish scholarship, he traces Israel's current distress to the 17th Century false messiah, Shabtai Tzvi." 
7) Isn't this amazing that Chamish literally wrote the book, nearly 15 years ago! 
8) Quoting a review at Amazon: "Essential information. Our contemporary world of politics, religion, culture and finance was spun from the threads of Sabbatean-Frankism. Hitler, however evil, was the puppet of this messianic cult. Great job by Mr. Chamish!" 
9) Internet issues. Unreal, as soon as I start talking about this, and I am having weird back pain for no reason. 
10) Another review: “Barry Chamish's character is being assassinated by someone with a mission as you can see.“ 
11) Continued - this is from 2006. “This is their typical strategy: they revert to name calling and false accusations instead of honest and rational discussion. Wake up readers......don't be fooled. You be the judge and use the the brain your Creator gave you.” 
12) Another one: “Shabtai Tzvi one of the most important men you've never heard about
In order to understand the philosophy behind many of the most influential modern Jews (i.e. Rothchilds, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, etc) one needs to know who Shabtai Tzvi was.”— 
13) “This book provides incredible background and analysis behind the modern day zionist movement.” 
14) If you think about the fact that the Sabbateans/Frankists are a hidden cult that have demonstrably infiltrated both American and Israeli Jewry —and their strategy is to attack those who see their destructive ways as antisemitic — this is huge. 
15) If you think about the fact that their strategy appears to be to herd the Jews into Israel to be exterminated yet again — the task of figuring this out is vital. 
16) We haven’t even connected them to the deep state sect within the Jesuits yet! 
17) Just went to get the WiFi issue fixed and of course it worked perfectly when they checked it. 
19) Chamish was known for questioning the official story of the assassination of Israeli PM Yitzchak Rabin. (The so called killer said he has “no regrets.”) matzav.com/yigal-amir-say… 
20) A comment left there:

“Amir fired blanks, Mrs Rabin testified to this & she was there.

Rabin was alive & well when he entered Peres’s car.

He was dead when he left Peres’s car some 40 min. later.

The hospital was only a few min. drive away.

What went on in Peres’s car’?” 
21) “Did they argue about Rabins intention to cancel Oslo?

Did Peres get so furious that he had his bodyguard shoot Rabin?

The Left are very good at coverups aided by the Leftist media.” 
24) More comments from the article on Rabin assassination.

“According to all of the people who were in the car the only thing Rabin said was ‘This hurt’s but not terribly’.”

25) “Just before Rabin is thrust into the bullet-proof Limousine for the trip to Ichilov Hospital, video footage shows the rear offside door being closed from the inside. 

Clearly, someone was already sitting in the back of the car.” 
26) “This has given rise to speculation that Rabin’s actual killer was already in the car and that following the blank shots fired by Amir, Rabin was shot in the back, twice and then in the chest.” 
27) “This could account for the closeness of the first shot and the ‘contact’ shot that Amir could not have fired.” 
28) “The shot was fired from ‘point blank range’– in other words, the barrel of the gun was pressed against Rabin when it was fired. This evidence means that Amir did not fire the two bullets.” 
29) Other compelling evidence is provided, prompting this:

“U can’t expect the Shin-Daled & Israeli gov to change the official narrative, could u? 

Just like all mainstream’s official narratives in the US will not be changed even tho many innocent people r suffering b/c of it.” 
31) Israel has its own Deep State clown takeover problem. I emphasize always these are bad apples and not the whole bunch. 
32) Wikipedia, agent of the dominant culture, delegitimizes Chamish by telling us not that he was a brave independent thinker and journalist, but rather “best known for promoting conspiracy theories about the death of Yitzhak Rabin” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Cha… 
36) These were children kidnapped from their biological parents to be raised by lighter-skinned Israelis.

“I think the time has come to find out what happened, and do justice.” - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2016 
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