Sunday, November 17, 2019

11/14/19 Analysis of current situation in Israel by Forward journalist JJ Goldberg

Analysis of current situation in Israel by Forward journalist JJ Goldberg (public post on Facebook). It sounds true. I don’t know if it is. I hate the Deep State. I hate fake wars.

Goldberg states: “This report from the Gaza front arrived this morning from the urban kibbutz in Sderot, on the Gaza border, of Dror Yisrael, the senior movement of Israel's Noar Oved youth and the Israeli partner of Habonim-Dror North America” 
“(which has its own urban kibbutzim in the Dror Yisrael framework in Haifa).” 
“Though Dror’s message doesn't say it (observing the rule of Israeli solidarity under fire), we can permit ourselves to note that IDF's targeting right now of Islamic Jihad's Bahaa Abu al-Ata, predictably igniting new fire across the border,” 
“will likely kill the option of a Gantz-led Blue-White minority government with support from the Arab-led Joint List.” 
“With just 7 days left until the Nov. 20 expiration of Gantz's mandate to form a government, it apparently leaves Gantz with no option except to enter a unity government with Netanyahu.” 
“In all likelihood that will let Blbi insist on bringing Likud into a unity government along with the 55-member ‘Bloc’ of Likud, Haredi and pro-settler parties. In effect Gantz will be junior partner in a new Netanyahu-dominated government.” 
“Bottom line: assassinating Abu al-Ata at this time
(IDF wanted to do it a year ago and Bibi vetoed it) means Bibi is reelected as a result of an election he lost.” 
This is the update Goldberg is referring to.… 
I love and support Israel. But I do not support artificially induced war, bogeymen, etc.

Also I am under no illusion that Israel’s enemies want peace - they do not. 
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