Friday, November 22, 2019

Daniluk: Vindman’s Handler?

New Q:3621Vindictive Vindman is the “Whistleblower’s” Handler

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI22 Nov 2019 - 12:43:23 PM📁Coordinated and planned?
Puppets have masters.
Senate was the target.
Daniluk offered Vindman a job 3 times, right?
As Breitbart News reported, Vindman testified on Tuesday, Nov. 19:
<<"At any point during that trip did Mr. Danylyuk offer you a position of defense minister with the Ukrainian government?" the Republican counsel Steve Castor asked Vindman."
He did," Vindman said.
“And how many times did he do that?" Castor asked.
"I believe it was three times," Vindman.
"And do you have any reason why he asked you to do that?" Castor asked.
"No, I don't know, but every single time I dismissed it, upon returning I notified my chain of command and appropriate counterintelligence folks about the offer," Vindman said.>>

What did Daniluk want in return for that job offer?Or are we supposed to believe that Vindman acted alone?

Just a wild guess:


And as Israel Shamir reported on October 25, 2019, quoting former Ukranian politician Igor Tsarev:

"The official version says there was a CIA man, a whistle-blower, who reported to the Democrats. What the version does not clarify, where this whistle-blower was located during the call. I tell you, he was located in Kiev, and he was present at the conversation, at the Ukrainian President Zelensky's side. This man was (perhaps) a CIA asset, but he also was a close associate of George Soros, and a Ukrainian high-ranking official. His name is Mr Alexander Daniluk. He is also the man the investigation of Sam Kislin and of the DoJ had led to, the Finance Minister of Ukraine at the time, the man who was responsible for the embezzlement of three billion US taxpayer's best dollars. The DoJ issued an order for his arrest. Naturally he is devoted to Biden personally, and to the Dems in general."

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